UK UK - Hampshire, WhtMale, 30-60, in barn, Crime book & Atlas, Dec'17

Snippets of lengthy article..
A Winchester street atlas with handwriting was found in the barn
Gloves, glasses and a blue top were found in the barn

1st December 2023
,By Charlotte Andrews rbbm
''Detectives are hoping new information will help identify a man whose body lay in a disused farm building for up to five years.

The remains were discovered in 2017 near the village of Micheldever, Hampshire, by officers investigating an unrelated burglary.

Six years later, with his identity still unknown, a new appeal has been launched in France.

It follows scientific work done on the remains by the University of Reading.''

''In 2019, a public appeal identified witnesses who had met the man in the late summer of 2012.

He asked the witnesses if he could camp overnight in their garden in the small village of Itchen Stoke, just over seven miles from where the body was later found.

They described the man as having a French accent and speaking good English. He was white, aged 35 to 50, about 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, with brown hair.

He told the witnesses he was travelling through England to reach Ireland or Canada - and claimed to have served in the French military when younger.

It is also possible that he was deaf or hard of hearing in one ear.''

''Dave Grimstead, CEO of Locate International, said the key to solving the mystery seemed to lie in France.''
French guy from Interpol.
Nicolas Suppo - DLC 2010, 30 y/o, thin face, brown hair, square glasses, 5'9". Last seen leaving his factory job in Grenoble. Very private guy, didn't seem very social, phone data showed he had been making trips to Lyon (an hour drive away) without telling his folks about it. Hard to tell but his mandible appears slightly recessed, it's possible he had an overbite.


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French men from ARPD - this website is very hard to navigate, doubly so if you don't speak French, so I can't verify that all these men are still missing. Of the following, my fave ID pick would be Kevin.
Abdelhady Nasser - DLC 2010, 40 y/o, 5'6", short brown hair, speaks French and Arabic (based on name, I'm guessing he is ethnically Arabic). I guess a question is...if you saw him irl, as the witness did, would ppl think he was white?

Kevin Fauvel - DLC April 2012 (i.e. when witness saw UID), 27 y/o (so younger than estimated, but he does look older IMO), has red-brown wavy hair, thin face, wears square glasses. Had been living in the independent commune of Jansiac for several years, but would hitchhike to visit family several times per year. According to members of the commune, the night before he disappeared, he told them he wasn't happy living there anymore. However, his car and ID papers were found...still in Jansiac. I put him out here due to his history of being nomadic/being off-grid.


Mathieu Presne - DLC 2013, 32 y/o, brown hair, thin face, wears glasses. I think his nose has a small left curve. Very little available on him.
Possibility: Marcello Volpe

This one picture struck me as being similar to the reconstruction.

Other possibility: Francois Thillman It mentions him speaking French & English.
With respect to Marcello, he was last seen begging for money in order to get back to Italy. I'm guessing he was from Italy, and would have an Italian accent, and not a French one? Of course, I'm entirely going off what LE said about that witness statement...I'm wondering how confident LE is about the witness report and this UID being the same person

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