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“"I’m going to take you down here and show you everything on how they could have got here. You are going to be just as confused as I was as to how did these two little girls got here from the high bridge with all of this rough terrain without somebody making them come here," said Logan.“


“Logan has lived on the property for 50 years and he believes it would have been a tough area for the girls to hike through.

"The high bridge is right across the creek here, and it runs all the way down across the creek and the land joins together. The spot where they join together is the last area where there were photographs of the girls.They would have had to come over through this territory…not an easy trip," said Logan.”

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Delphi man shows CBS 4 the crime scene where searcher made the discovery of two missing teens’ bodies
FEBRUARY 16, 2017

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Police continue to search woods for evidence in Delphi double homicide




Delphi property owner: "I can't comprehend it"




Mike Pelton
Here is the area where Delphi teens were found dead. Property owner points out its very rough terrain
Familial DNA search might unlock Delphi killer's identity
June 1, 2018

“If there is DNA evidence from Libby and Abby's killing, what if police ran a search using familial DNA? If the suspect's family member — a brother or father, for example — has been arrested or convicted of felony charges, familial DNA might be the break that's needed in the case that shook the country.

“Crime runs in families,” he said. “No one disputes that. Ask any beat cop.”“


“Recently asked about familial DNA searches and the homicide investigation into German and Williams' death, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said, “Obviously the answer hasn‘t come to the surface, yet.

“This is out of the box, so what can it hurt?”“


““That’s being discussed," Leazenby said of the outcome of Holland's call, "but there hasn’t been a decision made yet. It’s on the table.”

“It might help us reach success.””


“Meanwhile, if there's DNA from the Delphi killings, it's not been run through familial DNA search. Yet.”
June 1, 2018
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“"We're still looking for the car that was parked in the lot," Riley told News 18. "If somebody can give us that information, we want that information as quickly as possible."

The importance of the car also ties into why police now believe the killer is local. Riley said after reviewing many tips, investigators determined he was able to get around quickly on the day the girls were killed, and seemed to know the area.

The car would have been seen between noon and five on Feb. 13, 2017 at the old DCS parking lot, according to police. The office is on County Road 300 North near the Hoosier Heartland Highway. The building has since been demolished and the lot is vacant.

Since police believe the killer is local, and because the case has received so much of their focus over the last two years, News 18 also asked Riley if there was a chance the killer could be someone police have already interviewed.

"Somebody may have already interviewed him," said Riley. "I'm not going to say they have or have not, but there's a possibility that has happened. The person apparently gave the investigating officers the information they were looking for. We have to try to go back and check on the information that we have received."”

ISP on Delphi killer: 'Somebody may have already interviewed him'

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From 2017:

“Four months after their deaths, the families of Liberty German and Abigail Williams hope that these newly released photos, along with some of the older ones that have been out for a while, will help convince someone to come forward with the information needed to help catch the girls' killer.”

Delphi: Unseen photos of Libby & Abby
Bangert: Spotlight on Delphi trail after girls killed

"DELPHI, Ind. – A day’s wait between the discovery of two bodies along the Monon High Bridge Trail, east of the Carroll County seat, did nothing to dull that sickening anguish Wednesday when police confirmed that it was, in fact, Abigail Williams and Liberty German they’d found Tuesday afternoon.

“Devastated,” said Dan McCain, long-time community organizer in Delphi, at word from police that they were treating the deaths of the two Delphi Community Middle School students as a double homicide.

“Just devastating for those families,” McCain groaned over the phone Wednesday. “For this town. For all of us. Just … how?”

McCain, though he had no direct ties to the girls, seemed to understand immediately the reason for the call.

Pretty much the same way McCain, instrumental in developing the trail the girls were hiking Monday afternoon, anticipated questions reporters were sending police officers’ way Wednesday afternoon."

"The Monon High Bridge Trail, where the girls had been hiking, was one of the system’s longest sections at 1.5 miles. It came with a history all its own. The trail leads to High Bridge. Built in 1891 at 63 feet over Deer Creek, it’s touted as Indiana’s second highest railroad trestle, following the Tulip Trestle near Bloomfield, southwest of Bloomington, according to Indiana Landmarks. Indiana Landmarks lists High Bridge among its 10 most endangered structures in the state.

The last CSX train went over High Bridge in 1987. The tracks came up in 1992. When land rights reverted to the properties around the tracks, McCain said farmers Sherry and Richard Mears were adamant about making that stretch part of the Wabash and Erie trail system.

When the state built the four-lane Hoosier Heartland Highway as a more direct replacement for Indiana 25 from Lafayette to Logansport, the road cut the Monon High Bridge Trail in two. McCain said the state offered a solution that took the trail on a roundabout way to get from one side of the Hoosier Heartland to the other. McCain said Indiana Department of Transportation told Delphi officials that if they could find a bridge to span the new highway, the state would consider it.

“I think they figured we’d never find a bridge like that,” McCain said. “Oh, but we did.”

In 2015, the Freedom Bridge – a restored iron bridge that came from Freedom, Indiana, via a stop at Connor Prairie in Fishers – was installed, and the trail from City Park to High Bridge was back in play."
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Delphi Double Homicide Investigation Tip Information

5921 State Road 43
West Lafayette, IN 47906

FOR RELEASE: Upon Receipt

Sgt. Kim Riley
Public Information Officer

May 13, 2019

Delphi Double Homicide Investigation Tip Information
Delphi-Since the news briefing on April 22, 2019, the Multi-Agency Task Force has received over 2,600 emails, 506 calls to the tip line and an additional 145 calls and or walk-ins to local police departments and state police posts around the state. The total amount since the inception of the email and tip line is over 42,000.

Please remember that we are looking for information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who committed this crime. Please refrain from sending investigative information. Tips on possible suspects or information that can lead to the closure of the case is what we are looking for.

  • Be specific as possible to a description
  • Name and age if possible
  • A connection to Delphi and that person’s location or address at this time
  • Leaving information on how we can contact you for possible clarification of your tip is helpful but not required
  • Tips can remain anonymous
If you have a tip, no matter how insignificant you feel it might be, contact us by email at or phone at 844-459-5786.

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