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James Collier Powell Family, TX to CA and OK
photos from Ancestry.com:
james collier family, tx to ca and ok.JPG
John Travis Powell, from LA.
photos from Ancestry.com:
john travis powell family.JPG
Charles Pinkney Powell, migrated from LA. to TX. & CA
photos from Ancestry.com:
charles pinkney powell family.JPG
Rueben West Powell, from KY.
photos from Ancestry.com:
rueben west powell family.JPG
Abel Anderson Powell, migrated from Al, to GA, to LA.
photos from Ancestry.com:
abel powell family.JPG
Samuel Casper Powell, from PA, to Montana and WA.
photos from Ancestry.com:
samuel casper powell family.JPG
Zaha, fortunately we have a look at the past on this family.
A quick run down on Wallace:
Wallace was the son of Elmer L. Powell, b. Utah
Elmer was the son of Joseph Powell, b. Utah
Joseph was the son of James Evans Powell, b. TN
James Evans was the son of Levi Jasper Powell, b. TN
Levi Jasper was th son of Charles M. Powell, b. NC., d. IL
(this according to a ancestry file)

photos from Ancestry.com:
wallace powell's genealogy photo.JPG
Dorcie C. Powell, b. 1812 MO, d. 1984 CA
photos from Ancestry.com
dorcie powell.JPG
Jack Joseph Powell- b.1874 IL, d. 10-17-1944
photos from Ancestry.com
jack j powell.JPG
Fred Fulton Powell, b. 1892 Miss, d. 1991 LA
This family migrated from SC to MS, to GA to LA
photos from Ancestry.com
fred f powell fly.JPG
William Loman Powell and Gene Harvey Powell
photos from Ancestry.com
gene william loman powell.JPG
James Randolph Powell - b.1924 NC, d.9-7-2004 NC
photos from Ancestry.com
james ran powell.JPG
Thank you for your hard work Carol.

None of the pictures are ringing any bells for me except the one with the eyes.. nose wise they seem off; one appeared close.

I like him too. Tell me what you want; I'd be glad to do it.

Gonna PM you my email addy.

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