Found Deceased PA - Four young men, 18-22, missing, Bucks Co., 5-9 July 2017 #1

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This is not an insinuation or a judgment, but I've seen instances similar to this where it turns out to be binge related. Some old tangential acquaintances of mine would disappear quite regularly for lengthy periods of time (days/weeks) to go on meth binges. Just throwing it out there, because even if it isn't ideal that they would do something like that, it still means that they would likely be alive and (relatively) safe at the very least.
Four now reported missing in Bucks County, including two teens
Jul 9, 2017 Updated 57 min ago

"The Bucks County District Attorney’s office is now involved in a joint investigation with Newtown Township, Plumstead Township, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Middletown Township Police into the missing persons cases."
"BUCKS COUNTY >> Police in Bucks County are now looking for at least four missing people, including two Bucks County teens who haven’t been seen since last week.

The missing teens are Dean Finocchiaro, 18, of the Hampton Bridge section of Middletown Township, and Jimi Tar Patrick from the Newtown area. The other missing individuals are Mark Sturgis, 22, of Pennsburg, and Tom Meo, 21, of Plumstead.

Finocchiaro was last seen this past Friday, July 7 at about 6:30 p.m. getting into a vehicle on Hampton Drive. He is 5'9", 150 pounds and has brown hair and hazel eyes. If you see him or know where he is contact the Middletown Township Police Department at 215-949-1000 or call 911 and report it to local police.

Newtown Township Police said Patrick has not been seen or heard from since approximately 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5. He has also had no contact with his family or friends and has not shown up for work "which is not normal for him."

Four now reported missing in Bucks County, including two teens
The possibility of multiple victims is making all of this more chilling, imo.

Anything downstairs?
(O/T, this is weird, noting coincidence for reference for use in other cases involving child assaults:

"2 separate child sex arrests in same Pa. park
Police in Bucks County have arrested two men, accused of sexually assaulting children, in separate incidents at the same park.")

Back to the cases at hand, very curious what's going on here. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good and I think "craps about to hit the fan", as 806mom stated in Mark's and Tom's thread:

PA - Mark Sturgis, 22 & Tom Meo, 21, Doylestown, 7 July 2017
Also from the above link:

"A state police helicopter also circled the property, near Meetinghouse and Aquetong Roads. A police barricade formed at Aquetong Road and Route 202 near the search area on Sunday night.

A Bucks county radio dispatcher said of the search effort at 11:15 p.m.: “Everyone is still out on the street on this. It’s very busy.”"

Is anyone good at making maps? I feel like this case is going to need a complex google map... :scared:
I'm no help with maps, but I wonder if they were searching Aquetong Lake, besides the residence and land? I don't know what to make of these four guys being missing. I hope they're all found unharmed.
They all went missing at the same time? Were they together? It is unclear.
Thats what I'm trying to figure out too.. Do they know who's vehicle Dean got into? I hope these threads can be merged.

They all went missing at the same time? Were they together? It is unclear.
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