Retrieving wreckage from AirAsia Flight To Singapore- no survivors recovered

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Ch24 TV News (Australia) is saying 6 crew members and 155 passengers
I'm sorry to be naive here, but don't planes fly high above thunderstorms? I understand at take off and landing it's an issue but this was in between either and should have been at a way higher altitude. Or that is my understanding. Feel free to school me. tks

Yep planes fly through bad weather all of the time. Three ways that lead to disaster can be night flying, terrain and weather. The Captain would definitely know what weather is ahead and would change his flight plan to avoid severe weather conditions. They would also build in an alternate should conditions change quickly i.e. low visibility.

As for MH17/MH370 - it is just my opinion I do not believe that MH 17 was an accident. I used to work for Malaysian Airlines in he 1980's we were shown wreckage of MH653 which had been taken down by the JRA around the late 70's.
It should been reported the ATC lost contact with the aircraft not the other way around imo.
I thought they flew above the storms too.

I guess it would depend on the height of the storm, what traffic was in the area and the aircrafts limitations. You never want to fly through the red stuff as shown up thread. Those sort of red areas have the capacity to rip wings off.
#QZ8501 may have flown out of Flightradar24 coverage at 23:12 UTC as we are missing coverage on lower altitudes in this area.

Thanks for the heads up about CNN live coverage, watching now in anticipation of the press conference. :(

Ugh, did I just hear on CNN that its possible the investigation could possibly end up being Malaysia's responsibility if it ventured into their air space? Deja vu..
Indonesian presser right now ... will let you know as soon as we have a translator :sigh: (well, I guess it is Sunday)

- Ch24 TV News
The weather has been extremely bad. Malaysian Prime Minister race back to his Country because 160,000 of his people were evacuated because of severe storms.
Chinese TV reporting wreckage found. No confirmation from Air Asia

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#BREAKING Airplane wreckage reportedly found east of #BelitungIsland,in Indonesia. No confirmation from #AirAsia yet.
I agree SA - my guess is that they would have a lot more knowledge than what is being reported. Dear god I hope this is not an act of terrorism.
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