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    AL AL - Nathan Gemeinhart, Birmingham, 40s, 8 August 2022

    There are so many sketchy areas in Birmingham. This poor man just got ambushed in one, I think.
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    NY - Brooklyn McDonald's worker left in critical condition after being shot in the neck over cold French fries - 8/2/22

    Crime Online posted this. Sad. "Morgan is accused of punching Webb in the face and then shooting him. Fulmore has allegedly defended her son, telling police that “he gotta do what he gotta do,” the Post reports." Now the shooter has also been arrested for another murder committed a year ago.
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    Indiana inmates bought keys from jailer, raped and assaulted female prisoners

    What? A prison with both male and female inmates?
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    AZ AZ - Michelle “Elle” Bernstein-Schultz, 36, mom of 2, left phone & ID behind, Phoenix, 29 Jun 2022

    Where is the son she carried on tht hike? Why does she not have custody of her kids? BF statements seem sketch to me.
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    Found Deceased MO - Michele Stone, 51, Endangered, 2007 white Ford Edge, Alba, 16 July 2022

    I could not read the message about the house being trashed, but this is a sad ending.
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    FL-Tzvi Allswang, age 20, charged w abduction/SA of his social worker Boca Raton 2 June 2022

    Is it customary for mental health social workers to see patients/clients in their homes?
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    Found Deceased Shana Alison DiMambro Last Seen 7/19/22- 7 AM in Her Home,100 block Mitchell Street, Spring Branch

    MOO is she had a mental breakdown of sorts and her death occurred as a result.
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    GA - Katherine Janness, 40, fatally stabbed and dog killed, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, 28 Jul 2021 #4

    I will never understand how this happened where it did without anyone seeing it. Bowie was on the road in the park. Katie was just off the road. People in and out. Very hard to believe nobody saw anything.
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    FL FL - Erica Ann Johnson, 36, Endangered, missed work, has no bank acct, vehicle or SM & rarely uses phone, Cape Coral, 14 July 2022

    If she is carrying around pet fencing for a stuffed bunny and not a real one, she has bigger problems than we originally thought.
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    Australia- Two sisters in their 20s found dead inside Sydney unit had been there lengthy time, Suspicious deaths, June 2022

    These women in the video do not look IMO like the photos of the two deceased women.