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Thanks for suggesting Jeffrey. He is one of my pet cases. It would be a long shot /w height, hair, and year he went missing but I've found in life that anything is possible.

Sure! I saw where you had quite a few posts (over an extended period of time) on his thread. Nice to know that people are trying to help these families find their loved ones.

At this point, I think we have exhausted most of the "easy" finds of missing people. It's digging into the ones that weren't reported missing for years, on the LEO's most wanted lists, or maybe people who went missing years earlier (voluntarily) and family may not be aware they met foul play at a later time.

I am digging into the WS missing persons threads on here - have gone through all the 1990's and am about 1/2 way through the 1980's.
Okay Is anyone else missing post history? I was going to pick up at my last post but that is not an option .At least not that way.
I know off topic .

Looks like missing post history is not only affecting you, me and a few others I have checked (at least before yesterday).
I have been through the FBI most wanted for the 90s, 80s, and 70s and partially through the 60s. If they were arrested, I ignored it. I realize now that maybe I should not have. Some of them may have done their time and then started a new life afterward.
This person was seen on 10/4/93 and our UID was found Mar 92.

I realize that—thus the words "long shot"—but my understanding from the LE fellows was that missings sometimes aren't reported right away. Should I go back to confining my "possibles" to <1992?

Same situation with Tyrom Theis.
I apologize if anyone has mentioned this already, but have you considered that the UID might be a foreigner on vacation in the US? The Heavenly Lake Tahoe-hat seems to suggest that it was a tourist. Have you (mmarty and Icsodetectives) reached out to Interpol? They may have a list of tourists who went missing in the US in 1991.. Anyways, keep up the good work, detectives :)

Doe Network has an international section? Or maybe that's been gone through already?
I am not sure if this was posted before and I got a wee bit behind while all you awesome members continue to work on Missing/ UIDs but it's pretty cool that our John Doe gets exposure out there. Many thanks to our Nevada Detectives on this.


&#8220;Anyone with information regarding the case, we would love to hear,&#8221; Pattison said. &#8220;It is tough because we don&#8217;t have a lot to say. He was killed in the middle of the desert so we don&#8217;t have a lot to give to the public, but the scope of our investigation will change once we have identified the victim.&#8221;

Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to contact Detective Barwig at 775-577-5206, Detective Marty at 775-684-7439, or Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

Keep digging! Thanks to all for doing so much and teaching me so much!

ETA: cut to 10% per TOS copyright - read more @ link.
I realize that—thus the words "long shot"—but my understanding from the LE fellows was that missings sometimes aren't reported right away. Should I go back to confining my "possibles" to <1992?

Same situation with Tyrom Theis.

I'm sorry - let's ask the Detectives. I will do it whichever way LEO would like to have it. (and thanks for all your searching!)

ETA: Although I think it is fairly safe to say that he one who committed triple murder 2 years after our skeletal remains were found is a Rule Out. I have messaged the Detectives and asked for a clarification.

ETAA: I just heard back from mmarty - if the missing person has a specific date they were seen after the 3/92 date - we are not to include them on the list. If the dates are vague or family has reported them missing years later and are just guessing on the date last seen - we will include them.
From Steleheart's link above:


"Detectives are just waiting on confirmation from DNA to identify the victim before continuing the investigation, but they are reaching out to the public to see if anyone has any information on the case."

BBM - I wonder if this means LEO has someone in mind but DNA (of the missing person) had not yet been uploaded or entered yet.
MSM just took artistic license with wording.

I truly believe we have identified this UID somewhere on this thread! (JMO - Just my opinion)
Confirmed this morning, Thomas Blake is a rule out based on DNA.
Rolando Schweikert is a rule out based on dental records.
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