OK OK, Veronica Butler 27 & Jilian Kelley 39, Vehicle Abandoned, Texas County, 30 Mar 2024 #2 *Arrests*

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Oklahoma court records do not show charges filed against any of the suspects and their names have not been entered into the state’s inmate database. It’s unclear if they have legal representation or have made an initial court appearance.
Why do you think this is....
It has been my observation that often people turn the villains into monsters with NO good qualities and the victims into angels with no rough edges or flaws. We know so little about the people in these cases that rhapsodizing about the victims seems to be seen as the only way to be "victim friendly".

Unfortunately, each human is a mixture of good and evil, of good decisions and mistakes.

Frankly, I deeply pity some of the judges who are required to rule in some of these custody cases where there is NO good option for the children. This is a case that has appeared to me to have no good options.
That's it right there. Thank you!
I don't believe anyone associated with that family is in any position to be caretakers of VBs two children. It boggles my mind that a woman who took happy pics with her grandkids never even considered the damage she'd do to them by orchestrating their mother's death. If she still thought their mother was unfit then fight her in court, don't saddle those kids with the horror of her murder and the guilt they'll feel because she's dead because of them. Their dad isn't fit to be an influence in their lives, either. The pastor would be a better candidate for their care, even though his own wife and mother of his children died because of the kids and the twisted family that took care of them.
Why do you think this is....
Probably in Classification by now. It’s the next step after the mugshots. You go to your assigned room/cell and wait and wait and wait watching tv with the others until they call your name. Your classification is based on your charges and determines where you’ll be transferred to next. Probably another floor for these four. They’ll need to determine if they are suicidal or require protective custody. Then they’ll call you and you’ll go before a judge and go from there
TA must have felt very threatened by VB's attempt to get custody. But to resort to murder???

Worse yet, how in the world did she convince the others to go along with her evil plan? Did they worship the ground she walked on or something?

I just can't wrap my head around how she got the other couple involved.
It makes me wonder if the three other people charged have been involved in past 'activities', and if so, what ?
I predict the other couple will claim they were threatened in some way.
No more loyalty to TA, over.
Ita, that's one possibility !

Did TA hold something over them from a past crime ?
My .02 is that a person doesn't go from maybe petty theft or whatever, to slaughtering two people.
No matter what a person has in their past --many would balk at murdering/dismembering/burying -- depending on the condition of Veronica's and Jillian's remains.
How evil or hardened does a person have to be to go along with this ?

TA's 'reign of terror' (imo) over Veronica and possibly TA's son, is finished.
I feel so badly for the young kids of Veronica's and for the husband & family members of Jillian's.
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