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Just googled Claudias name and narrowed search down to last hour. I note that one of the national papers is carrying two stories both seemingly claiming to be interviews with her mum. One about a scruffy man with a spade seen nearby locals told her about 12 years ago and the other headline linking again CH to it something her mum has previously suggested should be further investigated and looks to be again now. Reading the article it suggests she and CH were the couple seen arguing on the 19th- nothing new there as a thought, but it also mentions that they could of been a couple seen in a van 2 weeks before she disappeared. I havent heard of this part before has anyone else?
Pope John I don’t believe either of those possibilities are true. Surely far more likely from someone who knows the nag group has provided the info. I don’t think the perp would correspond with the police in a type of zodiac killer way.

The Christopher Halliwell links refuse to go away but what everyone fails to grasp is this. You can’t just link any murderer to the Claudia case because they have killed before. Halliwell was in hospital undergoing a minor operation when Claudia went missing. It’s been said his dad lived near Claudia, he didn’t, he lived in Huddersfield which although not a million miles away from York is still far enough and anyway Halliwell’s father passed away in 1992. There’s nothing in it. It’s someone local who knew Claudia and likely had an affair with her.

I’d be interested to see the scruffy man link please…?
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sorry i cant do the link for some reason but if you google her name enter then narrow search to past hour its at the top of the search . As for CH arcade i dont disagree with you . i wasnt aware he was ruled out though as in hospital info appreciated. you can understand her mum having him in mind and to be fair some grounds behind it....left handed smoker ....some albeit limited links to the area....history of victims early morning or late at night......some apparent sightings possibles of her and him previously and now of course given location of search his hobby of fishing is making with everyone and everything else though all very much possible but nothing question though arcade....ive read police say before nothing to connect her and ch but if he can be ruled out for definite being in hospital at the time having an operation surely her mum would know that info herself and not still be linking him?
It's quite an extensive strip back of a long thin section, parallel to the road. From these photographs, they look to have already cleared such a section c. 20 metres long, maybe more.

There might have been an existing small path there that they are effectively flattening and widening. Whatever the reason, it looks very purposeful and specific.
FWIW the cleared strip appears to correspond to the outline of a low timber structure which is visible on June 2011 Google Streetview (image attached). By July 2019 it has disappeared into undergrowth.

FWIW the cleared strip appears to correspond to the outline of a low timber structure which is visible on June 2011 Google Streetview (image attached). By July 2019 it has disappeared into undergrowth.

View attachment 310147
Another view of the same structure from the other end - April 2011 Streetview.

Yes I don’t know regarding the hospital, perhaps she felt he could have discharged himself or something. Halliwell has a very generic male look to him. A lot of men look like him really when given the description
A scruffy looking man with a spade was spotted in woods acting “very suspiciously” around half a mile away from the current searches, her mum recalls

Missing chef's mum recalls scruffy man with spade 'very suspiciously' in woods
Buttercrambe woods are not 1/2 a mile away from the site, they are 15 minutes drive away. Interesting local fact, there is a different set of woods literally over the road from the search site with another set of fishing lakes- the footpath runs from Whinney Lane in Claxton across to Sand Hutton through fields and woodland. JMO but if it was a tip off, it was more than just fishing lakes by Sand Hutton, as they would be searching the other lakes as well.
Which might bring us to the possibility that the decision to search at Sand Hutton is based primarily on theoretical aspects: Deposition and Dispersal of Human Remains as a Result of Criminal Acts *advertiser censored* sapiens sapiens as a Taphonomic Agent (DRAFT)
I doubt it. I know in June 2020 the cold case team
Would not have launched this kind of effort unless significant new information came to the table. Given the pressures of covid on budgets and resources it’s highly unlikely a whim - IMO
It’s very likely a find of somekind. I don’t think a body, because whist it’s would take time to
Identify - I’d of thought it would of been revealed - so it’s possibly an item of clothing, a rucksack, mobile phone. Or of course it could be a witness..
Just something else re halliwell. Don’t forget the police arrested those men and although it didn’t meet the threshold for crown court doesn’t mean they were innocent just lack of evidence. The police must have more info than they are letting on. I suspect one of those men killed her, some others helped with disposal and the others are aware of what happened provided alibis etc
Don’t know if this link will work - interesting to have a look around there (albeit two years later) - lots of tarps weighed down with tyres, random scraps of timber and a shed lurking in the woods.

Edit: link fixed.

Google Maps

Does anyone know what the concrete structure is when you first go onto street view from that link? If I move along the road even 1 click in either direction and then spin the view to where the “structure” is it’s no longer there?
The site is the subject of a farm-based biomass electricity operation of some sort (or at least there was an application to produce electricity there).

That said, not sure the biomass operation was up and running in 2011. And that structure looks like pretty rudimentary if it's intended as processing storage for electricity production from rotting farm waste.

Yes, it’s a strange looking thing - seems to be plastic sheet covering something and weighed down by tyres.
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