Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, & Liberty (Libby) German, 14, The Delphi Murders 13 Feb 2017 #110

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wish like hell Kelly Siegler was on this many times cases are not pursued because prosecutors don't believe enough in themselves to get justice...Kelly gets justice.

(wow, and on my 37th post)
I wonder why the killer didn't think to take the phone. Surely he saw them taking pictures as he approached them on the bridge.
This makes no sense to me either. I think of 3 possible reasons. 1. He didn’t know they recorded him 2. He smashed it 3. He tossed it into the creek.
Maybe he isn’t tech savoy and though physical damage or water would ruin it and didn’t consider the snap chat cloud or taking the memory card out and the police recovering data. Moo
if the assumption that the girls were spooked by BG is not exactly accurate, why else might they have been videoing him?

In the chance they made some loose arrangement to meet someone for whatever innocent reason, would they video him if they thought he was the person they were meeting, or if they expected someone else but this guy approached instead?

I get the feeling they were on the bridge or at that end of the bridge for some time before BG arrived. Unless LE releases the time stamp on the video there is no way of knowing what time BG arrived on the bridge. But if the photo of AW approx. halfway across was at 2:07, and it takes 10 min max to cross the bridge (per GH), the video of BG must have started by 2:15 if he was on their tail before they got all the way across. If it was later than that, did they hang out on the end of the bridge for a time before BG arrived? Would that mean they were waiting for some purpose?

Is it possible BG was under the bridge among the steel girders while the girls crossed, and crept up onto the bridge after they walked over his hidden location? He seemed to appear out of nowhere between 2:07 and whatever time the video started, unless the video began later than 2:15.


Yes, good questions.

Re: the first question, I think it’s possible that they thought he was just “weird”. Probably my strongest theory at this point- they weren’t scared but they thought he was odd. It’s definitely possible they were very scared by him, but I just don’t think that’s a given.

I’m also actually still considering it a (not super likely but) possibility that he was captured in the video inadvertently. I could see a situation in which Libby was taking a selfie video and the camera was wobbling and she got him in the frame (a reporter at one point claimed and demonstrated that Libby was holding phone in selfie video orientation- not sure if that can be considered fact.). But either way- selfie or straight on, I think it’s possible he was just in the frame at some point. I don’t think it’s likely, but I consider it possible.

Re: second question, no I don’t think it’s likely they would have videoed a guy approaching that they were planning on meeting. I’ve read that batted around on here before- that perhaps Libby took out her camera bc the guy didn’t look like who she thought they were meeting. But I doubt that’s the case just because that doesn’t seem typical behavior.

I agree with you that the girls were likely on that side of the bridge for a while.

We only see footage of him taking a step or two towards them, but I wonder if he was actually pacing or otherwise loitering around that end of the bridge, which got the girls creeped enough to film?
It would be really interesting to see what triggered her to start recording. Sometimes my “radar” just goes off, even if someone isn’t doing anything particularly creepy. A number of different behaviors make one feel like they are being stalked or in danger though. Libby’s radar was on full alert for some reason. I just wish her quick thinking and the recorded evidence she contributed would’ve helped solve this case by now. I still have hope though. Someone, somewhere knows something that could help these girls Rest In Peace.
I think the investigation is going to have to get a lot larger in terms of distance in order to find this man. Without the video and audio recording I think this case would be in the dark.

Liberty German's video and audio recording increased the possibility of finding the man on the bridge quicker. It has been over 2 and a half years. When you think about it, the main saying associated with this case is a bit ironic in terms of time.
Has anyone linked this yet? If so I apologize for posting this, not a fan but there were a few interesting answers.
Interesting items. 1000 searchers on the 13th. And LE did not bring in dogs due to that contamination of the area around the crime scene. So the massive number of searchers did affect the forensics.
Approx. 3500 tips since the April PC.
LE still wants to know about the vehicle parked at the CPS building. But they admit that it simply is an unaccounted for person and not necessarily the killer. LE seems to indicate they don't know the color, make, model or even the state the license plates were issued in. Just that there is this vague vehicle there around that afternoon.
LE wasn't expecting a crime so I wonder that if LE first arrived in the 6:00 approximate time frame if the trail users were mostly accounted for in the 1 PM to 6 PM time frame. We already know about the vehicle at the CPS building. But what if there are others LE is unaware of.
LE STILL won't comment on clearing POI's using the DNA at the scene. Maybe LE isn't sure if they have the killer's DNA?
The killer is local or semi-local. This is an apparent assumption on the part of LE. And it sounds pretty much like the same deduction some of us came to on here.
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