Status Hearings Nov 14, 2017, Jan 22, 2018- Jason Autry and Dylan Adams

Jason Autry, last remaining suspect in Holly Bobo case, could be released before the end of the year

August 12, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Jason Autry, the last remaining suspect in the Holly Bobo murder case, is expected to be released from jail before the end of the year.

Autry testified against Zach Adams, leading to his conviction for the murder of Bobo. If you believe Autry, he was there and participated. However, the prosecution needed his testimony and cut a deal in the case.
Autry has been locked up since Bobo disappeared in 2011. Now I’m told that plea deal is about to kick in and he could be out by the end of the year. Prosecutors kept him locked up until a ruling on Adams’ appeal in case they needed him to testify again. The judge rejected the appeal on Tuesday, which finally clears the way for Autry’s release.

Adams’ request for a new trial is now headed to the Tennessee Court of Appeals. It could take several months before the higher court makes a decision.
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Final suspect to appear in court for murder of Holly Bobo

Sept. 11, 2020

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - On Monday the final suspect charged in the murder of Holly Bobo will be in court.

Jason Autry was serving an eight-year sentence on a federal drug charge when he was arrested in the murder of Bobo.

Autry has not gone to trial because he made a plea deal for his testimony against Zach Adams.

Monday, Sept. 14th:
*Status Hearing (@ am CT) - TN - Holly Lynn Bobo (20) (April 13, 2011) - *Jason Autry (43/36 @ time of crime) charged with 1st degree murder, aggravated rape & aggravated kidnapping.
Case will be heard after Dylan’s is thru about June. JA case will not be heard until after Dylan's case in about June of 2018; but DA Hagerman said (on 1/23/18) the state will handle Zach Adams’ motion for a new trial before moving forward with Autry.
4/13/18 update: going over plea deal. 8/23/19 Update: Jason Autry, the third & final defendant accused of murdering Holly Bobo has finished a federal prison sentence for a different crime. But he'll remain in prison for now -- waiting to see if a plea deal will set him free. Before he was arrested in the murder of Bobo, Autry was in prison on a federal gun crime. His eight year sentence on that crime is up. Autry's served his federal time, but remains locked up without bond still awaiting trial, but that trial won't happen. That's because Autry brokered a plea deal for his testimony against Adams. But before any release there's the matter of Zach Adam's appeal. But it may not be until late next year when the three state appellate court judges finally hear the appeal. Any plea deal won't kick in until the legal process is complete.
9/11/20 Update: Autry due in court on Monday, 9/14/20.
*Zachary Rye Adams (30) accused of 1st degree murder, aggravated kidnapping & aggravated rape/DA seeks DP/Found GUILTY - 8 counts. Received 25 years for kidnapping/25 years for rape/& LWOP for murder one. 11/9/17: The first motion for a new trial has been filed citing the court erred in not granting Adams' motion for a change of venue and that the evidence was not sufficient for a verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 8/11/20 Update: Adams appeared in court Tuesday morning for the first time since he was convicted in 2017. In court, his defense revealed 56 reasons why they said Adams should have a new trial, but so far, the judge has denied all of them. Request for a new trial is now headed to the Tennessee Court of Appeals. It could take several months before the higher court makes a decision.
*John Dylan Adams – Adams plead guilty (1/22/18) to facilitation of first-degree murder for 15 yrs, especially aggravated kidnapping at 35 years to run concurrent. Adams will serve 35 years total.
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Final suspect to appear in court for murder of Holly Bobo
The main Case Archive (almost 800 files, including news videos): Bobo -TN-?sort=6&page=1

The Pre-Trial section (about 600 files, including news videos): - Justice for Holly?sort=6&page=1

The Trial and Beyond section (almost 600 files, but by then I did not have the ability to upload video): and Beyond - Justice for Holly?sort=2&page=1

Everything from April 13, 2011 to September 14, 2020; and I will continue if/when ZA has news of appeal.
Holly Bobo case: Court documents provide more details of Jason Autry's release

Sept. 23, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — NewsChannel 5 has learned more about the terms of release for the final suspect in the Holly Bobo murder case.

Jason Autry walked out of prison last week and I was curious about the terms of release. His release documents are more interesting for what they don’t say. Autry is under a period of court ordered supervision, but there does not appear to be any restrictions on where he can go.

documents in article.
Jason Autry arrested on drug, gun charges in Benton County

Autry was arrested Thursday morning after a deputy in Benton County spotted him walking in a field with a gun.

Reporter Nick Beres has learned that Autry ran from the deputy and then collapsed. Officers found his vehicle nearby with evidence of meth and ammunition. It is believed he was using and dealing the drugs.

He's now charged with possession of a weapon, possession of drugs and evading arrest.

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