Found Alive WI - Jayme Closs, 13, Barron, missing after parents found shot, 15 Oct 2018 *Arrest* #34

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Actually it does have something to do with it because the parents' estates have to go through Wisconsin probate court. It's why parents designate guardians for their minor children in their will. JMO


Here is what a Wisconsin Lawyer has to say ...

If no guardian is named in the parent’s will, a judge—a stranger who does not know the parents, the child, or their relatives—will decide who will raise the child without knowing whom the parent would have preferred. Anyone can ask to be considered, and the judge will select the person he/she deems most appropriate. On the other hand, if the parent names a guardian (typically via the parent’s will), the judge will usually go along with the parent’s choice.

It is not an absolute that if you name a guardian in your will that the person you specify will be the guardian.

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Here is #JaymeCloss Uncle telling FOX 9 about his elation after learning Jayme is alive #FindJaymeCloss #FindJayme

I hope their friends and church community continue to rally. Bring cases of water. Comfort food so they don't have to go out or prepare meals. Offer to walk their pets. Do errands for them.

All the family would benefit from such kind acts so they can all concentrate on helping Jayme and healing from this terrible nightmare.
So there is an Eau Claire that is a town? And an Eau Claire Acres that is a neighborhood in Gordon? (Confused.)
"Closs was found at Eau Claire Acres, a small development about six miles east of Gordon, Wisconsin on Highway Y, according to the board chairman from the Town of Gordon."
Yes. Eau Claire is French for Clearwater. Lots of water in Wisconsin. Early French explorers and fur trappers led to a lot of French naming, La Crosse, Fond du Lac, St. Croix. Marquette Univ. named for the 17th century French missionary and explorer Fr Jacques Marquette.

I can't believe how close she was - right up the Hwy 53.
Never said she wasn't. What I am saying is that Jayme is an orphan and does not have a legally appointed guardian. There will be some action taken by the child services agency to facilitate a temporary custody order, very likely to a specific sister of Denise and that will happen sooner rather than later. But there will have to be some permanent order made according to Wisconsin statutes.

Yes. Eventually that would happen. Unless her family went in to court immediately and got a temporary guardianship/conservatorship. That would satisfy social services.
Yes. Eventually that would happen. Unless her family went in to court immediately and got a temporary guardianship/conservatorship. That would satisfy social services.
I expect that all of this will happen quickly for temporary guardianship. The state won't want to have custody for any longer than is necessary (or required by statute if any statutes have time requirements for any procedures - which I am not aware of any). I honestly expect that whatever the child services agency in Wisconsin is called has prepared a temporary order for a judge to sign and it is possible that has already occurred or will happen as soon as a court is open tomorrow.
Incorrect. You can appoint a guardian for your minor children by way of a clause in your will.

Not really. You can list who you would like but the decision is up to the court. And it's based on the best interest of the child. What you put in your will only tells the court who, at the time you signed your will, you felt it would be in your child's best interest to reside with.

As long as the court agrees, the person named agrees, there are no circumstances that could make that person not the best choice, and there's no battle between relatives, the person listed will be very likely to be the one appointed but a will simply states the parent's desires. It assists the court but is not binding on the court. The court appoints a guardian. Not the parents.

That being said in cases similar to this a child is often released by LE or a hospital to next of kin or whatever kin is able to take the child. At this point ALL her family have been heavily investigated/vetted by LE.

So social services would be likely to authorize release to family pending a legal determination as to temporary and permanent care.
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