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Apr 30, 2020
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Not much on this yet but I got it on yahoo and This mother and son were found near a dog kennel on their property in Colleton County SC. Their family has a long history of connections to the legal system in the Lowcountry and the son, who was murdered, was currently facing charges in a boating accident causing death.

2 Murdaugh family members shot, killed in Colleton County SC homicide

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Murdaugh Murders by Mandy Matney
Impact of Influence - The Murdaugh Family Murders

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Per Alex, when he and Paul were riding around the property looking for hogs, they did a little shooting, using a pistol (iirc), shooting at a bottle. Paul shot twice, Alex shot once.

Is this maybe an excuse for GSR? Was GSR found on his hands/clothes or has that yet to be presented either way?
This was my first thought. He's covering up for the GSR.
What I find truly hard to comprehend is with the amount of guns at Moselle there isn't an inventory that has been accessed to determine which guns are missing. How can you determine the value of your personal property if you don't have an inventory? I guess an insurance company would just take AM's word for how many and what kind of guns were owned if the main house were to burn or if there was a theft.

Maybe the gun wasn't reported because it was used as a payoff of some sort.

Or for other nefarious purposes. No real reason for a lawyer not to report a lost or stolen gun and every reason TO report it--unless you want the gun to be "missing."
Hi guys. I just started watching this trial - just watched opening statements. I apologize for being behind on this, but has there been discussion of motive yet? What are your thoughts on motive? Thanks.
AM decided he needed to kill his wife because his world was crumbling for financial reasons of his own making over the years and because they were headed for divorce and he was going to be cut off from shared marital resources that would allow him to deal to some degree with his ongoing criminal/legal problems.

AM decided he needed to kill his son because either he was in the way (in the wrong place at the wrong time at the scene of where he had "lured" his wife to kill her) and he was a casualty of AM's plan to kill his wife that night (was sticking around past the time AM had planned to kill her and go visit his mother and establish his alibi), and/or his son had his own separate criminal/legal problems and AM wanted to eliminate him/expenditures on defending him.

I can't understand why all the confusion about there being two weapons, ie., a shotgun and a rifle. Son shot close range with shotgun. Mother had taken off running and her body was found about 300 feet from the kennels. In order to shoot her, you would need a rifle with a night scope. JMO
This makes sense but boy, howdy, how about a criminal coming to double murder prepared for both close range and longer range shots?
This makes sense but boy, howdy, how about a criminal coming to double murder prepared for both close range and longer range shots?
Shotgun could have been in the feed shed or close by if he planned it. He did state that he took a rifle from the house just in case the murderer was still close by. We don't really know when the rifle was taken out to the kennels. The rifle is no where to be found and Paul lost his......
Maggie had ran 300 feet in the dark. She was taken out with the rifle, what rifle is the question. JMO
ETA: AM could have set up the murders and had the guns handy. I don't think he knew that Paul was going to be there, but he became a sacrifice because he was there. JMO
Paul may have grabbed the shot gun in a panic, maybe he was watching AM and MM through the window in the shed and saw what was about to happen, ie., explains two different type of shotgun shells. Maybe AM took the gun from him and had to shoot him. MM saw what was happening and started to run. Just my opinion at the moment.
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Alex is looking really nervous to me now. JMO.
This is what blows my mind. If I knew I did something, I’d have to confess. I COULD NOT sit in a room while experts talked about all the proof they had that I did it. Forget looking nervous, my anxiety would be out of control and everyone could hear my heart beating. Sociopaths are a different breed.

The state calls its 14th witness, DNR agent John Bedingfield, a Barnwell man who has a side business building and repairing guns.

Bedingfield testifies he is related to Alex Murdaugh. Their grandmothers are sisters. Bedingfield said in late 2016, he sold .300 Blackout rifles to Alex Murdaugh as Christmas presents for Buster and Paul so the boys could shoot hogs on the Moselle property.

Bedingfield testifies one of the guns was black, the other tan. They were outfitted with thermal scopes.

Murdaugh wanted suppressors for both guns, but Bedingfield couldn't sell them to him because Murdaugh failed to complete the necessary paperwork, even though he paid for them. Bedingfield still has them.

Bedingfield testifies that in April 2018, he had another conversation about making and selling Alex Murdaugh a third .300 Blackout rifle. Alex said Paul had lost/misplaced his rifle, and Alex wanted to replace him. …

.. This rifle had no scope because they were expensive, $1,500 to $1,800 each. Maggie ultimately picked it up for him once the gun was ready.

Bedingfield testifies that Alex Murdaugh paid $9,188 for the first two .300 Blackout rifles on 12/23/16. The third one cost $875. It was cheaper because it didn't have the thermal scope or suppressor.

The state finishes questioning Bedingfield. Now Griffin is up to cross-examine him for the defense.

Griffin seems to be laying the groundwork with Bedingfield to argue later that the state can’t use ejector marks to match the .300 Blackout shell casings found by Maggie’s body to the older spent casings on other parts of the Moselle property.

Griffin elicits testimony that the ejectors Bedingfield uses in building .300 Blackout rifles come pre-assembled. Griffin argued before trial that ejectors manufactured in the same batch from the same machinery could leave the same ejector marks on shell casings.

That would make it impossible to say with 100 percent certainty that the ejector marks left on multiple shell casings came from the exact same gun, Griffin argued earlier. (The jury hasn't heard that argument yet)

Griffin then gets Bedingfield to say that he has known Alex Murdaugh for years and seen the defendant with his boys. He notes Alex spent nearly $10K on the guns as Christmas gifts for Buster and Paul. Bedingfield said Alex's relationship with his sons has "always been good.”

Bedingfield steps down. The state calls its 15th witness, SLED's Britt Dove. He works in SLED's computer crimes unit.

Dove spends several minutes detailing all of his training, expertise and certifications.

Dove is going into great detail about how cell phones store their users' data and how agents like him can unlock that information and interpret it. He is very possibly the brightest, most confident and clearest of all of the state’s 15 witnesses so far.

He is explaining some pretty complicated stuff in a very simple way. Others have explained some pretty easy stuff in incredibly complicated/unhelpful ways.

Dove now moving on to testify about the contents of Maggie's phone, including which apps were tracking her location.

Dove testifies about a screenshot of Maggie's phone that shows five missed calls from “Alex"

We're on a 15-minute break just as the state prosecutor was seemingly about to ask Dove about a log of Maggie's calls from 6/5/21 to 6/7/21.
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