TN - Holly Bobo, 20, Darden, believed abducted 13 April 2011 - # 6

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Holly Lynn Bobo was last seen early on the morning of April 13, 2011, outside of her home in Darden, Tennessee. She was seen being led away from the carport of her home toward a wooded area by a man described as approximately 5'8" to 6'0" tall and 200 pounds, wearing camouflage clothing.
Holly Lynn Bobo was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.

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Just a reminder...

Its fine to discuss the brother and anyone mentioned in the media and tied to this case. Its not ok to talk about him or anyone as a suspect or POI. No one has been named as such.

Rumors are not allowed and will be removed.


Ok you guys hang in there... need to get lunch and buy a baseball bat (dang those things are expensive $300!)
Who is with Holly on her FB pic?
does anyone know?

never mind its her BF i found him on fb...
Just wondering from those who are here....who thinks she is still alive and out there somewhere and who thinks, she isn't?

Just curious!
bringing this forward from the last thread:

If you are in the WBBJ viewing area, I will be on with Tom at 11:30, with the latest. #hollybobo
2 minutes ago via web

I wonder if there is a live feed to the 11:30 broadcast.
I'm not very familiar with craigslist. Do they just have classified or is there a forum?

Good ole Craigslist!

More ppl get murderd from that place then any place..

thats where the long island serial killer got his girls.

they sell everything over there.
A very dangerous place!
Copied post from Carla Lashelle on last thread as I don't know how else to respond to a post from a closed thread :)

"No problem. But I would ask then that you (mods) make a statement to other posters here who slam and slander outfits like Fox, making them seem like they are not legit sources."


LOL....first....I am most definitely NOT a mod and bless them completely but would not want to be responsible for the hard work and time they put in! will not see me putting down FOX news! I have had it on for hours this morning just as I always do!! I may not agree with them completely on all issues, but at least they attempt to allow more than one point of view on the air.

What worries me is when these "news blogs" pop up all over the internet and make no attempt to clarify the fact that they are simply blogs, written by random people who may or may not make the slightest attempt to verify facts and many just randomly repeat things they have read on forums just to have something to write about.

JMO of course!!!!
Good ole Craigslist!

More ppl get murderd from that place then any place..

thats where the long island serial killer got his girls.

they sell everything over there.
A very dangerous place!

Yeah we have had alot of people shot and/or murdered from buying or selling items in MI from craigslist. Especially the ones that invite the potential buyer to their house to look at an item. Just asking for trouble.
Friendly reminder:

For those that missed the brother/boyfriend, suspect/POI moderator notes posted in the previous thread (Page 20 and 21) here is a summary:

We (the mods) understand the situation, including what has been reported in MSM.

NO ONE has been name a suspect or Person of Interest. Therefore, no sleuthing or discussing the brother or boyfriend AS SUSPECTS or POI's at this time.

It is acceptable to discuss the boyfriend and brother as has been reported in the media. They are a part of the story.

Hope this helps clarify.
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