Suspect: RYAN ALEXANDER DUKE, in custody

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BREAKING: Judge denies #RyanDuke's bond motion. #TaraGrinstead



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I truly enjoyed his swift denial of the bond. Very smart.
Emi for the tweets!

So - nothing about next court hearings before trial, eh? ;)
I'm still baffled at how the individual with no record of criminality whatsoever (RD) has been sitting in jail for 2 years, while the leader was loose to strike again on New Years Day 2019. RD is a follower - he was not the mastermind. I still believe RD helped BD commit a violent crime against TG. Not excusing RD, he needs to stand trial for his criminal actions but I have a problem with BD essentially getting off here.

BD has always acted as if he's above the law.

After receiving a slap on the hand sentence for bilking the federal government out of thousands of dollars (ordered TV's, power tools, etc on behalf of government and fenced them after he had them delivered directly to his home), he failed to complete his community service and restitution order -- his parole was revoked, and then he was on supervised release since his offense was considered "non-violent."

His family owned the pecan orchard.

You can't make this stuff up.

Jan 4, 2019

A brief legal history of Bo Dukes, the man accused of hiding Tara Grinstead's body
Courtrooms are not unfamiliar places for Dukes

As far as 13WMAZ knows, Bo Dukes' history in the court system began back in 2013 when he pleaded guilty to stealing more than $150,000 from the Army.

He served 27 months in federal prison for that crime and was sentenced to 3 years of probation.

In 2017, he was arrested and charged with hiding Tara Grinstead's body. Later that year, he was also charged with lying to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in connection with that case.

However, Dukes has only been convicted on the federal theft charge.

Attorney Lars Anderson says that limits the role the Tara Grinstead-related charges may have played in Dukes' federal case proceedings.

"By the constitution as we all know the great phrase 'you're innocent until you're proven guilty,'" said Anderson.

Still, in November of 2018, a federal judge ordered Dukes back to prison after he ruled that dukes violated the terms of his federal probation.

So why was Dukes out in Bonaire on New Year's Day of 2019 when he allegedly assaulted two women?

It comes down to a two-word legal term: voluntary surrender.
Thursday night, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced in light of Dukes' charges in Bonaire, a federal judge has revoked Dukes' voluntary surrender which means when U.S. marshals locate Dukes, he'll head directly back to federal prison.

A brief legal history of Bo Dukes, the man accused of hiding Tara Grinstead's body

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