CO - James Holmes Trial Discussion - Begins April 27, 2015 # 5

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Larry Ryckman ‏@larryryckman 21 seconds ago

Next #theatershooting witness: CSI supervisor Angela Benford.
Passenger window broken - have we ever heard an explanation for that? I know it was a hot topic when this happened...
Larry Ryckman ‏@larryryckman 2 minutes ago

She helped to search the defendant's car with Borquez
set of keys

car key appears to be bent

plastic tag - king super's reward card

handcuff key

house key

and some other keys
Larry Ryckman ‏@larryryckman 1 minute ago

She collected pellets from shoulder of Marcus Weaver. Benford now stepping down while jurors examine evidence
Larry Ryckman ‏@larryryckman 3 seconds ago

Next #theatershooting witness: Evan Morrison, another survivor. He is 23 now, he was 20 at the time of the attack.
Orman questioning Evan Morrison

Evan Morrison -- counts 149 and 150

Non GSW -- dislocated knee
Count 149: Attempted Murder in the 1st degree after deliberation
Count 150: Attempted Murder in the 1st degree extreme indifference
Larry Ryckman ‏@larryryckman 46 seconds ago

Morrison says theater was extremely full. He and friends were worried about finding seats but they eventually did
AWWWW MAN! TDC forgot the mute button!!! First time I have heard it since I have been watching...

WHEW! Someone finally hit TDC with a tomato!
Dang! They didn't mute the white noise this time!! Awful!!!
before movie started - anything usual - no
did u see person with cell phone - yes
upper right quad of layout
Is anyone waiting for one of the witnesses to stab the tv screen with that stick?? Or is that just me??
proceeded to walk toward the door - out of view

believe person moved after the preview
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