Weleetka OK Girls remembered

Suspects eyed in killing of Weleetka girls, OSBI says

WELEETKA -- Several suspects are being eyed by the OSBI in connection with the shooting deaths of two young girls northeast of town two years ago.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown wouldn't give any more details during a morning press conference at the scene of the June 8, 2008, killings.

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KRMG Local News
Second Anniversary of Weleetka Murders Marked at Crime Scene
Taylor's father, Peter Placker, says it has changed the family. He says they usually kept to themselves anyway but now he kind of alienates himself from the family and stays to himself.

Placker says he's not concerned for his safety but is very concerned for the children in the area. He says it's frustrating because even if the person or persons responsible are caught it can't bring closure because it can't bring his girl back. Placker says it's hard for him to even be on the road where the crime happened.

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We will never forget and pray that you have justice soon girls. So unfair. Such a horrible crime on a isolated road and no one knows anything. Please.....someone knows something. Spill it.
I can't believe this crime is still unsolved....so heart breaking. I can't wait for the day that the monster(s) who committed this crime is punished for taking the lives of these two innocent little dolls.
Hello Taylor and Skyla! I think of you girls every day. I also pray for your families every day. I hope that some day, God's white light will shine down on the 'one clue' that OSBI needs to solve the case of who gunned you down in cold blood on that gravel road.

I am keeping the faith that someday your murderer(s) will offend again and DNA will be collected from them and there will be a match that reveals the identity of the
'monster(s)' who did this to you.

Yes I do believe there was more than one person involved in killing you and I believe that one who was present was a woman! Lost souls do such things as shooting down two young girls in the middle of a rural road. If justice is not served in this life, then I dread the thought of what the afterlife holds for them! May they spend their eternal days in agony torment and misery!

Please forgive my anger everyone. I just don't want Taylor and Skyla to be forgotten!

RIP sweet girls.


Just reading a headline on this case makes you want to burst out in tears. I am finding it hard to believe that the local grapevine hasn't uncovered the guilty parties. When found, find a tree, get some rope and end this.
Just reading a headline on this case makes you want to burst out in tears. I am finding it hard to believe that the local grapevine hasn't uncovered the guilty parties. When found, find a tree, get some rope and end this.

Over two years and still no justice.

Am I wrong in thinking there is clearly a reason the local grapevine has uncovered nothing???
Rest Peacefully Taylor and Skyla..

Sometimes people do get away with murder! I don't understand how whoever did this can look in the mirror everyday and put there heads on a pillow and sleep at night. Some just don't have any conscience...

This community should be outraged and deman these girls get justice...JMHO

Justice for Taylor and Skyla...
so sad...

May the light of Heaven shine on these girls....

RIP Taylor and Skyla
Praying for a break in this case. I hope justice for these two beautiful girls comes way sooner rather than later.
The girls are Websleuths featured cold case this week. You can see where they are featured on the front page.


May this bring the lead we need to find justice for them! :rose:
This case has always bothered me. It was such a big deal in the news and then fell off the radar. No Coverage. Nada.
I truly believed that the locals would have figured this one out. It is such a small town, and 2 innocent girls are gunned down in broad daylight by TWO separate guns. How could it stay a secret for this long? It really upsets me. RIP Sweet Girls.
G-D outrage that no one there can figure out who committed such a strange crime. Generally, strange crimes happen for strange reasons. That reason should have been pretty easy to pick up on when this happened. Though I've always been reluctant to believe that just some random creeps gunned these girls down for the hell of it, it seems like the only way a case such as this can stay unsolved. Sickening.
You would think that a reward of $163,000 would get someone to start talking. I hope they catch them soon.

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