Australia Samantha Murphy, 51, last seen leaving her property to go for a run in the Canadian State Forest, Ballarat 100km NW of Melbourne, 4 Feb 2024 #3

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Feb 14, 2020
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desperate search continues for a mother-of-three who vanished without a trace after heading off on a 20km run during a heatwave.

Samantha Murphy, 51, was last seen leaving her home on Eureka Street in Ballarat East, about 100km northwest of Melbourne, at 7am on Sunday.

It's understood she was planning to run through the Canadian State Forest and was captured on CCTV wearing a brown singlet and black half-length leggings.

The mother-of-three has now been missing for almost 36 hours

Her 'upset and concerned' family hold grave concerns and described her disappearance as out of character.

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Please stay on topic. This thread is dedicated to discussion of Samantha's case. If you are interested in and wish to discuss details of other cases, including the Russell Hill and Carol Clay case, please take your posts to the appropriate thread dedicated to those individuals.

Social media drama is in no way productive in determining what has happened to Samantha and has no bearing on this discussion at Websleuths. That means no discussion of the recently removed Help Find page.

Other than the knowledge that the Murphys own a car repair business, there is nothing that supports speculative theories or insinuations that the business is involved in criminal activity or has an affiliation with outlaw motorcycle gangs. Move past that please.


FromGermany1 #1134 ( from pervious thread )​

"I noticed, that it looked like SM wasn't wearing the right clothes to train for a marathon. The bra doesn't seem particularly suitable for this type of sport.
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Not only the marathon on a hot day and before a planned brunch, but also the sports clothing is a little bit strange to me. But I can't draw any conclusions from it at the moment."

Sorry not sure how to quote previous thread.

I think she is wearing typical exercise clothes. Not sure how you can tell the type of bra she was wearing???

Sorry not sure how to quote previous thread.

I think she is wearing typical exercise clothes. Not sure how you can tell the type of bra she was wearing???

People can run in any clothes they find comfortable.... including bras that don't strap the breasts down. Like you say I'm not sure how the op can tell what bra she was wearing!
I checked out the VicPol FB page. They still have posts from the 8th and 9th regarding SM. So it hadn't been a complete wipe of info.
Same here, but the links still go to the 'does not exist page', twitter too. Plus, you can no longer comment on any existing post.
Its currently arguably Australia's highest profile case so I find it hard to accept that the omission is just an IT glitch, still possible.
It’s truly disturbing for someone to disappear off the face of the earth seemingly without a trace. Just one ping from a local tower. Given that other towers were apparently offline at the time and no other sightings I am assuming foul play; looks like every other scenario has been reasonably ruled out.

Samantha has a wonderful face. Her eyes especially are kind and overall she projects reassurance and steadiness. May she be located soon.
That's the one outcome we are all hoping for I'm sure. But surely police would be singing that loud and clear? It's a strange one!
If that were the case, wouldn't there be an announcement that she was located safely, nothing further, case closed?
Don't know the routine in Australia but that is the case in the US.
Even if an individual left on their own accord, it's announced, without stating how or where, for privacy reasons.
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