Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo Sept 19, 2017 graphic

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I think Terry Britt is a scary, dangerous, serial offender who cannot be rehabilitated. I have no doubt he was stalking girls and that part about having the copy of a girl's pic from the newspaper gave me chills. Imo he needs to be locked up and never see the light of day. I also think he has an alibi for 4/13/11 and did not abduct, rape or murder Holly - was not involved. I think Dicus was correct to look into Britt - he just couldn't get past that he was not guilty of the crime against Holly - doesn't mean he wasn't guilty of other crimes.

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1:41 p.m. – The gun is introduced into court and submitted into evidence. It appears to be the same gun that Shayne had holstered. Autry says it's the same gun that Zach used to shoot Holly Bobo. The gun was allegedly later sold to someone else.

There has been no mention that Holly was dismembered by the state medical witness. There would have been tool marks on her skull if a chainsaw or knife etc. was used. I dont think she was dismembered.

So the gun belonged to SA and I am sure he told ZA after it was over to get his own gun if he wanted one so he went to take his grandfather's guns away from him.

The gun used to kill Holly belonged to SA...not ZA but used by him that day which makes sense since it was SA who sold the gun for drugs..
Could not agree more. On the DAILY. I cannot imagine. I know folks say he has covered for Zach all these years, but wow, I just plain feel for the guy. These are not his sons to raise.

But unfortunately his child didn't raise them right. Not saying he isn't responsible at all, but at his age, he probably just wants to live in peace. And his wife died. That has to be hard.

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Having grown up with a similar dynamic between my grandfather and his oldest son, I pity Mr. Adams, but I also want to shake him and wake him up as I wished someone could do for my grandfather. Fortunately, drug addiction was not involved in my family, just laziness and intimidation to get things he wanted. I think most people do what they think is best, or at least the best they can for their children/grandchildren. But, raising children is a young woman/man's game. Older folks are just not physically or mentally able to deal with some of these issues. They just want peace. So, sadly, the path they choose may not be good for the long term. To torture your family - people you should have feelings for - as Zack did, IMO, is a special kind of depravity. Imagine how little what they did to Holly pricked his conscience.
Good morning everyone! I'm excited that I can finally livestream again and follow along with you all!

We adopted a dog last night so I'm on potty duty all day to make sure she knows the schedule! [emoji190]

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Okay - how's this Harmony

April 13, 2011
In case others want to see all in chronological order.

4:54a - 8:18a – Zach – no activity (from 8:17a to 8:25a Holly's phone is moving near Cox Rd @ 641/I40)

6:50a - Jason-- near Camden (GF house) text
6:51a - 8:19a – Jason -- no pings

7:00a - Karen Bobo leaves for work/Holly was sitting at dining room table, also texting back and forth with classmate Hannah
7:30a -- Holly speaks to BF, Drew re hunting on grandmother's property
7:30a - 7:40a - Holly -- home area
7:40a - Neighbor hears a scream
7:42a - Holly -- last outgoing call (wondering "who" she dialed?)
7:45a - Neighbor's mother calls Karen
7:50a - Clint is awakened by dogs barking/Karen calls Clint
7:53a - 8:09a - Holly's phone connect to towers close to home
7:55a - Karen calls 911 from work

8:00a - Karen calls Clint to call 911 after he tells her what he saw
8:00a - Holly's phone is moving
8:17a - Holly's phone going north I40
8:17a - 8:26a – Holly -- ping off 2 different towers (anyone "which" towers & "where")
8:17a - 8:55a - rape and murder occurred between 8:17am and 8:55am (if Autry is to be believed that Holly was already in back of Zach's truck, wrapped )
8:18a - Zach's phone on ("where" ? - at home?)
8:19a – Zach's phone at Cox Rd @ 641/I40- incoming text From JA
8:19a - 8:53a - Zach's phone utlizing same tower close to his home
8:28a -- Defense witness (Dikas) says ZA phone pings at home (several miles from where Holly's pings)
8:30a – Zach -- outgoing text to JA
8:30a - 8:52a - Zach and JA-- texting back & forth
8:53a - 8:55a – Zach - phone call from JA-call went to voice mail--Zach called JA back –Zach’s phone near Yellow Springs & Adams house (Holly's pinged twice just after 9 near where Adams' phone pings - by Yellow Springs near Cox Rd)
8:55a – Jason phone - Autry, Adams & Holly's all shown in same area (same tower) - (at Shayne's where Jason sees Holly's body wrapped in back of Zach's truck)
8:57a - 9:00a -- Holly's phone pings Yellow Springs area (2nd ping)

~8:19a - 9:12a -- Zach's phone close to home-in same general area of where Holly's phone pings)
9:06a –Holly's phone - East of Shiloh Rd @ Cox & I40/641 (3rd tower pinged) Same tower as Zach's house
9:10a – Holly - Sugar Tree near Tennessee River (Shayne leaves to dump her phone)
9:10a - 10:43a -Zach - texts between ZA & Shayne Austin/Zach @ Birdsong area
9:12a – Zach's phone pings Yellow Springs area (Holly's 2nd ping in same area)
9:25a – Holly - pings near home - final ping - sim & phone found in this area.
9:40a - Holly's phone stops pinging/probably dead battery
9:42a - 10:37a – Jason phone -- pings near Tenn River near Birdsong Rd exit (Zach & Jason at Birdsong with Holly's body)
9:50a – Zach - pings near Tennessee River

10:01a - 10:32a - Zach continuallly texting Shayne
10:35a - Zach's phone uses the other side of tower near Birdsong Rd exit
10:35a - Jason's phone uses the other side of tower near Birdsong Rd exit
10:38a - Zach's phone moving away from tower & going back home
10:39a – Jason - phone is moving away from tower at Birdsong Rd exit (again pings near Cox Rd. (leaves Tenn river area)

11:04a -- CCTV at AmFarm shows TBI SUV traveling to Parsons
11:05a -- CCTV at AmFarm shows TBI SUV traveling to Parsons
11:07a -- CCT at AmFarm shows ZA's Pickup traveling to Parsons
~11a - 12p – Zach - in Parsons (video store w/GF)

~2:30p - 3:30p - All (Zach, Jason & Shayne) at Dinsmore house (per house cleaner)

9:47p -- First 911 call by Dick Adams (ZA's GrF) - ZA is causing a problem
9:49p - Second 911 call by DA - Didn't want officers to come over
9:51p - Third 911 call by DA - ZA is back & causing problem; was raising hell, wanted guns & keys to his/Dylan's truck. More frantic call - sounds exasperated (JMO)
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Oops - just saw your post for new thread - I believe you'll carry over the timeline for me! :D
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