Found Deceased SC - Faye Marie Swetlik, 6, Cayce, 10 Feb 2020 #2

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Do not link to just any old FB Missing page without checking with Mods or Admin first. Not every "Missing ..." FB page is authorized by Websleuths. There are actually some MP groups that have proven unreliable in the past.

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Adam Myrick‏ @AdamThePIO
Law enforcement officers continue to knock on doors to talk with neighbors of Faye Swetlik as part of the search for the missing 6-year-old. Call 803-205–4444 with to share info on her whereabouts or tips related to her disappearance.

(Embedded video at tweet (see investigators knock and also check for locked doors).

8:17 AM - 12 Feb 2020
Cayce Public Safety‏ @Cayce_DPS
There have been phone calls, DM’s and social media postings asking if the public can be involved in the search for Faye Swetlik and ground searches need to continue to be done by law enforcement and other first responders.


2:09 PM - 12 Feb 2020
Cayce Public Safety‏ @Cayce_DPS
There have been a lot of questions regarding why an AMBER Alert has not been issued in the disappearance of Faye Swetlik and this case so far does not meet the federally mandated guidelines.

10:34 AM - 12 Feb 2020

Cayce Public Safety‏ @Cayce_DPS
For an AMBER Alert to be issued, law enforcement should have evidence that an abduction has occurred and have enough information to share which would aid in the recovery of a child.

10:34 AM - 12 Feb 2020

Cayce Public Safety‏ @Cayce_DPS
Local media, along with social media, continue to be invaluable in sharing information as this investigation continues. For more information about AMBER Alerts, please visit this website. @wis10 @WLTX @abc_columbia @wachfox @thestate @WestMetroNews


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10:34 AM - 12 Feb 2020
Joe Ripley on Twitter

Some investigators leaving neighborhood where Faye Swetlik went missing. Cayce authorities warning public to stay out of ground search efforts and leave that up to investigators. We’ll have a live report at 6 with the latest @wyffnews4
Sigh. Looks like LE doesn't have anything solid yet unless they are putting pressure on ppl that are on their radar. MOO
Drew Aunkst WIS‏ @NewsDrewWIS
A line of police vehicles just entered the Churchill Heights neighborhood where the search for 6-year-old Faye Swetlik continues. @wis10

Embeded video at tweet

1:39 PM - 12 Feb 2020

Chandler Mack‏ @chandlerdmack
We are still in front of the neighborhood, and have not seen any Law Enforcement vehicles drive out of the neighborhood in the past hour @WLTX

2:40 PM - 12 Feb 2020 from Springdale, SC
Maybe warning because people have been searching. I understand why they want to help. JMO

'Just trying to help': Neighbors search area for missing 6-year-old

"I have a daughter that's 10 and I don't like her out here playing by herself and stuff we decided, me and dad, to go look in the woods next door here the property we own by the railroad tracks and stuff because the fence is torn down back there and anyone could come through," Grubbs said.
Adam Myrick‏ @AdamThePIO
The search for Faye Swetlik continues from the air as a State Law Enforcement Division helicopter circles the area of the missing 6-year-old’s subdivision. Call 803-205–4444 to share info on her whereabouts or tips related to her disappearance. [Embedded helicopter video at tweet link].

1:55 PM - 12 Feb 2020
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