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Hi Reedus,
After reading your post(quoted below). I wanted to encourage you to read 1st Whisperer's post then my response. It is my understanding (I welcome criticism)that the confrontation at KB mother's property occurred at dawn or approximately between 4:30AM and 6:30AM. (this exact time is not clear) DS at that time called KB about the person confronting him and his hunting partner.

At this point the narrative is sketchy. We are not informed if KB could resolve the trespassing dispute or if DS and his hunting partner simply resumed hunting elsewhere or perhaps they just decided not to hunt at all.

Then ( 7Am & 7:30 AM) according to the timeline ...DS has resumed the retelling of the dispute by calling KB and HB on their cells. HB is delayed while the earlier dispute is thrashed though. It is pure conjecture about the urgency (given KB is at school)and Holly ...who has been up since 4:30AM is waylayed smoothing over the misunderstanding for DS.

Now,this is my interpretation. Please read the accounts and come up with your own interpretation. I am only pointing this out for the sake of clarity. I apologize if you were aware of all the infinitesmal details(sorry for the lengthy post) & had already formed your opinion based on that.

I suppose it's just as possible as any theory I can come up with. Personally, the flurry of phone calls didn't alarm me as I was catching up. I just pictured DS calling Holly to tell her what was happening, Holly calling KB to relay the story to her, I think I read at one time KB called her mom (probably to get an answer one way or another if it was ok), KB probably called Holly back to tell her if it was ok for them to hunt and Holly calling DS back to give him the answer. To me that's a flurry of phone calls just to get a simple answer of whether it was ok.


There is one thing that I noticed in the narrative by KB submitted to reporters (no longer available online...hmm) It was said that Drew and his father were confronted prior to sunrise on the grandmother's property. I was always led to believe that the confrontation was later on because we were told he called holly around 7:30 and holly called KB over it. We were led to believe he was included in the "flurry" of calls between Holly, Clint and Karen.

Now this is at least a TWO hour gap in the timeline. If he were confronted as Karen said before dawn, why did he need to call Holly @ 0730 and complain to her (she had to call her mom)? My guess is he would have called Karen when he was need to call Holly and Holly call her mother when her mother was at work.

Karen eluded early on to Clint that she had spoken to Drew early that morning and that man could not be Drew. She was very positive about that...but how long was it that she and Drew actually talked. If they did indeed talk then why the phone call to Holly concerning the same problem. Something is amiss here

My Opinion Only

Now, we have DS and his hunting partner at the crack of dawn facing down a relative of Karen's on grandma's property. The epic turkey drama is long over by the 7:30 AM window when Drew hijacks KB and HB into a lengthy reenactment of his morning on their cells.

In my opinion DS was manipulating KB and HB and delaying Holly....but for what purpose I have no idea. JMO
Wish I was psychic!
Would like to pick a number 1-25.....
Just an aside, did we ever find out which relative was the one who objected to DS and his father hunting on grandma's property? Was it grandma?
Just an aside, did we ever find out which relative was the one who objected to DS and his father hunting on grandma's property? Was it grandma?

I don't think anyone knows. It seems LE would want to interview all involved, and lets hope they have, but it does make one wonder to what extent the detective work has progressed along these lines.

This is the sort of thing that is so frustrating. No information about hardly anything in this case, and no periodic updates on the case. It forces one to think it has become a forgotten cold case unless they provide some sort of periodic update. Even if they have not made any progress, it would be nice to have some sort of update that they are not giving up.

I just hope this wasn't a "purposeful forgotten case" to wash thrings under a rug. I seriously hope I am wrong about that.
It would also be a good place to add to the list of places to search.

Afterall, that place is now tied to the events of that very morning, so it only seems logical to add that place to a search list.
Is it oversimplifying things to think that maybe he didn't want to call anyone at 4:30 or 5:00 when it took place cuz he didn't wanna wake them up over it? That he just waited til when he figured people would be awake?
sarx, what is your theory after mulling over everything? Did you post it? I could have missed it.
I think we may have to go back a few days or even a week before she went missing. It may not be a spur of the moment sex offender happened upon a victim.

We know there was the coon hunt the weekend before her disappearance.

This was a fund raiser for St-Judes Childrens Hospital. Holly was a nursing student. Did she participate in any of the fund raising events? Did she ever volunteer at the hospital? I don't know if it's the same in the US but up here college and university students, as part of their school curriculum have to give a certain amount of hours towards volunteer work for school credits. My son who is in med school had to work at rehab centers, nursing homes, psych hospitals, heart and general hospitals.

Did Holly do the same?
I wish our questions could be answered. :sigh:

Not sure we'll get anywhere with this case. Sad.
I'm not sure if this falls under #15, but some have suggested human trafficking.
Theories since sarx's 09/22 call for theories:

01. The "boyfriend, afraid of losing her"
02. The "Holly knew too much"
03. The "In town, just passing through"
04. The "girlfriend got jealous"
05. The "Holly ran away on her own"
06. The "rogue LE"
07. The "sibling involvement"
08. The "Holly's girlfriend's boyfriend cheated"
09. The "retribution against a family member"
10. The "accidental death w/cover-up"
11. The "preacher, brimming with passion"
12. The "rogue spokespastor"
13. The "victim of a serial offender"
14. The "knew her though churchwork"
15. The "kidnapped her to keep her"
16. The "rogue coon hunter"
17. The "man who tossed Drew and his dad off the property"
18. The "secret twin rogue brother"
19. The "wheel in the sky keeps on turning" - wait, that's not one
19. The "random hunter who stumbles across the Bobos' property"
20. The "known stalker"
21. The "they know who dunnit but can't close the deal"
22. The "culprit eluded the bloodhounds"
23. The "those pesky aliens in their UFOs"*
24. The "Bigfoot in full turkey camo"**
25. The "odd person who leaves little messages"
26. The "fell victim to human trafficking"
Working on a new thread, will be closing this one in a few...
That is a good point about the different agencies, but I do wonder if maybe the TBI or local LE was the one that was more or less in control and pushed the other ones out. I think that because of something I saw fairly recently.

If you recall that person that killed a mother and kidnapped the 2 children, and they caught him soon after. Well, there was one particular interview where all the agencies had a press conference after they caught the guy, and the main FBI type guy was great and he said something very compelling. He alluded to a lot of "infighting and disagreements" in the way things were handled between the groups.

I wish I would have saved that link, but it was tough to find the video of that, and it was on a local type news channel. When I saw that, it proved to me that these agencies definitely do not get along very well, and had some past issues with the way things are handled.

FBI Press Conference on Adam Mayes Shooting
Posted on: 9:30 pm, May 10, 2012, by Scott Koral,

'Ironically, Hatfield, Adam Mayes, and the two Bain daughters was were located due to the public's tips. Nancy Grace released the info that Mayes had traveled to a convenience store in his vehicle and aired a photo. LE had aired the security cam video from the convenience store showing Mayes, but reported that the vehicle description was unknown.

Within 24 hours after the NG airing, Mayes was killed by LE and the Bain daughters rescued due to sightings of the vehicle/public tips....
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