Oscar Pistorius - Sentencing - 7.6.2016

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Your question is really no less nonsensical, to be honest. Clearly, that poster was using "Reeva" in place of "the woman about to be shot". It's nice to name the actual victim of this crime from time to time rather than the fake "pity me, pity me" one.

And really, all you're doing is disputing "Reeva" rather than "female" - and that is highly pedantic.

Thank you for your opinion
However, whether the original poster said 'Reeva' or 'the woman about to be shot' or 'female', the point remains. It is not a fact of the case that has been proved and accepted that the screaming the neighbours heard was that of reeva.

Reeva is usually referred to by name on here, so your 'it is nice to name...' comment is thankfully unnecessary, as the same sentiment - valuing the significance of her name -is already shared by most posters.

Maybe I am a bit pedantic, yes. But when discussing a case like this, i'm sure you would agree that it is important that what is presented as fact has been proven to be fact
Has anyone ever noticed that not a single Pistorian has ever, ever even attempted to address the "two voices" conundrum?

They're all "Oh well, Mrs VDM thought Oscar sounded girlie so it's possible that everyone else did too" - leaving aside that Mrs VDM never heard anyone screaming anyway.

But that Dr Stipp, Mrs Stipp, Mrs Burger AND Mr Johnson all very clearly heard two voices at the same time....that of a male and a female.

Not a whisper about that.

Simply no explanation for that, is there?

Oh wait....yes there is......Oscar yelled at Reeva who screamed and then got shot.

Pistorians may not have addressed it, but posters who think he could be telling the truth have.
Did the neighbours identify Reeva as the source of the screams?

Is this a serious question?

How on earth could four people who'd never met Reeva identify her as being the source of the screams? Is that what it would take for you to accept that Reeva was the person doing the screaming - positive identifications from people who didn't even know she existed until she was dead?

How realiy, really bizarre.

Incidentally (using your logic) did any of those witnesses identify the screamer as Pistorius? Nope. And that is considerably more relevant and telling.

One person making a mistake in what they've heard is par for the course (like Van der Merwe) - but FOUR people making the identical set of mistakes at the SAME time? Highly improbable.

They all said they heard the unmistakable sound of a woman screaming. But that's not the most damning thing.....they also all unanimously reported hearing two voices at the same time - a male and a female.

And they didn't wait until after they'd read the newspapers the next morning to claim this....they were telling people that before they even knew Pistorius was involved.

Factor in too the role that hearing a male AND a female played in getting the two couples to come forward at all. Dr Stipp...based on hearing a male and a female.....was specifically concerned that there had been a family murder and he was worried there were children involved. That's why he went to the house in the first place.

Burger/Johnson, who never met or spoke to the Stipps, also only came forward based on hearing a male AND a female. They weren't going to bother but once they heard Pistorius' version they knew it couldn't be true.

So....really, how credible is it to have two couples, some distance apart, making two identical (and fairly massive) mistakes in what they were hearing at exactly the same time?

Then let's look at the evidence for Pistorius screaming like a woman. Well, there is none. But there is some that supports the notion that he doesn't.
The Stipps and the VDMs both heard voice tests coming from Pistorius' house some time later. They both said it sounded like a man trying to scream at different pitches.

That must have been Pistorius screaming and he clearly couldn't manage it. He also testified to making a recording of himself screaming which, despite promises, never made it into evidence. If there were tapes of Pistorius screaming like a woman, Roux would have played them to all the ear witnesses. The closest he got was getting a woman to try and sound like a man screaming like a woman.

Oh, "And I've never screamed like that before, Milady" was outstandingly - almost comically - lame. Either Pistorius has unusual enough vocal cords that he can produce (whatever the situation) noises that are high enough to sound exactly like a woman, or he does not.

Obviously, he does not.

I simply do not know how it is even possible for anyone to look sensibly and objectively at the above facts and conclude that the most probable explanation for what everyone heard that night is that a scared, barely mobile man was stumbling down a pitch black corridor, off to confront an intruder and screaming like a woman while also shouting like a man - all in the few moments before a woman (who would have screamed like a woman had she known she was being approached by a man with a gun) was shot dead.

C'mon....let's get real for once.


Masipa thinks Pistorius was the male and the female they all heard! :rolleyes:
Getting ready to open a new thread.

This one will close is about 10 minutes.
Interesting to read a recap from some of the witnesses (including from the murderer himself).


Makes me angry just reading it. The so-called 'experts'! :gaah:

The boating accident and OP's lying, the shooting through the sunroof of Fresno's car and OP denying it even happened, again lying, the Tasha restaurant shooting incident and OP lying, the discrepancies between OP's affidavit and his testimony, evidence he's a liar, OP says he can barely stand on his stumps but the video of the re-enactment proves otherwise!
OP lies and lies, and cries and cries, narcissistic through and through! I cannot believe Masipa bought one word of this liar! JMO
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