TN - Holly Bobo, 20, Darden; believed abducted 13 April 2011 - #36

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At 0735, Drew was talking to Holly. At this point, Holly called her mother to straighten out the problem with the hunting. I don't understand this call to mother because Drew would have been on his way to work...and through with hunting for the day. Man, Karen's phone was ringing non-stop.

Coincidence...Drew, Holly, mother all on phone with Holly within x5 min of abduction. Clint was sleeping, according to story. Karen calls Clint.

Karen left her phone at school. That would have made me crazy. She has all of Holly's info in her phone. I would have held on to that phone for dear life. I know everyone is different...
Was he the neighbor that ultimately did drive up, halting Clint's progress in his apparent attempt to follow Holly and perp? Or was that someone else? I know someone did show up, causing Clint to decide not to follow them due to his fear of "contaminating evidence." Or something like that.

Nope, his mom called Karen. His mom drove over there and Clint with gun in hand stopped short of following the perp when he saw her car pull up.

When LE arrived, they put Clint in the patrol car and told him to write the story out.
Southern end of the county.

Do you have the distance on that Frog? Any info on why they didn't turkey hunt on the Bobo property?

Got it! Bath Springs is where he was turkey hunting. It is about 15 mi from Parsons....straight south on the main drag.
Since the LE has the time of perp being there around 7:40 and gone after 7:55, The male neighbor would be in the ideal place and time to possibly see the crime....especially if the perp was taking the path in the woods. It goes around the pond and past the neighbors' house...according to google earth.
How many girls just randomly leave their own purse in the woods (none - unless it was stolen and rifled through and ditched but even still in the woods? The only other explanation for a random purse in the woods would be a girl leaving it in the woods if she was partying with friends or something, even still wouldn't you go back to get it?

IDK this case is bizzare. I feel like that purse has to be hers, it was probably faded by the sun and incredibly worn from being outside for like 2 years. Really hope they test it. Was her DL in there? Couldn't not be hers if so, obviously.

Poor Holly, I hope she is found someday. I feel like there is so much more the "public" doesn't know.
Do you have the distance on that Frog? Any info on why they didn't turkey hunt on the Bobo property?
It is probably a 30~ minute drive from granny's land to the Bobo house. And to answer your other question the best I can do is tell you that CB claims he and DS talked about hunting the night before and CB claims to not know they were going there nor did other relatives who supposedly approached them.
I had promised myself I would not get sucked back into this black hole of a case...sigh.

But I have followed missing persons for many years and this is the strangest, IMO, worst-handled one of all. Not many LE agencies are good at these cases, in part because each is so different from the next, they do not come along often in each jurisdiction, and there are generally no real witnesses. They are a special type of case and IMO, need a communicative LE agency more than any other type of case.

We have seen how cases get solved when the FBI is in charge or heavily involved, not just Boston, but Jessica R. and others and it is not by chance. It is by putting info out there, telling the public how they can help, providing tools to do so.

I can understand a naive family not knowing what to do at first. What I cannot understand is not using these months, and now years, to make contact with people who can help, i.e. Marc Klaas or others like him. They themselves can see that no real progress has been made. They needed a true advisor and liaison with LE long ago. Honestly, this case makes me feel more hopeless than any other. Prayers do not find missing people. Otherwise, I am sure no one would be missing...
It is probably a 30~ minute drive from granny's land to the Bobo house. And to answer your other question the best I can do is tell you that CB claims he and DS talked about hunting the night before and CB claims to not know they were going there nor did other relatives who supposedly approached them.

That's the impression I got too. I think he usually hunts on Bobo land...speculating here. I knew Clint talked to him the night before. You would think he would have discussed the turkey hunting trip planned for the next day. These are two hunter guys. In fact Clint's middle name is Hunter.

So Bath Springs (Gma land) is 15 miles directly south of Parsons on the main drag. Quick trip...15 minutes. Man, I was under the impression he was far, far away....
So, we have the neighbor leaving his house at the exact same time of the abduction. He hears her scream but tells his mother and goes to work. He lives 350 yds away and is in his car. I would have thought he would , at the very least, drive by the Hobo house to see what was going on.
We have Drew talking to Holly within x5 min of the abduction. We have Karen talking to Holly within x5 min also. I want to know what was really said in that convo. The son calling his mother. The mother calling Karen, Clint calling Karen. Meanwhile Holly is in distress.

Karen calls Clint to get the gun. Clint gets the gun, goes outside, but gets deterred when the female neighbor shows up.

I'm getting dizzy. It would have been simpler for the 30 yr old man to go over to the house when the scream was heard. Why didn't he go?
Beautiful, Foxfire. I love Rascal Flatts. Thank you for posting this tribute...still listening.
Before we all fall asleep, I think we should put out a APB on Drew Scott. Is there any sign that he is not missing? There hasn't been a peep about him since April 13, 2011.
When I saw so many new pages my heart was pounding because I thought we had a huge break or possibly even a body found. However...we have a purse that was confirmed by TBI to have Holly's stuff in it and then OOPS never-mind it isn't. Very frustrating. A few notes-
1. That looks like her purse to me still. Even the color and the straps and circles match perfectly. It genuinely looks like the same purse (just weather-worn) to me. What are the odds of the same purse being found in the dirt that close to where she was abducted? I hope they are going by more than just her Mom's word. I have so much sympathy for Mom, but distraught parents wanting their baby to be alive cannot be seen as unbiased sources.
2. However, I do think it is possible for a random purse to be laying around. I live in a rural-ish area and, for some reason, it seems to attract random trash. I walked my dogs earlier and saw a scarf and three shoes (two matching one not) amongst other assorted random rubble. It doesn't seem unfathomable to me that some trash essentially (a lot of women throw away purses when finished with them) may have ended up somewhere around the area. However, a purse that is identical to Holly's and so close in proximity...that is harder to swallow.
3. I don't buy that a dog randomly dug it up and brought it to an owner. I don't know what to do with that right now, but I just don't. Something is off.
4. I think the neighbor could have just gone to work because some of us (a lot of us actually) are programmed to assume everything is ok. Like, kids have been abducted in front of adults before who ignored warning signs because they assumed everything was ok and it was probably a parent. In another case on here, people were saying that someone was suspicious because he saw two abandoned bikes in a park and didn't tell anyone right away. However, if I saw a bike in a park I would never call 9-11-I would just assume for some reason it had been left behind maybe by some careless kid and move on. I just heard a woman scream right now, but shrugged it off because it is Saturday night and lots of people drink here on Saturdays and it is a holiday type day in my city. I think a lot of us default to everything is probably ok because usually everything is ok even when something troublesome happens. I am sure he was troubled, but needed to get to work and it is considered a "safe" place so he opted for tell Mom but just go to work. Maybe he regrets that (I know I wish he had gone) but I do understand the impulse.
Yeah, that would be nice.

I think that those of us here on Websleuths often want to see/hear things that LE just doesn't have any desire or feel is needed to release to the public. Like hearing the 911 tapes. While it would be interesting and perhaps even entertaining for those only wanting to be involved in the drama/sensationalism of a case, if LE doesn't feel it would serve a purpose, they will never release such info. I am feeling that this is what a lot of this is about. We will never hear the 911 tapes and most likely will never see what her real purse looked like since I can't see why it would help in any way for the general public to become involved. If this makes any sense....

Jumping off your post, TBI most likely feels no need to release info or ask for assistance because they feel they know who did it and are waiting for a body to prove it. Thus "playing their cards close to their vests", why tell the perp their plans?:moo:
The neighbor owns his own business and he is the only employee. I think a person screaming close by would take precedence over work. At one time, the scream was described as blood curdling. They live in a rural, I mean isolated, area. If one is dressed and outside and hear screams coming from your only neighbor close by, I doubt most would ignore it. There had to be a better reason why he chose to let his mother handle it. It had to be real bad because the woman called Karen's work and Karen broke down as she knew something terrible had happened.

Apparently the scream was described to her by her son and it was terrible. Under these conditions, I find his behavior unusual.
Of course, the calls wouldn't locate her. It certainly wouldn't hinder the case either. It also balance out people's rights to see how their LE work in the area they live. I think they should be held accountable. Let's see what was said that fateful morning.

?? So the Bobo family should be subjected to the pain of having this terrifying moment played over and over again so that locals can check up on their local jurisdiction?

This makes little sense to me and seems unnecessarily cruel.

I am curious about the round robin here-the information we have is what we have. I am trying to sort out how the going around in circles propels Holly's case in a meaningful way.

There are positive steps that can be taken-continue to contact national media, offer resources, light candles, keep her front and center.

The blame game is getting kind of old. Where are our posters who have knowledge from being feet on the ground? Why arent they here any more? They are the ones who would have been immersed in this search effort. They could have filled us in on locations and given us guidance from behind the scenes. I hope they return. jmvho.
Jumping off your post, TBI most likely feels no need to release info or ask for assistance because they feel they know who did it and are waiting for a body to prove it. Thus "playing their cards close to their vests", why tell the perp their plans?:moo:

IMHO the notion that they are just waiting for a body has zero merit or basis in reality. Lots of people are arrested, charged, tried, and conviected without a body. Look at the case against Kira Trevino's husband. No body there for sure and just the usual circumstantial evidence found in a lot of domestic cases (blood found, no body, etc.) Casey ANthony was arrested without a body. While no body was ever found in the Haleigh Cummings case, the father and babysitter were instantly grilled, named, made very public, etc. LE even went so far as to say they had to know more than what they were letting on, even though they were never charged in the girl's disappearance.

There is a notion that you need a body to prove murder and that is just not the case. Also, if this case were not a murder (I assume it is) then waiting for a body to prove an (inaccurate) assumption that it was a murder would be a waste of time.
The 911 tapes are not being sought for sensationalism. They help us form a firm timeline of events, something we don't really have in this case.

The scream at 7:40....mixed with Clint seeing his sister walk into the woods around 7:50. That's at least 10 minutes. We also know that Clint said he saw his sister in the garage area speaking with someone that morning....
This was a 10-15 minute abduction. That's a lifetime. How could someone experienced take 10-15 minutes to abduct someone? That is unheard of!

911 calls are released to the public all the time and are used to help cases and nail down timelines. The calls are used for information about what exactly was seen and heard at the earliest moments of a crime. Apparently there were three such calls that morning...and we still can't be sure who called, what order were the calls made, what time did the calls come in, and what was said on the calls. That is crucial to the case, in my opinion. And there is no reason not to release them. Typically, 911 calls are part of public information and only recently did Tennessee change its laws on releasing them automatically.
We have all seen cases where the 911 call was used to incriminate someone. They are important.
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