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?? So the Bobo family should be subjected to the pain of having this terrifying moment played over and over again so that locals can check up on their local jurisdiction?

This makes little sense to me and seems unnecessarily cruel.

I am curious about the round robin here-the information we have is what we have. I am trying to sort out how the going around in circles propels Holly's case in a meaningful way.

There are positive steps that can be taken-continue to contact national media, offer resources, light candles, keep her front and center.

The blame game is getting kind of old. Where are our posters who have knowledge from being feet on the ground? Why arent they here any more? They are the ones who would have been immersed in this search effort. They could have filled us in on locations and given us guidance from behind the scenes. I hope they return. jmvho.

They're still here. Just extremely frustrated with the attitude taken by WS posters toward a family that is suffering one of the most extreme losses a family can experience- the loss of a child.
We are a victim friendly forum, but it seems not so much when it comes to the Bobos. Questioning/speculating who was where when is fine, or what media source reported what and when. Bashing family members is not (mods, please correct me if I am wrong.)
I am in direct contact with SAR regarding Holly's case. There are many reasons why LE or SAR does not go online and post- yes, even over two years later.

Personally,the approach many posters have taken on Holly's case has angered and hurt me on the Bobo's behalf, and I think it reflects very poorly on us. We have enough sites on the internet that are insensitive, fradulent, trollish, and in many cases just plain mean. Must WS be one of them?

I can state with absolute certainty that there is still a SAR effort in progress for Holly- and a committed one. Do people understand the time, cost, and emotional toll this takes on LE and SAR? Do they think this kind of effort would be undertaken unnecessarily?

Imvho, THIS is the question people should be asking themselves when they are speculating about the validity of the case.
Thanks for answering some of my questions. It breaks my heart to hear what happened to Megan Sharpton.
Did Holly carpool with anyone to school? Are we allowed to discuss rumors? I read some last night on topix.
I would love her famy to have a presser begging for the return of Holly or any whereabouts. I would personally feel better that the family or boyfriend wasn't involved. Why didn't the brother run into the woods after his sister???
The brother said that he thought it was the boyfriend Drew at first right? What is the weight height and hair color of what he saw? Does that compare to Megan's killer?
I DO think that the picture of the purse is weathered but I would put bets that it is her purse. Either someone took the picture and released it and LE wasn't happy and asked to deny that it was her. OR an outsider like my husband said is the mother in denial??? Lets talk about that for a second BECAUSE she also made a statement saying they believe she is alive and being held. I found it interesting that she came out and said they believe she is alive with the discovery of the purse!!!! It made me think of Cindy Anthony stating that about Caylee, it really did. I thought to myself what else could Holly's mom could of said instead of that. And I thought how about please help us find Holly. Or we just want to find her. Or we love you Holly and want you home.
I think the reason she said they believe she is alive with the purse discovery is because it is her purse and that evidence might make it seem like she no longer is alive.
These are all my opinions.
With the public paying the salaries of LE and setting aside a large reward from public money, I think the public very much has a right to be kept at least minimally informed.

Especially since there is a missing women and until someone is caught there is someone responsible for her being missing which is safety for the community
At 0735, Drew was talking to Holly. At this point, Holly called her mother to straighten out the problem with the hunting. I don't understand this call to mother because Drew would have been on his way to work...and through with hunting for the day. Man, Karen's phone was ringing non-stop.

Coincidence...Drew, Holly, mother all on phone with Holly within x5 min of abduction. Clint was sleeping, according to story. Karen calls Clint.

Karen left her phone at school. That would have made me crazy. She has all of Holly's info in her phone. I would have held on to that phone for dear life. I know everyone is different...

Was Clint sleeping or in the shower?
Nope, his mom called Karen. His mom drove over there and Clint with gun in hand stopped short of following the perp when he saw her car pull up.

When LE arrived, they put Clint in the patrol car and told him to write the story out.

Why did Clint's mom drive over to the Bobo's??
We have Drew talking to Holly within x5 min of the abduction. We have Karen talking to Holly within x5 min also. I want to know what was really said in that convo. The son calling his mother. The mother calling Karen, Clint calling Karen. Meanwhile Holly is in distress.

Karen calls Clint to get the gun. Clint gets the gun, goes outside, but gets deterred when the female neighbor shows up.

I'm getting dizzy. It would have been simpler for the 30 yr old man to go over to the house when the scream was heard. Why didn't he go?

Are you going to call your mom when you hear your sister scream badly and with a man when you know she's leaving for school?? Or grab a gun and get out there!!! Or get out there without taking time to get a gun? Why call the mom first and not 911? Why not call the boyfriend if you thought it was him? If he heard screaming even if he thought it was the boyfriend why not run out there making sure everything is ok?
After the discovery of the purse whether its hers or not (I think we can agree its most likely is) the fact that a purse was found hers or not within ONE mile of the Bobo home tells me they have NOT (TBI and LE) fully searched the area where she was abducted even after 2 years. They should get out there and search within 5 miles of lunchbox location and house and purse location. They should cover there behinds in this case after seeing they didn't fully search areas. I think searches in Natalee Holloway, Brittanee Drexel, and Maura Murray was done way more than this case and this case happened at her home!! There is case where she went to her mailbox to get the mail and went missing and ended up being her soon to be exhusband. I'm trying to think of other cases that happened on the property of a home.
Ok I just read about purse being found. It was my understanding that there was some speculation that Israel Keys could have done this. Was I wrong?
Heather Sullivan was attacked outside of her home at 530am taking lamp out of her car and being led away by man holding onto her arm. This happened 45 mins away from Bobo's home and a week after Holly's disappearance. They thought they might be connected anything new on this?
Clint was asleep not in the shower

Clint did not hear the screams.

Holly's mom did drive home

No official connection was ever made between Holly and Heather Sullivan.
So you are still of the belief that this is Holly's bag? Then why call off the searches? Who is calling the shots in this case? If KB was allowed to touch/examine the bag, that is not protocol. Why?

This was not just a simple media screw up. The TBI spokesperson was quoted as far as finding identifying items in the bag. She was quoted! If anyone screwed up, it would be the TBI...and why no retraction if that is the case? Just more garbage to cloud things up again..."gee, we're sorry, but mom said it isn't Holly's bag, so we're done now. No more need to search."

NC Analyzer, brings up why most of us are so frustrated with TBI in this tragedy...
protocol for lack of a better word. There are so many gramatical,contradictory messages,press releases w/o clarity,false starts and stops,no effort to engage the public by providing basic information(redated 911 calls),calendar years w/o a briefing ......

I did not take time to search the #36 treads ...but poster wfgodot has cataloged (his,her)posts the frustrations we have with LE(TBI) since the first MSN article on Holly Bobo. No pressure wrgodot :smile:but you are the most skilled in laying out ...why we are so frustrated with TBI on this thresd.

:eek:fftopic:I use a mobile device to post ..i can never decide which is the most difficult to decipher spelling or the auto spell-check version.
This thread is closed until there is new information. We have asked members over and over to get the focus off the family and it continues anyway.

Unfortunately, the information about finding her purse/backpack was wrong. It comes on the wake of a lot of bad reporting in many cases this past week. Chalk it up to what you will, but we still don't have any new information.

If something breaks or if the family asks us for help in some way, we'll open the thread again.
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