Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, & Liberty (Libby) German, 14, The Delphi Murders 13 Feb 2017 #93

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Welcome back to the Delphi Murders discussion thread.

On the afternoon of Feb. 13th, 2017, best friends Abigail Williams and Liberty German were dropped off at a bridge in the town of Delphi. On Feb 14th their bodies were discovered around noon about 50 feet from the north bank of Deer Creek which is about 0.5 miles from the bridge.
The Sheriff's office gave a press conference on 4/22/19 and we have some solid information. Please take a look below




Here is the old audio in a loop:



Anyone with information about this case, no matter how insignificant, is encouraged to call the Delphi Homicide Investigation Tip Line at
(844) 459-5786.

Information can also be reported by calling the Indiana State Police at(800) 382-7537, or the Carroll County Sheriff's Department at (765) 564-2413.

Information can also be emailed to

video of press conference from 2017 02/22/17:

Let's do this. Let's commit to getting this killer's picture and voice out there any possible way we can.

Pictures of Abby and Libby

Link to post with all Threads #1-98(Courtesy of margarita25)

Thread #91
Thread #92

*Media Maps & Timelines*
IMAGE Discussion Thread
Scanner Thread

Rules Etiquette & Information
Case map by skibaboo updated with grayhuze crime flow video
grayhuze youtube channel

Verified Insiders: None in this case at this time.
Verified Professional, Member michael.gartley, is a Verified Expert in Imaging Science.


DO NOT post photos of random individuals (including persons featured in MSM articles about other area crimes) to compare to the images of unidentified suspect on the bridge.


Do not sleuth family, PERIOD. This includes previous public records which have nothing to do with this case. They are victims here. Plain and simple.

4) If you feel you have a tip, by all means, phone it in. Do NOT discuss your tip here. Contact the authorities and give them time to follow your lead.
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There is a lot to discuss in the Delphi case with all the very big developments.

We have a very strong rule on Websleuths. Do not ask someone to PM you on a discussion thread. Why? You saw what happens on this thread. The thread was almost taken over by people saying "PM ME PM ME". We couldn't keep up with removing the posts.
If you want someone to PM you then what you do is you PRIVATE MESSAGE THEM FIRST and ask them whatever.

You do not stop the whole discussion and ask someone to PM you.

We will be giving long time-outs to anyone who says they have the information they can only share in PM's or words to that effect.

We call that "baiting" and it makes me crazy. It is so frustrating to try and get things under control when someone recklessly posts a cryptic post creating a frenzy of posts asking to be PM'd.
Please be mindful of our rules.
Thank you,
ISP: Delphi Homicide Investigation
"On Monday, February 13th, at approximately 1:00 p.m., the two young girls were let off near the Monon High Bridge, an abandoned rail bridge over Deer Creek to walk around and hang out. They were to be picked up later in the afternoon, but did not show up there at the previously arranged time. Following an extensive search, at approximately 12:15 p.m. on February 14, 2017, the bodies of the two girls were found in a wooded area near the Delphi Historic Trail, approximately one-half mile upstream from the bridge.


Delphi homicide suspect
On Wednesday, February 15th, law enforcement officers distributed a photograph of a person observed on the Delphi Historic Trail. The photograph appears to depict a white male wearing blue jeans, a blue coat/jacket, and a hoodie. During the course of the investigation, preliminary evidence has led investigators to believe the person, in the distributed photograph, is a suspect in the investigation of the homicides of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.

Additionally, investigators have released an updated voice recording and video of the suspect not previously released that was extracted from Liberty “Libby” German’s cell phone."
LISTEN: Police release audio of Delphi, Ind. murder suspect
Please don't actively sleuth civilians. If you think something is worthy of a tip, tell LE. Speculating here can get the thread locked down even if you don't specify names.

Jumping off this post to remind everyone that you need to call or email the police if you think you have a tip or have discovered a person who matches the sketch or sketches. DO NOT post what you think you have found here on the forum.

Take any and all sleuthing of non-POIs to your private conversations and DO NOT mention them here. It is a major TOS violation to sleuth non-POIs on the forum. It's even worse if you are implicating a minor child in your posts. And baiting is against our rules, so DO NOT hint that you have uncovered information that you can't share openly here.

If you think you know something, call the police.
April 22 Press Conference transcript:

<news announcer>
Doug Carter and he has taken the stand. We'll take a listen in.

<audio cuts in to Superintendent Carter>
... the Delphi community how grateful I am you inspire people you don't even understand and you don't even understand why. Information is being released today is the result of literally thousands and thousands of hours of extraordinary investigative efforts by Delphi Carroll County, the FBI, the Indiana State Police and countless other agencies. This community surrounded us some twenty six months ago and you did everything you could to support us but most importantly you surrounded the family of these two little girls. Gosh I'll never forget it. After you hear what we're going to release today I'm going to ask for your continued support, your continued understanding, your empathy and compassion as we move forward to find out who did this and we will.

We're seeking the public's help to identify the driver of a vehicle that was parked at the old CPS DCS welfare building in the city of Delphi that was abandoned on the east side of County Road 300 North next to the Hoosier Heartland highway between the hours of noon to 5:00 on February 14th 2017. If you were parked there or know who was parked there please contact the officers at the command post at the Delphi city building.

We are releasing additional portions of the audio recorded from that day. Please keep in mind the person talking is one person and is the person on the bridge with the girls. This is not two different people speaking. Please listen to it very, very carefully. We are also releasing video recovered from Libby's phone. This video has never before been previously released. The video shows a suspect walking on the bridge. When you see the video watch the watch the person's mannerisms as they walk. Watch the mannerisms as he walks. Do you recognize the mannerisms as being someone that you might know? Remember he is walking on a former railroad bridge. Because of the deteriorated condition of the bridge the suspect is not walking naturally due to the spacing between the ties.

During the course of this investigation we have concluded the first sketch released will become secondary as of today. The result of the new information and intelligence over time leads us to believe the sketch which you will see shortly is the person responsible for the murders of these two little girls. We also believe this person is from Delphi. Currently or has previously lived here, visits Delphi on a regular basis or works here. We believe this person is currently between the age range of 18 and 40 but might appear younger than its true age.

Directly to the killer who may be in this room. We believe you are hiding in plain sight. For more than two years you never thought we would shift gears to a different investigative strategy but we have. We likely have interviewed you or someone close to you. We know that this is about power to you and you want to know what we know. And one day you will.

The question to you: what will those closest to you think of they find out that you brutally murdered two little girls, two children? Only a coward would do such a thing.

We are confident that you have told someone what you have done or at the very least they know because how different you are since the murders. We try so hard to understand how a person could do something like this to to two chil to two children. I recently watched a movie called The Shack and there's also a book that talks so well about evil, about death and about eternity. To the murderer I believe you have just a little bit of a conscience left and I can assure you that how you left them in that woods is not, is not what they are experiencing today.

The family. I hope that you all will give them some time because we're going to be asking that there's no media inquiry or no media response for at least the next two weeks and I hope you understand why. The family found out about this about this information this morning. I just want the family to know that when I take my last breath on this earth I'll be thinking of them. There's going to be a tremendous amount of <unintelligble> I know that. I know that. Never in my career have I stood in front of something like this. Please be patient with us. Please. We're just beginning. We are we are just now beginning. That I can tell you on behalf of the sheriff and the police chief so many other partners that have stood with us over this period of time that we will not stop.

-- Other officer ..
I just unveiled the person that we believe responsible for the murder of these two little girls so I invite media to take a look at that now. Kim.

We're also going to show you a video not previously released that superintendent spoke to and also the audio that's additional to what's been previously released. It's only a slight change in it. So give Sergeant Riley just a second as he gets that up and ready.
<plays audio>
Stand by for the video please. There is no sound of the video.
<plays video> As Superintendent Carter mentioned. He is on the railway bridge. You have to take different steps to get to it. This information later this afternoon will be on the state police website. For the community that's here we have 100 copies of the news release. If you put in that URL you'll be able to get to that site to play it. And we also have that same release for you in the media and the rest of the state we'll get that released in about 15 minutes. So we appreciate those of you that came here. This concludes our announcement. Thank you for your time patience and courtesy.

Admin note: Be sure to read the parameters for posting laid out in post #1 and 2 by Tricia.

Pay particular attention to this quote from Tricia:

DO NOT post photos of random individuals (including persons featured in MSM articles about other area crimes) to compare to the images of unidentified suspect on the bridge.

Members who insist on breaking our rules by continually casting suspicion on people who have not been designated as suspects or POIs have and will be placed on thread reply bans.

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So forgive my lack of knowledge here... It's there no way for the fbi to take the information from cell towers and figure out what other phone pinged in that area at the time of the murders and work backwards to to to find those phone owners?
So forgive my lack of knowledge here... It's there no way for the fbi to take the information from cell towers and figure out what other phone pinged in that area at the time of the murders and work backwards to to to find those phone owners?
Let's hope they did. However, if BG didn't have a cell phone with him or if he had a burner phone it wouldn't trace back to him.
So forgive my lack of knowledge here... It's there no way for the fbi to take the information from cell towers and figure out what other phone pinged in that area at the time of the murders and work backwards to to to find those phone owners?
It's not that straightforward. Cell towers "load balance" so the phone "traffic" goes to another cell tower (sometimes quite a distance away) if the tower closest to them is overloaded with traffic. It's pretty challenging depending on the time of day, how the cell traffic topology is networked and so forth : (

Amateur opinion and speculation
Respectfully how could he catfish Abbey if her Mum wouldn’t let her have a phone? I am sure any of her internet activity would be monitored too.

In my experience (two teens and their friends and classmates) the ones whose parents don't let them have phones are actually more active on social media than the rest. Typically they have the account created on their friends phone and when they are with the friend they log their friend out of the app and log themselves in. Although by now I would assume LE went through all of Libby's apps checked into who her "friends" were and if Abby had an account she would have certainly been "friends" with Libby on there and they would have realized there was more than meets the eye going on there and speculated a secret meet-up.
brought over from #92

Some perps start young actually...18 to 30 wouldn't be uncommon.
I expect to find out if he's around 18 or so he will also have a juvenile record and a history of animal abuse, maybe some child molestation charges, etc.
After 2 years of trying to dissect the pics of BG walking on the bridge, I’m as confused now as in the beginning. I’ve always tried to visualize the face itself (versus figuring out what the white thing is, whether he’s got a hat, etc) and just don’t see it being the younger guy. And honestly after the release of the video I don’t see how anybody could really tell gestures, posture, etc. with the tiny amount of footage shown. It would appear LE was also confused if they used the first sketch this long as “the guy” only to change gears totally and replace it with the new and improved BG. That tells me whatever video they really have from the phone isn’t much better than what any of us has seen now.

Tonight’s thought: Sup. Carter said at the PC “we’re just beginning...”. Does anyone else find that odd in light of the fact it’s been over 2 years? I might be overthinking it, but think it makes it sound like they aren’t any closer to resolution than in the beginning.
LE has not asked for any information about the car. IMHO, They either have the car or they know where it is. IMO they have linked forensic evidence between the 2 sites, the murder site and the parking site/car. It could be fiber, seed pods, hair,..... . They need to positively confirm who was driving the car between noon and 5 PM on February 13th.
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My consolidated theory and link to my video/audio enhancements (link to my latest one, can access my channel by watching it via your browser)

The killer was telling the girls that he needed their help down the hill in order
to throw off their threat detection, he wanted to appear vulnerable. " Guys I need your help, my wife is hurt down the hill, my dog is hurt down the hill, my truck needs a push start down the hill, I will give you $50 each"
he threw one of the girls off the a the lower, descending part of the bridge in order
to order to gain control of the other while the she was shocked; most likely in a moment of opportunity.
His hat is a hunting/winter cap with ear flaps or a real tree regular baseball cap. He is wearing carpenter pants, a double layered jacket (one that you can unbutton the second layer). He might have a tapered a mustache, he has Caucasian features and possibly uses chewing tobacco.
He is clean, he might have been on his lunch break, working close by and living in one of the smaller towns of the area. He lives in such a setting and lives his life in such a manner that either his peers are miscreants and don't talk to the police, or he is liked and level headed enough to not throw up any flags. The phone was possibly found in the water and what audio there is was recovered using the FBI or State lab. The Drawings are my own, not LE! I updated my drawings a bit to include the cord on the jacket, layered shirts etc. Feel free to point out my errors, debate me on anything; just keep the ball rolling!


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