Status Hearings Nov 14, 2017, Jan 22, 2018- Jason Autry and Dylan Adams


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Jan 4, 2011
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:seeya: Good Morning, Y'all !

I never thought this day would come !

Below are links to MSM sites who have covered the Holly Bobo case ... not certain which ones will have live streaming YET and coverage of Zach Adams' Trial ... but will update this list as soon as we have more info.

And please add to the list if you see any other sites covering the Trial that are not listed below ! TIA !
Chris Conte w/ NewsChannel 5
Nick Beres w/ NC5
Thanks for the new thread for these two Harmony!! Sorry about the length of the article I posted & quoted.... :blush:

Emi are you going to do all the tweets? Or just "some" of the people?
Niner will do all of them my dear friend
Only thing is I can post 3 tweets at the time
Niner will do all of them my dear friend
Only thing is I can post 3 tweets at the time

Since I "see" Harmony is the mod here - you can copy/paste your tweets on Notepad, and put as many on there as you want - and then copy them over here. I'll give you an example:

OneJurorMatters‏ @OneJurorMatters
13m13 minutes ago

#BreakingNews #Watch #Live #HollyBobo #Trial #Hearing #Scheduled to #Begin at #3pm eastern time

NY Justice Seeker
��‏ @NYJusticeSeeker
3h3 hours ago

Hearing scheduled for #DylanAdams accused in #HollyBobo murder case

Leah Beth Bolton‏Verified account @LeahBethFOX13
3h3 hours ago

TODAY: Just confirmed with the Hardin Co. court that Dylan Adams will appear at 2pm for a status hearing in the #HollyBobo case. He is the younger brother of Zach Adams, who was found guilty on all counts in the abduction, rape and murder in September.

etc.... and if you want to include the picture with the tweet - you can post that directly to WS.
This way you can get as many tweets on a post that you want! :)

Just a suggestion!
Snippets from NC5:

Jason Autry Hoping For Sweetheart Deal In Bobo Case

“There’s been talk Autry could be released in time for the holidays,” said NewsChannel 5 legal analyst Nick Leonardo. “But I don’t think he will be released that soon.”
Yet, just last week, in an unusual move, the former TBI lead agent in the Bobo investigation Terry Dicus filed a brief with the court alleging that Autry repeatedly lied during his testimony.



JMO but I would not be surprised IF JA gets that sweetheart deal because if it were not for Autry's "story", the State had nothing against ZA !

JMO but I find it interesting that Dicus filed a brief about JA's lies, but IMO, it will go nowhere because the State/TBI-LE want Holly's case gone . . . over !

The State got 1 perp convicted ... 1 perp committed suicide :rolleyes: ... 2 down and 2 to go.

I will not be surprised if JA gets that sweetheart deal he is hoping for after all, he received the Academy Award for his performance.

Now Dylan on the other hand, my guess is a deal -- not as sweet as JA's -- but probably a deal because the State/TBI-LE IMO does not want to go down that road again like they did in ZA's trial.

But hey, the State got at least 1 conviction which they obviously feel is enough to appease the masses.

All JMO and :moo:

Burton Staggs‏ @burtstaggsnews
1m1 minute ago

#Hollybobo Sources confirm Jason Autry will not be present at today's status hearing



people talking in the courtroom - just the audience....









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