TN - Holly Bobo, 20, Darden, believed abducted 13 April 2011 - # 6

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Hmmm... well, that makes sense now. It's another forum where a member is saying they are a member here and posting scanner info there.

So while I thought it was collaborative info that was matching what we had earlier heard, it was really just the info we had that was spread elsewhere. It is a horse forum.
Uh oh...:panic:
I'm pretty sure that's a :nono:

Oh, wait...A horse forum??!!!
IHNI :lol:
I really doubt LE would send people out to search for Holly if she has been found; I was just wondering if they would wait until they showed up at 7am to tell them they did not need them to search, unless they wanted to help search for other evidence, for example.

It is always dangerous for LE to use volunteers from the community, most times they don't, so I can't see them sending them out under false pretenses. Who would sign up to search on another case when needed?
I would imagine that sometimes volunteers are asked to search for that LE can build a case...

wouldn't it be nice if it were so in this case...
I have just got to add that that is the reason I really like this site as everyone here is so good at finding out the truth and putting forward excellent ideas etc......

my brother is now a policeman as is my nieces boyfriend and my uncle.....I actually rebelled against it about but I absolutely love detective shows and true the rest of you I find it fascinating but cant understand why. I think I just want to also be on the GOOD side.

I also think they would not be letting them go out and search again in the morning if they had found her so dont know what I am thinking about the rumor at the person even gave the exact injury she was supposed to have!
BTW, thank you to everyone for the nice comments about the TBI. I keep missing the news and all I've seen is different clips with the same guy in it (bad haircut, zero energy or charisma) but that's not who I saw doing today's briefing. I found a clip of it and they did look like they have it well in hand.
I've been reading this forum since this all began. I don't know why but this particular case really has hit home and bothers me so much. If we aren't safe in our own yards in rural communities are any of us really safe? Anyway, using Google I was searching for stats on kidnappings of adults. I'm not sure if this has been posted before, the link to the book preview is at the bottom. I have zero association with the authors, publishers etc, but it's probably very relevant to this situation:

78% of adult kidnappers transport their victims
83% were held for less than 24 hours
The same percentage survive the ordeal - glimmer of hope
What makes this case stand out? Only about 6% of adult kidnappings occur during the day. To me this potentially reinforces what the authorities are saying about this being someone who had some connection in the community/work/school whatever. A small percentage of abductions occur at home--- 33% and that choice was predicated on them knowing the person/having a prior relationship. Otherwise they attacked in public places with easy access.

Also interesting that they state most people are not mentally ill that do these types of things to adults and arguably she is an adult. Probably goes to why they were saying look for someone cleaning a car, selling it, maybe burning it.

This case reminds me so much of Molly Bish up this way. The largest manhunt/search in MA history and we didn’t find her for 3 years and not far from where she went missing. They are just now potentially connecting the dots on a serial killer

Here's the link to the relevant page in Google Books: survival rates&pg=PT67#v=onepage&q&f=false

In my opinion the TBI is on the right vein. The statistics overwhelmingly support this being someone that either believed they had some type of relationship with her (and maybe did not...quite often someone having a conversation can be distorted into a friendship) or legitimately had contact with the perp because of where the abduction occurred. My opinion again is that it is someone known in the area because it would have been a thousand times easier to pull their car up, throw her in it and be gone much faster than traveling through the woods to do the same thing. The risks would have been the same in terms of exposure/interruption. Again my opinion part of the reason someone took her through the woods may well have been fear of being recognized out and about on the main roads until at least she was significantly subdued where he could transport her with less chance of exposure. It’s a weird means of getaway if the ultimate goal in almost all of these cases is transport to another location unless of course the transport in this case was on an ATV.
The lack of a confirmed POI is a little disturbing. Maybe there is a lesser term just below that but there must be a short list of potential POI’s that would include anyone perhaps she met on a recent trip/spring break, concert,party, church trip etc. Anyone at school vying for the same type of internship or job, anyone at school, anyone that tried to friend her on facebook in the last few weeks to months that she did NOT accept, stuff like that.
I’ll be shocked if there isn’t a connection there as the numbers support that outlook. There’s got to be clues there somewhere and I’m betting it’s subtle like a spurned facebook invite, an initial SMS exchange that ended quickly, something.
Lastly notice what they say about increasing your chances in this type of encounter with resist immediately being prominent. Great reading on a somber topic.
To all the searchers and supporters helping to find her….as a father of two girls it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. There are still good people in this world.
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