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Nov 7, 2008
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This will be Powell Photo's for Benjaman to look at. Remember to site your location of finding the photo, or even a link would better.
Powell father and sons and a grandson from Ancestry.com:

Powells in to ky.JPG
Dudley Powell, from VA., photo taken in 1972 and on Ancestry.com:

dudley l powell va 1972.JPG
Fred Fulton Powell-Missouri-photo taken 1991 from Ancestry.com:

fred f powell.JPG
Wally Powell -Oregan- photo from Ancestry.com and I believe is the same as Wallace, just different ages of photo.
wally powell or.JPG
Sorry for deleting all these photos and reposting, I think they are better now.
Are these photos from the branch of the Powells believed to be matched from the Y-DNA testing or random Powells?
Are these photos from the branch of the Powells believed to be matched from the Y-DNA testing or random Powells?
Yes and no. These were put up for Benjaman to look at, per his request. I have more to come. Most photos will be from Ancestry Public Genealogy files, some people do not have access too, unless you have a subscription. It also gives us a look at the lines of Powell's in the US and migration if available.
Yes they are from the y-dna link line and no they are not random Powells? I'm not trying to be snarky, just trying to understand why it is the above Powells chosen for the pictures. Powell is a very common surname...... so I am just trying to understand what pictures I or others who may wish to contribute to this thread should be searching for.

These are random photos of Powells. Any Powell photo will do. Hopefully I will come across photos of the ydna line.

This is how the thread came about:

Originally Posted by carolwood
Benjaman, I was wondering if you remember faces, I know you mentioned you believe you had 2 brothers, is it due to remembering faces? I have some photos I could post of Powells and associated families, that might help in some way. Maybe you would think a face is familiar, whether or not the name would be familiar.
Benjaman answered:
I do not know whether it would jog some memories, but I would like to see these pictures.
(see post #387 on the questions thread)
Thanks Carolwood. I had seen the post from Benjaman and I wasn't sure how this thread was going to be directed. I didn't know if there was going to be any pre determination if they were to his lineage or?

I'll add a link for one. I don't know how to add the images like Carolwood did above.

This is a Joseph Powell from a now abandoned mining town - Rockvale, Colorado. Guess late 1800's or early 1900's for the photo.

Henry W Powell, b. 1877 KY, d. 1950 KY
photo from Ancestry.com:
henry powell.JPG
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