NY - Ex-President Donald Trump, charged with 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records, Apr 2023, Trial 25 Mar 2024 #2

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Updated 4/10/24

NY – vs Trump -34 felony criminal counts of falsifying business records in the 1st degree & conspiracy in connection with hush money payments to two women before the 2016 presidential election.
Judge Juan M. Merchan. Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg. Defense attorneys Todd Blanche & Susan Necheles. New York County #IND-71543-23/001 Trump’s motions ALL denied.

Monday, 4/15/24 – @ 9:30am - Trial set to begin with jury selection per Judge Merchan.

Trump attorneys trolled after they subpoena wrong Jeremy Rosenberg for hush money trial: ‘I’m keeping the $15’​

Mr Blanche had complained earlier this week that the man that he believed the former investigator Mr Rosenberg had displayed a “flippant and dismissive approach” to his subpoena “despite ample experience with the criminal justice system that should have instilled in him respect for this process and a criminal defendant’s rights”.

But in fact, Mr Trump’s lawyers had simply served court papers on the wrong man, prosecutor Matthew Colangelo wrote.

It's like Four Seasons all over again :D

A firebrand politician named Donald is about to stand trial. Just a few days before jury selection, he goes on TV to slam the charges as baseless and biased.

“The FBI and the Justice Department,” he insists, have “targeted” their political opponents in a burst of partisan persecution.

The rhetoric sounds familiar, but this is not a story about Donald Trump. It’s about a man named Don Hill, a former Dallas City Council member who was facing bribery charges 15 years ago.

The telltale clue that this isn’t about Trump is what happened next: The judge, upset by the attempt to taint the jury pool, slapped the politician-turned-defendant with criminal contempt and ultimately sentenced him to 30 days in jail for violating a gag order.

Today, Trump routinely spouts invective far more inflammatory than anything Hill said. He denigrates prosecutors. He lies about his cases. He vilifies the judges overseeing them — and then vilifies their wives and daughters, too. Yet Trump has never faced the swift repercussions that were imposed on Hill — and are routinely imposed on other defendants in America.
In February, the high court effectively stalled Trump’s federal election subversion trial for at least several months so that the justices can weigh Trump’s claim that he has “presidential immunity” from the charges. Every lower-court judge to consider Trump’s immunity theory — that he can’t be charged with essentially any crime for actions he took in office — has rejected it. And many legal scholars have described the claim as so unserious that even the very conservative Supreme Court, typically receptive to robust claims of executive power, is unlikely to adopt it.
As University of Chicago law professor Aziz Huq has shown, the Supreme Court’s conduct here is all the more confounding because it contradicts the court’s usual approach in criminal cases. Defendants routinely ask the high court for additional judicial review in the hopes of delaying or avoiding criminal punishment, and the court is rarely receptive to the arguments of those defendants — at least the ones not named Trump.
Monday, April 15th:
*Trial set to begin with Jury Selection (@ 9:30am ET) – NY - *Donald John Trump (76/now 77) was indicted (3/30/23), formally arrested, charged & arraigned (4/4/23) with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the 1st degree & conspiracy in connection with hush money payments to two women [adult actor Stormy Daniels & former Playboy model Karen McDougal] before the 2016 presidential election. Plead not guilty. Warrant vacated, released on recognizance. New York County
New York-submitting false invoices or checks. All 34 counts against Trump are felony charges (class E) instead of misdemeanors.
Trump’s lawyers are Susan R. Necheles, Joseph Tacopina, Chad Seigel, Alan Garten & Todd Blanche. 4/3/23: Trump adds new attorneys to legal team: Hallie Jackson, Vaughn Hillyard & Adam Reiss. Court site has Gedalia Moshe Stern as attorney.
*Gag Order (2/26/24). The limited gag order would bar Trump from attacking potential trial witnesses, jurors & Bragg & Merchan’s staffs while excluding the prosecutor & the judge themselves from the order.
*Gag Order (3/26/24). Merchan issued a gag order on Tuesday that bars Trump from making public statements about jurors, potential witnesses in the case, employees of the DA’s office & the court or their family members (he exempted himself & Bragg from those prohibitions).
Trial was set to begin on 3/25/24 but was postponed [30 days out] per Trump’s Motion to Delay (3/14/24) on 4/15/24.
New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Marchan presiding. Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg. Defense attorneys Todd Blanche & Susan Necheles.

Investigation & arraignment/court info from 3/30/23 thru 3/15/24 reference post #584 here:

3/18/24 Update: Decision & Order on People’s Motions in Limine. (See link: 404 ERROR - N.Y. State Courts. S)
tatus/motions hearing on 3/25/24 to hear on next steps in case. Hearing at 10am (a) Trump pending motion to dismiss, in the alternative preclude witness testimony & adjourn based on discovery violations & (b) the scheduling of a trial date, if one is necessary; & (2) DA NY to finalize trial exhibit designations.
3/25/24 Update: Hearing: (a) Trump pending motion to dismiss, in the alternative preclude witness testimony & adjourn based on discovery violations & (b) the scheduling of a trial date, if one is necessary; & (2) DA NY to finalize trial exhibit designations.
In court: Trump with his attorneys Susan Necheles & Emil Bove & Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Judge Juan Merchan is holding a hearing to address Trump’s motion for sanctions against the DA’s office, including to dismiss the charges, toss out testimony from Michael Cohen & Stormy Daniels & dismiss the trial for at least 90 days. But during the hearing, the judge peppered Trump attorney Todd Blanche with questions about the allegations, expressing exasperation that Trump’s attorneys couldn’t cite any case law that the DA was responsible for what the US Attorney turned over. Judge Merchan to Trump's team: "That you don't have a case right now is really disconcerting." "You are literally accusing the Manhattan DA's office & the people assigned to this case of prosecutorial misconduct." Merchan says Trump's team doesn't have a single example to support that allegation. Judge Merchan is now going after the defense's allegations, raising his voice for the first time in the hearing, saying the fact they don't have a court citation that the NY DA's office was obligated for the US Attorney to turn over documents is "really disconcerting."
Trump’s New York criminal trial on hush money-related charges will begin on 4/15/24 with jury selection, Judge Juan Merchan ruled Monday. The judge set the trial date Monday after dismissing Trump's motion to toss out the indictment altogether or delay the trial further. Merchan, however, is giving Trump's lawyers the opportunity to file a motion seeking to delay the trial based on pre-trial publicity concerns & will give the NY DA one week to respond. Shortly before the hearing ended, Trump's defense began arguing again for an adjournment over pretrial publicity, saying they were prepared to file a motion on Monday — requesting the delay. The DA's office responded that "pretrial publicity has been caused & exacerbated by the defendant" & said it's prepared to oppose the defense motion if one is allowed. Earlier, Merchan said the Manhattan DA’s office is not at fault for the late production of documents from the US Attorneys' Office. Details about the timeline: Jury selection will take place the week before Passover & all perspective jurors will be informed court will not convene on any date juror is unable to attend for religious observance. The judge indicated he may adjourn the trial for the start of Passover, which will fall in the second week of trial.
For more on the hearing - link: Trump news on March 25: Hush money case trial date set, ruling on civil fraud bond deadline

3/26/24 Update: Judge Juan Merchan issued a gag order on Trump. Ordered, that the People's motion for a restriction on extrajudicial statements by the Defendant (Trump) is Granted to the extent that the defendant is directed to refrain from the following: make public statements about witnesses, about (1) counsel in the case other than the DA, (2) members of the court's staff & DA's staff, or (3) family members of any counsel or staff member, or to cause others to materially interfere with counsel's or staff's work in this criminal case - that such interference is likely to result & (4) any prospective juror or any juror in this criminal case.
Tuesday's order blocked Trump from speaking about witnesses concerning their role in the case. It also blocked Trump from commenting on court staff, prosecutors other than Bragg himself & any of their family members if those comments are meant to interfere with the case. Also on Tuesday, Judge Merchan ruled against Trump’s attorneys’ request to unseal more documents & reminded them that he’s requiring them to get his approval before filing any motions in the case. Merchan wrote that the lawyers had “repeatedly tried to delay the start of trial” & warned them that if they showed “willful disregard of its orders”, they could face punishments for criminal contempt.

3/27/24 Update: The following day, Wednesday 3/27/24, Trump railed against the gag order on his social media platform & criticized Merchan's daughter for a social media post that a court official said was not posted by her. A court official later said the supposed post from the judge's daughter was a "manipulation of an account she long ago abandoned." In a letter sent on Thursday 3/28/24, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked Merchan to clarify the gag order in light of Trump's referencing Merchan's daughter. Trump's defense attorney Todd Blanche responded to the request by arguing that Trump's posts were permitted based on terms of the limited gag order, which does not explicitly prohibit statements about Merchan's family. 3/29/24 Docket update: Letter from Todd Blanche to Judge Merchan re gag order reply.
Link: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/24524663/trump-gag-reply-32924.pdf

4/1/24 Update: Justice Juan M. Merchan issued ruling on Monday still does not apply to the judge or the district attorney, Justice Merchan, granted a request from Mr. Bragg’s office, amended the gag order so that it does now cover their families. Mr. Bragg’s office asked the judge to clarify that their family members are included, calling such protection “amply warranted.” Noting Mr. Trump’s track record of issuing “threatening & alarming remarks,” Mr. Bragg’s office warned of “the harms that those family members have suffered.”
4/5/24 Update: New York state Judge Mercan has shut down an attempt by Trump to prove NBC purposefully released its Stormy Daniels documentary near the date of his April 15 hush money trial in an effort to damage him in court, blocking a subpoena for network documents the judge called a “fishing expedition.” Merchan said the subpoena was "the very definition of a fishing expedition" also said it would be a violation of civil rights law for Trump’s attorneys to gain "unfettered access" to the internal documents of a media organization.
4/9/24 Update: The jury questionnaire for Trump’s upcoming hush money trial in New York is now public.
Link: https://www.nycourts.gov/LegacyPDFS/press/PDFs/Letter-re-jury-selection-4-8-24.pdf

4/9/24 Update: On Tuesday, a NY Appeals court judge rejected a last-minute lawsuit from Trump’s team that sought to pause the criminal hush-money case from proceeding while his attorneys try to overturn a gag order from presiding judge Juan Merchan. That ruling came just one day after a different appellate judge rejected a last-minute request from Trump’s lawyers to move his trial from Manhattan because of claims that he couldn’t get a fair jury pool in the city. Both judges took just hours to issue their orders, a sign of how thin were the arguments from Trump’s lawyers. Trump’s team also asked Merchan – for a second time – to recuse himself from the trial. Unsurprisingly, he once again declined.
4/12/24 Update: Judge Merchan denies Trump bid to adjourn trial due to prejudicial publicity. The solution to the publicity is “thorough, thoughtful & effective voir dire” — aka, jury selection. Basically, see you Monday, 4/15/24.

Judge Juan Merchan has taken the bench and Trump’s trial is now underway. Right off the bat, the judge is addressing Trump’s efforts to get him to recuse himself. Merchan says it's the opinion of the court that Trump is using a "series of inferences, innuendos and unsupported speculation" to make his claims for recusal.

10:08 AM · Apr 15, 2024
The worst thing about the trial is that it is going to be Trump's loud mouth and face on every channel almost 24/7-- - for the next few months. I thought he would do anything to get out of this trial, including feigning illness or some medical emergency. He still could.
Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked Trump's attorneys to argue why the former president shouldn't be held in contempt for allegedly violating the judge's gag order.

Steinglass argued that Trump's efforts have continued to this day, including spreading falsehoods and attacking Michael Cohen, a witness in the case.
Now: The prosecution is arguing to be able to admit into evidence tweets and social media posts by Trump about Michael Cohen showing how when Cohen was "onboard" then the messages were positive, but once Cohen distanced himself, the messages became threatening and negative.Also, the DA’s office announces: “Shortly, we will be seeking an order to show cause why Defendant should not be held in contempt for violating the gag order."
It is too bad this trial is not being televised: there should be an exception for this trial. A trial that involves an ex-president, accused in a criminal trial needs to be seen by the public so they can decide what they think. Instead we have Trump ranting and raving every time he gets in front of a camera- playing the victim card-- again and again,
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