GA - Tara Grinstead, 29, Ocilla, 22 Oct 2005 #2 *Arrests*

His threat of suicide is b.s. I propose this: BD is too selfish to commit suicide. His criminal history is all selfish crap too and all manipulation tactics tht I have seen. His probation violation was defrauding the US government. Buying TVs or something and billing the government as a military contractor I believe?? That's all based on my memory so I should probably research this again.
No suicide by cop either I hope...
Ugh....I didnt even think of tht. God forgive me...his past history of manipulative actions make this plausible IMO. Matter of fact, if he commits suicide I hope they chk carefully to ensure it is him. The further out frm the new crime we get, I hope they're searching his close friends/family Something abt this isnt sitting just right IMO. The Marshals are after him now...they'll hunt him down. I believe in 'innocent until proven guilty' but he gives us so much ammunition that it's hard to think anything but guilty.. I cannot tolerate ppl who do that, shame on me
I cannot believe BD! What a scary jerk! I can’t believe he raped those 2 women at gunpoint. I hope they get him. They’re talking about him possibly being suicidal on the Crime and Scandal podcast. I don’t think he has the nerve. He’s so egotistical, I don’t think he will kill himself. It’s super creepy that he’s on the run! Link to Crime and Scandal:

Crime and Scandal by Levi Page on Apple Podcasts
This is getting ridiculous. They say he is watching TV, and also believe he has his phone. Not too hard to track down if he really has his phone, and him watching TV doesn't put him out in the woods living off the land... They need to check out the families' vacation homes, and homes of all known who could harbor him. Smdh

U.S Marshals take over search for Bo Dukes
He wasn't staying at or with this particular relative. He had threatened to kill this relative two days ago and Irwin County deputies have been watching it since then. They caught him pulling into the driveway. This family member has been vocal about their disgust with Bo and they've distanced themselves from him. His mother is the only family that I know of that has tried to help (enable) him since Ryan was arrested almost two years ago.
"He had threatened to kill this relative two days ago and Irwin County deputies have been watching it since then."

I would imagine he would want money and assistance, but why go to a house of someone you have threatened. That is where the deputies would undoubtedly be looking for you.

You have to feel sorry for anyone related to him.
They saw him drive in from Ben Hill Co. thinking he was going to turn himself in. Word is now he's in detox
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I wonder if he was seriously going to try to attack or shoot his family that he’d threatened. Does anyone know if they think that he showed up there to do so? Is that info LE would even release? I’d think he’d catch some added charges if he was.
In a new article he told an officer that he wanted to turn himself in and that is how they got him.

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