New Search Warrants in Holly Bobo case 28 February 2014 #2

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A special meeting of the grand jury was convened at 1 p.m. Ten grand jury members along with two alternates were called early Wednesday morning about the special meeting.

The judge called the meeting extremely rare, saying he had been petitioned by the District Attorney to call the Grand Jury back into session. He added that the jurors would not be told what they were investigating before the meeting was adjourned.

He also explained that the grand jury must decide whether there is sufficient evidence or probable cause to bring charges.

It was not immediately known who would be charged in connection with the case.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said they will hold a briefing at 4 p.m. at the Decatur County Courthouse in Decaturville. Members of the TBI, FBI, the office of 24th Judicial District Attorney General Hansel McAdams and the Decatur County Sheriff's Office will also be in attendance.
wow, I haven't been on WS for a couple of weeks and for some reason I logged in today.
am trying to catch up on everything. Praying for Holly and her family.

can anyone provide a good link for an overview of what has happened the last couple of days?


This article has just about everything:

Here's another:
since the family is not going to be there i'm guessing that they either found her remains and/or some evidence that she is desceased and that they are going to press murder charges.

just my guess
Will Nunley ‏@willnunley 2m

News media and press conference relocated to Sheriff's Office for 4pm presser. #Breaking #HollyBobo
Have to go get kiddos from school but will be with you all in spirit during the presser. Will check in by mobile and see what is happening if someone doesn't mind posting what is said? Thank you to all my fellow WS'ers. Nervous and anxious with all of you. xo

Continued prayers for Holly's family and for all of us who have grown to love her.
Will Nunley ‏@willnunley 2m

News media and press conference relocated to Sheriff's Office for 4pm presser. #Breaking #HollyBobo

just my guess but this could be to keep the media away from grand jurors (re: snapping pics, etc and causing issues with any future trial(s):twocents:
@willnunley News crews are setting up for 4pm press conference at the Decatur County Sheriff's Dept #HollyBobo
I did a load of dishes.

Feeling VERY nervous.

Me too. Good to work off the nervous energy into something productive. That's when I get my best housework done. Moments like this and verdict watches. IMO I do think they have evidence Holly is no longer with us.
Oh gawd a friend will speak. Not good.

I'm not sure what you mean - it could be "good" in the sense that the family has some closure about what happened to Holly, but "bad" in the sense that they are overwhelmed with grief and just don't want to talk about it in public.

This family has been through hell, and they seem like very private people. I'm not surprised at all that they are going to use a spokesperson.
Katie Rufener ‏@KRufener_WREG3 2m

Cousin of #HollyBobo: "The family spokesperson Kevin Bromley is going to talk, but none of the family. Sorry it's just a tough time on us."
I think 'fight brewing' in this case has hopefully reached a resolution and justice shall reign.
I am thinking of all the Bobo's today but I'am especially thinking of Clint. He was really dragged through the mud for the past three years. Imagine going through that and missing a loved one.
I'm either really, really nervous, or my baby girl has decided to start tickling around in my tummy much more today. #anxious

Congrats are your impending Family addition. So nice to hear good news :seeya:
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