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Not really a True Crime Podcast but the title, "This Podcast Will Kill You", jumped out at me. The Podcasters describe diseases that once took many lives and even some diseases that continue to do so today. Podcasters are lovely and quite funny at times. Cheers.
Seduced By Satan is another one I've recently discovered. NC case about Pazuzu Algarad.

"In 1965, a white minister was murdered in Selma, Alabama. For more than 50 years, witnesses buried the truth about what happened.

Explore a visual narrative of the facts, then listen to the podcast to hear how we finally set the record straight.

This is the story of a murder at the center of the civil rights movement and the lies that kept it from being solved. It’s an event that rippled far beyond the time and place where it happened, sparking national outrage and galvanizing support for one of the most significant laws of the 20th century.

This narrative uses audio and documents recorded and printed in 1965. Some images may be disturbing. We’ve chosen not to censor offensive language..."

White Lies

James Reeb

"James Reeb (January 1, 1927 – March 11, 1965) was an American Unitarian Universalist minister, pastor, and activist during the Civil rights movement in Washington, D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts. While participating in the Selma to Montgomery marches actions in Selma, Alabama, in 1965, he was murdered by white segregationists, dying of head injuries in the hospital two days after being severely beaten...."

James Reeb - Wikipedia


(James Reeb)
Fourth suspect is identified in unsolved 1965 murder of white civil rights activist | Daily Mail Online
I listen to:

True crime garage
Crime junkie
Upstate unsolved (upstate N.Y. specific)
Root of evil
Psychic on the scene (local upstate N.Y. psychic)
Websleuths (haven't listened yet but discovered)
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Beenham valley road
The Kirra McCloudghlin story.
This is unfolding as they release. Was done by two cops that retired but we’re on the secene. They interview mother, family other that were there. Pretty crazy. Only one problem one of the guys got Sick recently so I don’t know what’s going on falling apart a bit but they have finally got a coronal inquest opening .
There's a new podcast about William Tyrrell called Where's William Tyrrell ‎Where's William Tyrrell? on Apple Podcasts

For those not acquainted with the case he's an Australian boy who went missing in late 2014 and is still missing, basically without a trace. There's a long chain of threads about the case here on WS but a lot of non-Australian WSers might have overlooked it. It's a good time to get in on the case with this new podcast and the upcoming coronial inquiry in August.
The Australian podcast called the lighthouse. Is great too it literally is unfolding each wk to . About missing Belgium teenager backpacking in Australia vanished from Byron bay. Theo hayze
Thanks, I will give these a listen. I am pretty much addicted to true crime podcasts, but find myself liking the single host format, like Trace Evidence. I will sometimes listen to Generation Why, like Aaron but Justin bothers me. Listen to True Crime Garage, Nic is great, but the Captain is a joke. I just hate the tacked on co-host that is there to inject levity and non helpful stuff.
I love Generation Why - again, especially the earlier episodes. Casefiles is one of my favorites, Dateline, Minds of Madness and Sword and Scale which is my favorite of all.
Season 2 of 3 Men & a Mystery podcast has begun, and here's a link to YT channel:

Court Junkie and Casefile are my two favorite podcasts. I like no nonsense and no hamming it up. Does anybody know of any other podcasts similar that are not that heralded.
SCENE OF THE CRIME regarding the killing of two girls in Delphi, Indiana. This is a good one with many interviews. This has not been solved. I have every hope it will be.
In the Dark has updated episodes about Curtis Flowers’ Supreme Court hearing and ruling. Very interesting!
Websleuths podcast last night uploaded two episodes on Mark /TSievers case. New information never I had never heard before.
Do y’all have a preferred app to listen to podcasts other than Apple Podcasts? If so, why?
Do y’all have a preferred app to listen to podcasts other than Apple Podcasts? If so, why?

I love Overcast. I switched over about 18 mos. after one of the Apple updates made the podcast app not as user friendly to me.

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