Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo Sept 19, 2017 graphic

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Holly Bobo Trial: State rests its case after suspect's former jailmates take the stand

Testimony is scheduled to begin again at 8:30 a.m.

Timeline of events: Holly Bobo abduction, murder

Amandareckonwith's case file
Amandareckonwith's trial archive

Hollye's case map

Holly Bobo murder trial witness list (created by Emi)

Live stream links:

social media:

LadyJustice2088 channel- Zach Adams Trial
:seeya: Good Morning, Y'all !

I never thought this day would come !

Below are links to MSM sites who have covered the Holly Bobo case ... not certain which ones will have live streaming YET and coverage of Zach Adams' Trial ... but will update this list as soon as we have more info.

And please add to the list if you see any other sites covering the Trial that are not listed below ! TIA !
Chris Conte w/ NewsChannel 5
Nick Beres w/ NC5
In case others want to see all combined, I've taken your tweets and put all in chronological order. For April 13, 2011:

4:54a - 8:18a – Zach – no activity (from 8:17a to 8:25a Holly's phone is moving near Cox Rd @ 641/I40)

6:50a - Jason-- near Camden (GF house) text
6:51a - 8:19a – Jason -- no pings

7:30a - 7:40a - Holly -- home area
7:42a - Holly -- last outgoing call

8:17a - Holly -- going north I40
8:17a - 8:26a – Holly -- ping off 2 different towers (near Cox Rd @ 641/I40)
8:18a - Zach's phone on
8:19a – Zach - incoming text From JA
8:30a – Zach -- outgoing text to JA
8:30a - 8:52a Zach with JA-- texting back & forth
8:53a – Zach - phone call - near Yellow Springs & Adams house (Holly's pinged twice just after 9 near where Adams' phone pings - by Yellow Springs near Cox Rd)
8:55a – Jason phone - Autry, Adams & Holly's all shown in same area (same tower)

~9:00a – Holly - Yellow Springs area
9:06a –Holly - East of Shiloh Rd @ Cox & I40/641 (3rd tower pinged)
9:10a – Holly - Sugar Tree near Tennessee River
9:10a - 10:43a -Zach - texts between ZA & Shayne Austin @ Birdsong
9:12a – Zach -Yellow Springs
9:25a – Holly - pings near home - final ping - sim & phone found in this area.
9:42a - 10:48a – Jason phone -- pings near Tenn River near Birdsong Rd
9:50a – Zach - Tennessee River

10:39a – Jason - phone again pings near Cox Rd.

11a - 12p – Zach - in Parsons (video store w/GF)

9:47p -- First 911 call by Dick Adams (ZA's GF) - ZA is causing a problem
9:49p - Second 911 call by DA - Didn't want officers to come over
9:51p - Third 911 call by DA - ZA is back & causing problem; was raising hell, wanted guns & keys to his/Dylan's truck. More frantic call - sounds exasperated (JMO)

I'm not good with maps ( :doh: ) - but could someone place these "spots" on a map as all their phones ping and move? Like Cox Rd and Sugar Tree, etc. TIA!

Wasn't there something mentioned about 2:30pm that afternoon? Someone's phone pings somewhere - anyone remember that? Sure don't want to go back & try to find it!

See you all in about a little over an hour! :wave:
I need help. I try to be accurate. Different news channels ID people differently, plus I was able to catch only part of yesterdays live trial.

Chris Swift and Carl Stateler. Which is which?
And.... who/what did Chris Swift testify about?



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There is still no evidence, other than what people claim the accused said. The only real direct evidence the state has is JA's statements. That is it. So it comes down to whether you think JA is credible or not. IMO he is not.

Respectfully, I disagree. There is also the gun, and the cell phone activity supporting JA's testimony. The cell phones put them all exactly where he said they were on that day. There is also the truck that was hidden. Plus, all those people testifying about what the accused said and did are evidence. There is little physical evidence, due to the mistakes made, but there is still plenty of evidence.


I need help. I try to be accurate. Different news channels ID people differently, plus I was able to catch only part of yesterdays live trial.

Chris Swift and Carl Stateler. Which is which?
And.... who/what did Chris Swift testify about?


Chris Swift is in the darker shirt - he was in jail at the same time as ZA. ZA asked him to pray for ZA and said he was involved in the worst part of the crime but did not kill Holly.He told Swift he would get the dp. Also told him after the trial he would go home - no body, no murder weapon, no motive. ZA called Swift after Swift was released using another inmate's pin # - Swift felt that ZA threatened him. That's about all I remember about his testimony - maybe someone else has more.

ETA: ZA also asked Swift if he thought God would forgive him for what he did. Swift asked what that was and ZA said what he did to Holly
Chris Swift was one of the inmates who testified yesterday.

From the (above) website:

He testified "Next, former inmate, Chris Swift, testified he was friends with Adams in jail and spoke with him daily. He says, even though he doesn’t say Zach is an innocent man, he doesn’t say he is a killer either."

“He wasn’t involved in the killing, is how he worded it. He said, ‘I wasn’t involved in the killing. I was involved in the worst part of it,'” said Swift."

From this news article there is a clip of Swift stating this:
I don't think my brain is awake yet! :D The ones that were given immunity...I know Shayne is dead, but who all were they and did we hear from them all? I 'think' there was one man that I don't remember hearing a testimony from, but he could have testified, and I didn't pay attention to his name.
You mean the bitter ex-girlfriend? or the rapist? the addicts? the felon who held a gun maybe used in an infamous murder then carelessly disposed of it by getting his wife to do the deed in a few inches of water? Not sure who all these fine upstanding citizens are, but looking at some of the clips on various news reports I don't see a whole lot of them.

To borrow a quote from the movie The Big Easy: "Clergymen and bankers are seldom witnesses in criminal trials". Being drug addicts and ****s, they spent their time with birds of a feather. I doubt these people knew, or spent time around, even a handful of "upstanding" people outside of family. If only certain kinds of people can be taken seriously or believed as a trial witness, then I'm certain many, many criminals would never go to jail at all.
I think it must be so hard to be a juror, and not be able to talk about testimony each day after the trial. I can't imagine just going back to a hotel, and chit chatting when my mind would be racing thoughts and questions, etc I had about the trial. Then to remember a particular testimony or line of thinking I did or didn't agree with, and have to wait until after the trial to discuss with anyone... sigh. Bless these jurors.
I copied over some recent posts from the previous thread.
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