MN - George Floyd, 46, died in police custody, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020 #5 - Chauvin Trial Day 2

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Exhibit 1: Map
Exhibit 11: Video taken from camera taken across the street
Exhibit 17: Photo of DC/his knee on George Floyd’s neck
Exhibit 24- GH’s cell video
Exhibit 25- GH’s 911 call

(filling in some more blanks as I catch up)
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I would not feel comfortable rendering aid if i was in that position either. I am not an officer so i have no idea what they did or didnt do was wrong because idk. I do think it is safe to assume that in any situation you keep your eyes on the threat, which was the growing crowd imo

If Mr. Floyd was not a threat, then he did not need 3 people holding him down with one of those with a knee on his neck artery. If the people gathered were the threat, they did nothing to remediate the situation. They can't have it both ways. Who was the threat? IMO, the three police officers who acted with depraved indifference to Mr. Floyd's life were the threat. The crowd understood them to be the threat and were actively calling out the officers to do their job and render aid. But, the officers did not do anything besides kneel on a dying man. It is pitiful and an affront to their badges, IMHO. I am not an officer but have many in my family--almost all, if not all, would say these monsters were not officers but rather men who acted with indifference and callousness to their person in custody. I have first aid training for professional rescuers and can easily identify the number of things they did that did not match their training.

But, again, if the crowd was a threat and Mr. Floyd was not, they should have acted rather than killing him.
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I think he said he had been "hooping," but yes, we don't know how often he used drugs, what kind of tolerance he had, or the amount he consumed that day. Of course it's not healthy to do drugs when you have a heart condition but apparently he was active and playing basketball right up until the time of his death.

Yet he died on that day, when police restrained him and kneeled on his neck until he stopped breathing.

Don’t forget the matter of having (and spreading) the same virus leading to our 1+ year long pandemic.

Also, the medical autopsy contradicts your last statement — assuming your assumption.
It sounds like it wasn’t urine. Nelson is basically trying to say she jumped to conclusions and didn’t have all the info. He’s trying to discredit her testimony or put a ding on it. It wasn’t urine, he didn’t have his hands in his pocket, you thought 4 officers were kneeling on him when it was 3, you didn’t know the medics had already been called, you didn’t know the other officers had already checked his pulse cause you couldn’t hear/see them.....but you called the officer a b****, right?

The thing is Nelson is not even that confrontational in his questioning. I’ve seen much worse. He’s not that bad. But most defense attorneys try to put the witness on the defensive bc it makes the witness come off poorly. This is where a good prep would’ve been handy for Ms. Nelson. But it sounds like she didn’t even want to make time to read the transcript of her previous statements. Smh.

Edited to add: Also GF had pants on so if he had urinated it would’ve been absorbed by his pants not flow out like that in such a long line I don’t think?

Good point about the pants, and I was thinking about that after I posted. I really don't think that witness was that great, I might have to set my alarm to watch in the morning.
I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to start posting about this trial... but here I am! I have been watching, but of course had to turn it off earlier and just watched the cross exam. Wow is all I can say. I've watched lots of trials and can say I've never watched a judge direct a witness like that and the witness get mouthy with the judge!!! What the heck!

I have a question for those of you that have been obviously been keeping up to date and following this more than I have... I have watched the videos, some repeatedly, and I assumed the stream of liquid on the ground was also urine, but Nelson asked the witness today about it, and I got the impression that it was maybe not urine? Anyone have clue if it was something else?
After watching the footage from one of the the officer's body cams, I think it was already there when they put Floyd down. Initially many did think it was urine but that was before that particular footage was released.
It's the AC condensation from the car. MOO. It's there in the beginning MOO
ahhh this makes total sense to me now too! I just assumed it was urine as well and never thought much of it until I heard the defense ask and thought it would be silly for Nelson to point that out if it was urine! thanks :)
Okay, so your opinion is he committed a crime. I wasn't sure.
My opinion is DC committed a crime if that’s the “he” you’re referring to.

My opinion on whether or not GF committed a crime is completely irrelevant. He had the right to be arrested without being murdered by police. We shouldn’t worry that the police will murder us in broad daylight on camera and then try to gaslight us into believing we didn’t actually see what we saw with our own eyes.
After watching the footage from one of the the officer's body cams, I think it was already there when they put Floyd down. Initially many did think it was urine but that was before that particular footage was released.

And this is why I had to come and ask haha I knew someone would be on top of that!
I do not 'plan' on posting a whole lot, but I do plan on watching the trial and reading, so thanks to all of you that post links with the facts and info!
Don’t forget the matter of having (and spreading) the same virus leading to our 1+ year long pandemic.

Also, the medical autopsy contradicts your last statement — assuming your assumption.
The officers didn't restrain him or kneel on his neck until he stopped breathing? How does the autopsy contradict that? Chauvin continued to kneel on his neck for three minutes after he lost consciousness and for a minute and a half after he had no pulse. That much we know.

I hadn't heard that anyone involved spread the virus. Floyd had tested positive in April so it's unlikely he was contagious. Either way, that shouldn't prevent police officers from doing rescue breathing or performing CPR.
It’s not lost on me that 3 different people who were seeing the events in real time called the cops on the cops. They didn’t know GF—they just saw something very wrong happening at that moment and were compelled to call the police on the police. I think that says a lot. How often does that happen?!
I just finished watching GH’s full testimony.

IMO the judge was rather harsh there at the end, his “tone”. JMO. I could elaborate but I’ll pass for now (but certainly taking note of this).

FTR: I hardly see GH as “combative”. I’ll leave it at that.


?: So who did call for the ambulance at 8:21 then, as alleged by Nelson? Do we know? If so, what are the details of that report? @dixiegirl1035

Eta2: Wait a minute, did I just hear that right? (Rewind) Williams didn’t know about the other two officers being there until they were flipping GF over at his feet and loading him onto the gurney when the paramedics arrived? So, until that time he thought it was only DC on top of GF? Going back in for a second listen.

Eta3: Yep, sure enough, 53:00ish here. Interesting.
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So who did call the ambulance at 8:21, as alleged by Nelson? What are the details of that report? Do we know? @dixiegirl1035
The dispatch times were listed on the CAD report (I think that's what it's called) that was entered as Exhibit 151 during the 911 Operator's testimony on Day 1. It shows that EMS was initially dispatched as Code 3 at 20:20:11. Then upgraded to Code 2 at 20:21:35. EMS requested Fire Dept. assistance at 20:28:36.

ETA: Oops... I didn't answer your question. I didn't see anything logged on that report which indicated that the dispatch was requested from a call taker, just the dispatcher's log. So, I'm not certain, but I think that the request was made via radio conversation between dispatcher and officers on scene.
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“I did call the police on the police.”

(that’s one heck of a quote)


Prosecuting attorney: “And why did you do that?”

Williams: “Because I believe I witnessed a murder.



Paraphrasing, so the prosecuting attorney asks Williams if there were other police there, to which he replies “yes”, and he asks so “why didn’t you just talk to them“? Williams replies that he didn’t have a “connection” with them...that he talked with them but they didn’t have a “human being relationship“...


Attorney continues, “or did you believe they were involved?”

Williams: “Yes, totally”.
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(Updated / there’s probably already a full list out there in msm, I’m jumping around on the testimonies out of order)

Exhibit 1: Map
Exhibit 11: Video taken from camera across the street
Exhibit 17: Photo of DC/his knee on George Floyd’s neck
Exhibit 20: Williams’ 911 call
Exhibit 24- GH’s cell video
Exhibit 25- GH’s 911 call

*Is there a source for transcripts? Tia. (@dixiegirl1035)

Eta: Daaaang on Williams’ 911 call (not surprised). Well done. This guy is STrAIGHT UP. Everything he says, jmo.

*What an asset and blessing that he, and GH were there and stood up/spoke up, tried to help the best they could, e-documented the event, etc. They both called 911...and can now serve as very strong witnesses, imo.

.. He's still at it.... Judge wants to know who has a cell phone, tell that person to come here. BANG goes a door closing..............judge is ON.A.ROLL!!!!

*staring at seal*..................we wait.

He's back on bench... counsel is trying to get the cell persons' a$$ back in court.... Judge says he'll wait in chambers......

Wouldn't wanna be that person up next....

*staring at seal*

(omggg, just seeing this, apparently the video I was watching cut off on this part and didn’t show this - I had already commented on his “tone” towards GH imo befooore I even read this. Making note to find this and watch FTR because, um, I think it’s, um, good to know if this judge might be a little, um, potentially hostile, (for lack of a better term), going forward.
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I also got the impression she might sympathetic to the Minneapolis de-fund police movement.

How do you know she has the skills because she said she does. An EMT of 2 years could save GF's life. Did she have Narcan? Did she have oxygen? Did she have a heart monitor? Can she read a heart monitor? Remember she is an EMT. I feel like the witnesses have been highly coached, esp with the 9 yr old girl today. It was a total disgrace. The witnesses&video so far imo have proved to me that there is no respect for law enforcement & that it is a serious problem. I have no dog in this fight, but i will say that if i saw an officer on a guy imo he did something wrong that i am not aware of & i keep walking. Not one of these witnesses tried to calm the crowd. What did they do they all had their phones out. How ridiculous is that? They added more violence to a chaotic situation. Why would Chauvin get off of GF. He had no idea what state Gf was in. He had his eyes on the crowd, not GF. He certainly wasn't going to get off of GF & chance GF getting up & the mob going after the officers with a total loss of control. But, hey in this world we are now living in, that totally would have been okay though.

She is not an expert in life saving treatments, so her testimony meant nothing to me. She had training in cpr. I think my babysitter does too.

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Minneapolis has been heavily in favor of de-funding police. Almost all the city council voted last year to de-fund police. One of their council members even stated it was "white privilege to call 911". It's reasonable to think their constituents have similar beliefs and she seems like one who would fall into that line of ideology. Her comments, actions and combativeness as a witness makes me feel like she thinks her sphere ( Minneapolis FD) is more important than police. Despite my feeling that Chauvin is guilty I get the impression she's anti-police.
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“The judge's admonition followed Hansen's replies to defense attorney Eric Nelson.

After Nelson asked about the mood of the crowd near the May 25 police encounter that ended in Floyd's death and whether people were angry, Hansen replied: "I don't know if you've seen anybody be killed, but it's upsetting."

At another point, she answered "yes" before Nelson had finished asking a question.”


George Floyd's family and supporters planning prayer vigil ahead of trial |

"”The only thing we can do now is to pray for God to bring healing and bring deliverance," said Pastor Russell.

One of the main goals for the Minneapolis pastor is to help prepare people spiritually for what could be an emotionally charged trial for Chauvin.

Even he himself has experienced an emotional rollercoaster after seeing the video at the center of the case. He knows he is not alone.

"A lot of people are really affected by what they saw on TV and not only one time," said Russell, "but it played over and over again."


“After Floyd's death sparked nationwide protests, Russell believes it's important to be spiritually and emotionally prepared for whatever the outcome will be in the Chauvin trial.

"Because we don't know what's going to come of this whole thing. But one thing we can do, God you have to equip us to be able to bear whatever happens," said Russell.”

(May 29 2020
Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck, had 18 previous complaints against him, police department says - CNN)

Minnesota Judicial Branch - 27-CR-20-12646: State vs. Derek Chauvin
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Thank you margarita25 for all that information. That was a lot of work.

(Lol, YW, that’s nothing, just some links, didn’t take long at all, I’ve got a little practice...)

So, man, I’m listening to Williams’ cross examination right now. I’m finding it really interesting hearing about his diverse martial arts background and experience - many different styles. This guy knows his stuff, imo. Like I said before, he’s a badass. (Eta: And so is GH. To be a firefighter...she’s a firefighter and EMT, that deserves mad respect. As some of you may recall, I’ve been very active in the fire-oriented threads here over the years and know a LOT about firefighters, etc. Some people think they just “fight fires” -wrong. The different skills they possess...)
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