GUILTY OH - Two women & child killed, 13yo abducted, Apple Valley, 10 Nov 2010 #3

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No reason to believe outside the geographic area of...?
I really wish someone would ask if they are sure that the blood at the home was human. Remember that there is a dog missing too.
Do you believe there will be another suspect?

"Nothing to indicate an accomplice [at this time]"
LE has no reason to believe the 3 missing are out of the geographic area.
Phisically Sarah is fine, has been through alot.
Sarah first saw suspect inside the house...
Can't answer where she/sarah first saw this man. Did he say inside the house?
She saw Matt in the house with her family, but NOT A HOME INVASION??

Beer cans better have been tested!!
First contact of Sarah with MH in this incident was inside the house (presumably hers).
Sarah first saw MH in the home. Everyone was at home, except Stephanie. Not sure when/if she saw Stephanie.
Security videos from stores being pulled.

"What led to the idenity of our suspect we're not at liberty to reveal today." Are reviewing security videos.
Won't give details regarding Walmart video etc. Checking alot of business videos.
What led to ID of suspect - can't reveal it. But in several locations are reviewing security video re: suspect and also missing three to see where they may have been seen last.
Sarah gave helpfull info. She is a brave little girl. He is looking forward to meeting her.
How helpful have Sarah's statements been?

"Very helpful."

"She is a very brave little girl."

"Under the circumstances, a 13 year old girl for four days being held captive [by a stranger]....I would call her the epitome of bravery."
Sarah's statements have been very helpful to the investigators...investigators say that she is a very brave little girl. Not only is she assisting investigation, but under circumstances of being held captive for four days by total stranger...she is the epitomy of bravery.
well sarah didn't know him, LE just said she was held captive by a total stranger. Where the heck was Stephanie?
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