GUILTY OH - Reagan Tokes, 21, OSU student, fatally shot, Columbus, 8 Feb 2017


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May 21, 2012
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Ohio State student reported missing

An Ohio State student has been reported missing by her sister.

Makenzie Tokes told The Lantern her sister, Reagan Tokes, a fourth-year in psychology, has been missing since she left work at Bodega in the Short North last night. Makenzie Tokes said it was Reagan’s first shift, and she got off around 8 p.m.

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Just came to post this - so scary. Prayers she is found quickly.
Looks like Bodega pub is on the corner of E. 3rd and High
There's a river right there. It seems she must have gotten to her car and drove off - her car is also missing and video surveillance shows her getting very near her car but apparently the car is out of range of video. (I can't imagine how that could happen, actually, that they would know where she parked, but maybe there's an employee lot or she had a parking voucher stamped, etc.).

It seems highly likely that somehow, she ran off the road, although the last text that was marked "delivered" came in 45 minutes after she left the Bodega. Indicating she may have turned it off on purpose.
This is going to be a big case. There also won't be an ID until the morning... but they've reportedly found her.
The car from the BOLO connected to the body in Grove City is the same car Reagan Tokes drove, right down to the license plate. It still hasn't been located.
So incredibly sad. Prayers for this beautiful girl and her family.

The car from the BOLO connected to the body in Grove City is the same car Reagan Tokes drove, right down to the license plate. It still hasn't been located.
It looks like the park was the opposite direction from OSU. Assuming she lived closer to campus, could someone have abducted her leaving Bodega? Hopefully, cameras or someone in the area saw something. This article says LE has identified the woman, just pending next of kin notification.

Map starting at the pub, ending at the location (approximate) of the found body. 16 minute drive. I hope this link works, I've never tried this before.!2m2!1d-83.0245038!2d39.8541996
NOW LOOK...LE is saying they are NOT connecting body found with her but still looking for her car? WTH??

I think they just mean they are not saying conclusively either way yet - not that she's been ruled out.

Prayers for my fellow Buckeyes...this has to be heartwrenching either way. I know I don't have to tell you that jashrema. I remember you from Sierah's thread. I am glad you are still here offering insight and support to others.
This is so sad. Prayers for her and her family.

Hate to be nit picky but Honda Acura are kinda the same but not. So is it a honda or Acura? It's like Ford and mercury or Chevy and GM. Again, sorry to be petty.

ETA Ok, just read other article. It's an Acura. But which model? TL, RL, Integra????

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