RIP Lin Jun

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Jul 31, 2004
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Many members like to honor the murdered with messages and remembrances- this is the thread to do so.
RIP Lin Jun.

An article here about him...

"I just want people to know that he was a nice guy," Matty said. "He was very nice, very kind to his friends. He was a good student … His life wasn't easy. He had to make money for himself. He had to support himself … He had to work in the daytime, study in the evening. He has homework, he has examinations, his life was pretty hard. He had to be all by himself."
RIP Jun Lin


I didn't know you personally but the words from your family is all I needed to hear. You are missed on earth and my hope is that you will get justice and that your soul can finally be at peace. You didn't deserve to die. You should have been enjoying all the beauty this country has to offer. I'm so sorry. :rose:
Rest In Peace, Jun Lin.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. Justice will be done.
You seemed such a sweet person. It's a terrible loss to the world. My prayers for his broken-hearted mother, his family and friends.
Jun Lin will be remembered by me for his beautiful,genuine smile
I wanted to say something here.. but my words seem meaningless and when I type them out; they don't represent how deeply upset and distraught I am at your murder.

My heart aches for you and your family. I close my eyes at night and see your face. I wish that things could have been different. Your smile will remain with me for the rest of my life.
Rest In Peace Lin Jun​


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One month ago a bright promising life was snuffed out in a rather enigmatic fashion. I pray for the family members of Jun Lin and will forever remember him in my heart as well. May justice be brought upon the person who cut this life short.
"They are not dead who live in hearts they leave behind"

Rest in eternal peace, Lin Jun



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Jun Lin family holds private service for slain student
'Our hearts are broken and bleeding. Every day we live like walking dead without a soul."

"The last 30 days have been the most difficult time in our life," Lin's mother said in a eulogy. "We lived in the agony of grief of losing a loved one and missing him desperately every day."

She described her son as a kind, disciplined, sincere, open minded and mild-tempered.

"We wept and wept until our tears were exhausted, our voices were choked and we could not get a word out. Our lovely son, poor child, where are you now? Where are you? Your mom and dad miss you. We miss you very much, so much."

From the CBC:
It's taken me like 10 minutes to make it through the first paragraph of that article. Heartbreaking, I can't take it.
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