TX TX - Lina Sardar Khil Last Seen On Playground At Apartment Complex - San Antonio, Dec 2021 #3

A resident at some nearby townhomes also told KSAT they saw officers at the greenway on Wednesday night with someone wearing what appeared to be an inmate jumpsuit.

The “young fella” was with some type of law enforcement officers, Pancho Martinez said. At the time, Martinez figured they had caught an escaped Bexar County Jail inmate.

“Did not know until now what it was,” he said Thursday.
Day 2: Investigators search wooded area in connection with missing girl Lina Khil
Based on the reaction here to this tip, I think it’s more than safe to say that they are taking this very seriously. If this inmate knows where she is, then he almost certainly knows who killed her (if it’s not him). After years of nothing, a lot of questions may be answered quickly.
What a terrible time for the family; hope and at the same time, dread.

If Lina’s body if found then the inmate’s tip must also point to the perpetrator. As awful as it is, finding her murderer would ensure that they never harm another child.

Hugs to all of you following Lina’s case.
Tip came from a Bear (Bexar?) County inmate.

That and excavation equipment being brought in makes me think they have found Lina at long last :(

praying for her loved ones.
Praying for Lina's loved ones, as well as the LE searching.

Sounds like it's now been confirmed that an inmate physically came on site and showed LE where to search. IF that is the case it makes me think the inmate has direct knowledge vs just overhearing something in jail. MOO

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