The Crown v Gerard Baden-Clay, 26th June - Trial Day 11, Week 3

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Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou

Byrne says the business partners decided that they needed more staff and a bigger office. #badenclay
Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 19s

Byrne says Gerard enjoyed the "excitement and the thrill" of the affair but constantly wrestled with his conscience. #badenclay

Ohhh PLEASE!!!!

Another C word, Conscience
Leonie Mellor ‏@leoniemellor 27s

Byrne: Toni became more demanding. Said G #badenclay should leave Allison to be with her. He told her he wld not leave Allison @abcnews
David Murray ‏@TheMurrayD 47s
They signed up to move to Taringa. Things were going fine - defence #badenclay
If it's this ridiculous now, who knows how bad it will sound when GBCgets on the stand?

Byrne's nose is growing so long that I can see it on the Oregon horizon!!!
Numerous buckets needed at supreme court Brisbane stat!!!!:sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:
David Murray ‏@TheMurrayD 54s
He tried to break it off with Toni, but they always ended up back together - defence #badenclay

Oh dear, like a Mills & Boon! :puke:

:floorlaugh::floorlaugh::trainwreck: did he have his eyes and ears closed when the witnesses were on the stand?
Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 15s

Byrne says things were going along fine. They were due to move to their Taringa office in December, 2010. #badenclay

We're adjourning for ten minutes. #badenclay
12:26pm: Mr Byrne said the Baden-Clays' relationship took a turn for the worst during their trip to South America.

Mrs Baden-Clay was prescribed the controversial anti-malaria drug Lariam for the duration of the trip which has been linked with depression and anxiety.

"That trip turned into an emotional roller coaster ... the ideal marriage changed," Mr Byrne said.

"Allison for the first time ... started to have severe mood swings during that period. There were days when she wouldn't leave her room. She would be listless, restless, she couldn't function at the normal bouncy Allison self. The next day she would be fine, back to her normal self, and they would get on.

"They travelled to Switzerland as part of their involvement again as part of the scouting movement."

Mr Byrne explained there was a high-risk of avalanche where the Baden-Clays' were staying in the Swiss Alps.

"And he'll tell again Allison reacted to that. She felt literally like the sky was falling ...and when that became a real possibility she lapses, as he describes, into a deep depression," Mr Byrne said.

"That affected their relationship, their good times together, and indeed their intimate relationship."

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This is a joke, what has the avalanche in the swiss alps got to do with this.
Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 57s

Court is adjourned for a 10 minute break. @9NewsBrisbane #badenclay

And I am running to the loo!!
12:32pm: Mr Byrne has detailed the events leading to Mr Baden-Clay's first affair with a woman named Michelle Hammond. The affair ended in 2006.

Later that year, the Baden-Clays' third daughter was born.

Mr Byrne has also explained the circumstances around Mr Baden-Clay's affair with his then-employee Toni Cheri McHugh which began in 2008.

"There was a constant wrestle of his conscious. He enjoyed the excitement and the thrill of his encounters with Toni, but he stayed with Allison and the children," Mr Byrne said.

He said Mr Baden-Clay tried on numerous occasions to end the affair with Ms McHugh.

"But they always ended up coming back together. Toni wanted Gerard to divorce Allison and be with her

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If it's this ridiculous now, who knows how bad it will sound when GBCgets on the stand?

Byrne's nose is growing so long that I can see it on the Oregon horizon!!!

my favourite C words are conviction and correctional centre confinement
Why are they talking about what happened ten years ago when GBC said numerous times to the police she was fine?

And why the heck did it take his mother to refer Allison to a doctor? Even if you don't believe in depression if your wife fainted in get car wouldn't you take her to hospital? Such a loving and caring husband.

Also, I don't believe for one minute Allison never got angry and shouted at him re the affair. I am not one who gets angry often (obviously talking about GBC is a big exception) and certainly am not violent. But when I was in my early 20s and found out my long term boyfriend slept with someone else I was so angry I had to be restrained as I was kicking the living day lights out of his gammy knee.

Yes, I find it hard to believe that all they did was "talk" and work through things in a completely mature and civil manner, what with all the financial pressure and affairs. It's either a lie, or if it's true then I think their issues were always being talked around and not dealt with, until on the 19th it all came to a head. I think Allison knew about the conference, the ongoing affair, and stood her ground which completely undermined GBC's happy successful family façade. Gerard couldn't force either woman not to attend, and he couldn't wriggle out of it, so he snapped.
I can only imagine what the jury is thinking , listening to all this burble.. .

how they can keep straight faces , is the question.
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