Found Deceased WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 25 Aug 2021 #71

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He wasn't even wanted. What "capture" are you talking about?

There were both federal charge and a federal warrant for his arrest. Might be helpful for you to look up one of the timelines for this case, it's a very interesting case. There are two federal charges against him for financial fraud, I believe.

The media thread has the links - but that thread is long by now, easier just to look at CNN's timeline.
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That's not true. The parents have said on numerous interviews with Dr. Phil that they didn't start texting and calling the Laundries until the 10th. The same day they called LE.
I will say that JB Biunno of WFLA just said a while ago on their live feed (today) that Gabbys parents had been trying to reach out to the laundries for sometime. He is also the reporter that had lunch with Nikki Schmidt. I am def interested to find out once and for all how many times the Schmidts and Petitos reached out to the Laundries. That will help me make my final decision on the kind of folks they (the laundries) are.
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Per Fox News, "The Laundries later discovered a white bag and a dark-colored object after traveling through a patch of brambles at the edge of the brush at a clearing. They then could be seen putting the object into the bag and handing it over to the law enforcement officer shortly thereafter, who later took it from them."

Brian Laundrie search: Coroner arrives at Florida park after fugitive's items found
Why were the parents the ones to discover these items? How did they know they would be there?
JB slipped up I think. As far as we know, G's parents were not trying to contact Laundries til sept 10 and 11. JB just aid he definitely believes that they were calling before that. He has had private convos w NS, but publicly, all we have heard is the 10th and 11th.
Will someone re-post live video for jb wfla? thanks. jmo
Interesting you said this because early on I remember this too - and then after that time, what they said in public was suddenly significantly scaled back. If you recall, after the first or second day into the investigation, even NS stated that she could not even comment or confirm on the last text - which was the "No service in Yosemite" which she had just previously confirmed. IIRC MOO IMO
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If BL went to the reserve with the goal of committing suicide there, I doubt he would have left a note there. I think he knew that his parents would understand his suicide when they learned the truth about what happened to Gabby.

What gets me is why drive all the way home?

Perhaps that, indeed, the murderer does have some feeling of right and wrong and can’t live with what they did in a fit of rage - but still not moral enough to turn themselves in bc they don’t want to deal with consequences. It’s sickening.
I've no problem if they decide to eat lead. Less taxpayer money going to keep a murderer alive.

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I will never understand why someone will kill someone then go and kill themselves (if that is the case). Just kill yourself first and leave the innocent to live their lives.

I guess the answer would be, in this case anyway, is that Brian did not plan on killing Gabby, it was done in the heat of anger and unplanned. Once he had killed her, the realization of what he did began to pray upon his conscious (showing he wasn't a sociopath) and ultimately he realized he could not escape the consequences of his actions, so he killed himself rather than face those consequences. So his suicide could be viewed as a cowardly act, committed to avoid having to face up to the consequences of killing Gabby (IMO).
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Just to throw another question in - Jossie Carbonare tweeted 49 minutes ago that LE was still working to confirm the remains found are human. Doesn't bode well for the state of the remains if that's true.
Well, the remains have been underwater and exposed to alligators and every other kind of scavenger - fish, raccoons, insects, etc. So they may not be readily identified.
everyone seems to wondering why and how the Laundries found BL so quickly, especially after such and extensive search. MOO - maybe they knew he killed himself (they did express they were concerned about suicide must have had a reason) and they knew or had a good idea of where but for whatever reason kept quiet about it. Then the constant media, protestors and harassment got to much for them and they decided to end the search and all that goes with it. Again, just speculating.
I don't agree with this. I agree we do not know but I am not on the same page as you in declaring the parents blameless at this point. We'll see what evidence comes out. MOO

There is no evidence to believe the parents are at fault in any way. As far as we know, their lawyer told them not to talk to anyone and that is what they did. We don't know if they knew/know any details about what happened to GP other than BL came home alone in her van. They could have learned from the media that he used her bank card, that she was dead and that the COD was strangulation. We'll probably never find out if they knew more than this.
Apparent human remains found after Brian Laundrie's possessions located in Florida nature reserve

I am not sure if this had been shared already or not. I am not going to weed through the feed.

I find it kinda sus that Brian's parents went to the park to help search for him. And within an X amount of time found items belonging to him. Things that weren't found during the initial searches of the park. If the parents KNEW what Brian's favorite trail was why didn't they inform LE? <modsnip>

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Do you have the same thought when it was determined that this area had been previously under water? Which could be a reason why he wasn't found sooner.
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