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I will say that I do not think Mari protected her children from a lot of bad things that happened to them. But then I have to say that we do not know what kind of a childhood Mari had. The whole family struggled.
Robert Anderson's podcast about the LISK is well worth a listen too. Here is a link that allows you to listen to it, and even download it, if you wish. -

Thanks Aslan. Catching up with some older posts.
Love the modship! You mods do a really good job here and I know it ain't easy. But that really shortened my comment. I get it no talking about each other here, I think we all know that rule is shot all to hell in the private messages. I stand by my use of the word exile, it is accurate and I'd like to explain it but I'd only get modshiped again I'm sure, in fact I doubt this will get through uncut. Actually I better go before I get removed from Websleuths all together, and I do like checking in here from time to time.
Exiled from where zero? Your site or Besides the site which shut down years ago this has always been the main forum for discussion on this case. We aren't exiles here and I thought your site was all WS exiles not the other way around.
LL6- I don't think anyone was exiled from and although many have scattered from my blog I have never permanently banned anyone. I know people have been banned from Websleuths but that is not who I am referring to when I use the word (well, not per say) (did I really just write per say?) Anyways, to me the exiles are the people who got close to Mari via Facebook or vigils and then were kicked out of the group. Many of whom turned on each other trying to prove themselves trustworthy by selling each other out. And yes quite a few of them are on Websleuths.
Ha ha I understand what you meant by exiles now. I was being stupid and thinking you meant from a website
Same here. Whether we agree or disagree... I'm always just happy to see new (thoughtful/insightful) interest in the case.

Obviously, we have to rely on known facts in order to develop any theory, but it's nearly impossible when the individuals involved are less than reliable. And, that's how I feel about this case... I have difficulty believing Pak, Brewer, Hackett, and law enforcement.

I've never been quite certain of Hackett's degree of involvement in the case, but over the last few months, I have been hoping the judge in MG's case against Dr Hackett would decide to allow the release of SG's 911-call (as there was a ruling earlier this year which, I believe, set a precedent for civil cases). And, interestingly, the argument against this was that releasing the call would jeopardize the LISK investigation. Now, with Mari's death... I wonder if John Ray can actually continue with case against Dr Hackett.

IMO: LE wants it both ways... SG was suffering some drug-induced psychotic break, lost her pants and lip gloss, then traveled almost-naked 1/4 of mile and drowned in the muck (not criminal, just a terrible accident) BUT yet they refuse to release the 911 call on the basis that it interferes and/or jeopardizes the investigation into the deaths of the other remains found on Gilgo Beach (and beyond)?? This makes me angry!

Oh my, did Mari die? I've been away too long.
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