SC - Paul Murdaugh & mom Margaret Found Shot To Death - Alex Murdaugh Accused - Islandton *Guilty* #44

U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel said he sentenced Murdaugh to a harsher punishment than suggested because Murdaugh stole from “the most needy, vulnerable people” like a client who became a quadriplegic after a crash, a state trooper who was injured on the job, and a trust fund meant for children whose parents were killed in a wreck.

“They placed all their problems and all their hopes on Mr. Murdaugh and it is from those people he abused and stole. It is a difficult set of actions to understand,” Gergel said.


Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh is sentenced to another 40 years for stealing from clients and his law firm.

11:29 AM · Apr 1, 2024

Sentence is concurrent. Big picture play for Murdaugh defense is to get him a new murder trial. If (big if) they can get him off -- then he would go to Federal prison (way nicer than state prison.) Then they could start trying to chisel down that Federal sentence. Lots of other moving pieces too.

11:55 AM · Apr 1, 2024
Statements made during Murdaugh's April 1 federal sentencing hearing, and federal court documents filed in advance of that hearing, inform the public that there are almost a dozen previously unknown financial victims out there, with as much as $6 million in stolen money still unaccounted for, and possibly at least one accomplice still at large.

While awaiting trial in the Richland County jail, Alex Murdaugh got into a fight with a man charged with burglarizing and sexually assaulting one of Murdaugh’s nieces…
Sources familiar with the fight between Murdaugh and the inmate confirmed that he has told people about the fight and that the man Murdaugh fought with was angry at him. The sources did not want their names made public. Richland County officials, who operate the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, have not responded to queries about the incident.
“They put this guy in the same pod at Alvin S. Glenn as Alex,” said one source whom Alex spoke to. “They were out in an open area together and the guy comes up to Alex and tries to explain how Alex’s family is framing him, and that just started a fight.” The fight went on for some time.

“Both of them got real banged up,” the source said. “The jail was somewhat chagrined that they had had them together. They were never put together again.” The source said the jail was so understaffed “they had Alex in there breaking up fights.”


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