GUILTY UT - Michele MacNeill, 50, found dead in bathtub, Pleasant Grove, 11 April 2007 - #7

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Prosecution will have the 911 call ready for the jury in 15.

Judge wants to go to bed. Haha. Too bad.
Why not let jury listen to the recording in the courtroom, then if they need to listen to it further, they will have to come back when copy is available. Jury may only need to listen once to get what they need.

Excellent suggestion. I know once was enough for me:pullhair:
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I posted this what seems like months ago, when there weren't many people following the trial. I told my wife that there was something really familiar about Martin MacNiell. Then it hit me! When I was at BYU, I came down with a nasty case of pinkeye that lasted, on and off, for an entire school year. During that time, I regularly found myself in the BYU health center. One of the doctor's who regularly treated me was none other than Martin MacNeill. It didn't hit me until I was reading the long article in the Deseret News from 2010, and I saw that he worked as a young "doctor" at BYU. Then, I was all, "NOW I REMEMBER!" During the time of the day I inevitably ended up going in for appointments, there was a cute young female doctor, and a gangly male doctor with bad glasses. As a hormones-raging college freshman, I was always hoping for the cute doctor; and I was usually disappointed with Martin.

So, there you have it! I wish I could remember something creepy about him. I just remember feeling bitterly disappointed when I was sitting in the exam room, the door would pop open, and he would walk in. If it wasn't for the cute female doctor (who probably saw me as just another pathetic new freshman), I probably would have never remembered Martin.
So according to judge jury says the 911 call is the last piece of evidence they need to reach a verdict.
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