Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo Sept 19, 2017 graphic

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This witness doesn't have a great understanding of what he's talking about when it comes to cell phone towers
Objection from state on this testimony. I think there may be some differing testimony on the cell phone pings


I am only keeping up with it here instead of watching live stream so can someone tell me why it matters where he was hours after Holly had been taken and killed?
I can only guess to show he wasn't driving his vehicle that day to cohoberate the original statement. (The photos at least). It still doesn't do anything for him though,he was back at his house at 10:50ish.

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Maranda Faris‏ @MarandaFaris 2m2 minutes ago

Thompson says this is laying the groundwork for her cell phone expert after the prosecution objects bc Dicas is not a cell expert #HollyBobo


Well, at least no one can claim the typical "rush to judgement" since there was nothing fast about TBI making arrests.


If they aren't going to supply water to these witnesses at least tell them to bring a bottle of water or something. Watching them lick their lips and struggle to moisten their tongue/lips and such is..well...gross. I drank a ton of water yesterday watching them all. lol

The determination the TBI agent on stand made was that

ZA could not have been part of the kidnapping

bc his phone did not ping near Holly's phone at the time she was kidnapped


Is it my connection with lawnewz or is everyone experiencing skipping? Was wanting to watch on my TV instead of computer..

I'm also watching it on lawnewz. I'm not sue if you're caught up to the minute but the skipping seemed to subside. It was awful when they first began!
Between the poor connection and the defense, I'm about ready to pull my hair out!!


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I guess they pulled the wool over HIS eyes!!! :eek:




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