Found Safe TX - Lili Griffith, 14, & Lulu Bandera-Magret, 7, Round Rock, 30 Dec 2017

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The two girls, 7-year-old Luluvioletta Mariposa Bandera-Magret and 14-year-old Lilianais Victoria Cake Griffith, are still listed as missing on the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children's site, meaning the search is still active nationwide.

Press conference coming at the above link ^^^^^.
Just a guess, but I'm thinking Tonya's close friends and family have been asked to refrain from publicly speaking, which -- hopefully -- indicates LE has plenty of evidence, whatever the outcome. There's been only one instance of anyone in her social circle speaking out, and she did so against advisement (I don't blame her one bit -- I don't think I could've helped it either).

I've seen very little speculation anywhere else on the internet, which I think is highly unusual for cases like this, especially given the inciting nature of social media. Tonya was not a recluse. In every aspect, she comes across as very gregarious. I imagine many, many people who love her and the girls are doing everything they possibly can, under the circumstances, to raise awareness without compromising the investigation. Sadly, that means little to no updates.

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I don’t know the validity of this claim so take it with a grain of salt, but I live in the Austin area and was just looking at the news update on the local news regarding the discontinued Amber Alert here and somebody in the comments claimed that LE got a ping on one of the girls’ phones in Trinidad, CO and the FBI had been in that town yesterday (the person claiming this lives in that town). Again, it’s just one persons word, but thought it was interesting.
So is there, in fact, a presser?

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Ashliegh Banfield report on the case (sorry if this has already been posted, I hadn't seen it)

Interview with Round Rock Police department.
Tonya was seen at work the evening of Dec. 29th.
Co-worker and friend contacted police, gave enough information for police to enter home.
Female friend told police she was not responding to texts.
Friend shared info about past involvement with a gentleman made the police concerned.
Police found Tonya on the floor.
Suspicious death, but police would not explain the circumstances. "It was reasonable obvious it was not a death of natural causes." Autopsy done.
Police said TM was a room mate (as per Tonya's family) but he was co-habitating in the residence.
Well my wishful thinking didn't last long.

I am right back to constantly worrying about the safety and well being of these two girls as I know we all are who care deeply about children.

Did they say when the presser will be held?

They must have been spotted in another state.

Presser is supposed to be held on this site OCB! It says to keep refreshing the site for up-to-date news regarding the girls.
I’m feeling more hopeful now!!!

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I'm sorry -- every time I see a newly-posted photo of Tonya, I'm devastated all over again. She was obviously a shining bright light in her world. I grieve her loss and the destruction of her beautiful family. As for the rage at TM is unspeakable.

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So, sexual abuse might have been going on for a while...
I wonder if they've been found....cancelled AA, upcoming PC, feeling hopeful here...
Except that I clearly see Lulu in the pictures she posted in NY. Most of the photos are of sightseeing, but there are a couple with Lulu in them, and I believe Lili and the boyfriend in another.

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Perhaps she went alone and then he took the girls to surprise her at the end?
Perhaps the people who look like her daughters are just other kids who happened to be walking down the street? The pictures I saw looked like kids with other parents who happened to be in the shot.
It just doesn't match up with the other trips she's taken, and how prominently her kids feature in the photos. Her whole discussion of the trip really reads like a personal getaway....
From HLN

Louisianna LE says "We have an open case against him, a rape of a juvenile."

Has map of the route they may have taken,, and sightings.
Urgent for people in NE New Mexico and Southern Colorado to keep eye out.
Tip line:

Thanks for sharing this. So, heading north. I wonder if he is just driving willy-nilly or if he has a destination in mind.
How hard it is to get into Canada? Or should l hard would it be for him to get himself and these two girls into Canada, document-wise?
HLN is discussing the case right now.

ETA: They are done discussing it now. Not sure if they'll have the press conference or not.
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