Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #19

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Apr 22, 2010
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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

Media, Maps & Timeline thread (No Discussion)

Suzanne Morphew Case Archive (developed and maintained by WS member AmandaReckonwith)

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Tricia wants members to know that she feels very badly that anyone was upset by the thread specific decision she made yesterday to allow discussion of the rumors in this case. She will revisit this matter as the situation warrants.

The Sheriff has specifically stated that Suzanne’s body was not found and Barry has not been arrested. Accordingly, Tricia has reversed the decision to allow discussion of any of the three rumors, specifically that:

- Suzanne’s body was found
- there is a mistress involved
- that Barry was arrested

Do not discuss those rumors.

Do NOT sleuth BM and his businesses and post your findings or questions about his background or businesses on this public thread.

Unless he is named a POI/suspect by LE members may NOT sleuth him; members may ONLY speculate and discuss what has been contained in MSM.

The thread is open once again for members to discuss the case details within the regular WS parameters (i.e. as we believe them to be factual via MSM and LE).

Thank you.
This post falls at random:

Some gentle advice.....
If your post states:
“I remember reading that _____”
OR “Didn’t somebody say that ______”
OR “I don’t have a source but I saw somewhere that _____”
OR anything in that vein, you are posting a potential runaway rumor if it does not have a link to the info in MSM.

Runaway rumors are tough to stop, and often require a thread shutdown to clean up.
I know NO ONE ever intends that with what seems to be innocent questions, but once those words are printed here they can take on a life of their own.
Please consider carefully what you write. You can ask some of these questions in PMs that will remain off the board and not cause a proliferation of mistaken info taking over the thread.

THANKS from me - I really appreciate your efforts!

Sorry, this took longer than expected.

LINKS !! If you state something as fact, you MUST provide links.

Please note that sleuthing family social media is not allowed. This includes BM.

Posts that are considered directly accusatory against BM are not allowed.

There is nothing in MSM to substantiate speculation about a history of domestic violence. Discussing it as if it is a given is not allowed as it is accusatory against a person who has not officially be named a POI/suspect.

Thread is open again.
Admin Notes of May 20, May 24, May 29th have ALL stated that the whereabouts of the daughters is off limits.

Next member who enquires about their whereabouts will receive a 1 week Time Out from Websleuths.

Many posts have been removed due to badgering/bullying another member and/or snide, snarky comments and insinuations. This is the second time this has happened in this discussion. It seems our Warnings last time were either forgotten or ignored.

Tag-teaming or bullying another member is absolutely not tolerated by Websleuths and is subject to an automatic time out or permanent ban from Websleuths. Zero tolerance from this post forward. You will either be removed from this thread or permanently banned from Websleuths.

This post lands at random.

Websleuths is primarily pro-LE unless there is reason not to be. They aren't obliged to tell the public anything about their investigation just to satisfy curiosity. Members have no idea what LE is doing or has done behind the scenes that we are not privy to.

The evidence will lead. Just because that evidence hasn't got this wrapped up to the public's satisfaction in 1 month does not mean they don't know what they are doing.

Local, state and federal agencies are involved. To criticize, speculate or insinuate that any of them have not conducted a case properly just because we don't know every single detail is not appropriate when there are simply no specifics in MSM to substantiate such allegations.

Some posts have been removed. Please move on from any speculation that LE doesn't know what they are doing.

Thank you.
Posts discussing a random video have been removed.

While random blogs or videos can be interesting, WS limits what we rely on as fact. We have no idea who all these various youtubers or bloggers are and no way of vetting them, therefore no way of knowing their sources.

We have had instances in the past where non-factual information has been presented by random sources, even down to Missing Persons pages who have stated a child was found when the child was in fact deceased. We know of other youtube videos where misinformation has been put out. There is a reason we don't allow just any old source.

Stick to MSM, LE and approved WS sources. If you don't know whether or not a source is approved, please ask before posting so we don't have page after page to go through to locate and remove the various responses.


Crimeonline has indicated BM is an "avid hunter, a claim that is supported by photos on Morphew's social media accounts."

Members may discuss him being a hunter but sleuthing his social media and discussing details from it is still off limits here.
I can understand dates being relevant to a timeline if we knew something was found there, but it is my understanding that nothing was found in relation to Suzanne's disappearance.

Colorado mom's disappearance on Mother's Day still a mystery

The sheriff's office says while they searched multiple locations on the property, they did not make any connection to Morphew's case. They also did not release details about the search.
Posts have been removed.

The homeowner(s) are not sleuthable under TOS and therefore not up for discussion. Move past that discussion on the thread please.

As always, members may discuss via private conversation where up to 20 members may be added to the private discussion.
There have been posts removed due to stating the Morphew home was taped off within 5 or 6 hours of Suzanne being reported missing.

For the record, while BM may not have stayed at the home since he returned Sunday night, May 10, the earliest article I can find that makes reference to the home being cordoned off is dated Tuesday, May 19 which appears to be the same date the home was cordoned off.

Please post responsibly by checking your facts before posting and don't post misinformation or rumors.

The idea that TN filmed the video is misinformation based on a member's speculation only. It ended up being stated as fact that members ran with and numerous posts have had to be removed.

Folks, WS is fact based. PLEASE take time to learn the facts of a case, check your posts for errors, and provide links to back up what you state as fact. If what you state is only your speculative opinion/theory, make sure that is made very clear in your post so we don't send other members on a tangent based on misinformation.
Permission has never been given for members to sleuth BM. In fact, at least 20 Admin posts (I stopped counting at 20) have specifically stated NOT to do so. If members can't comply with TOS and Admin reminders, permanent thread bans or a lengthy Time Out will be issued.

Posts containing long personal anecdotes have a tendency to detract from the focus of this case. They have been removed along with all responses to them.
Please do not bring other individuals into discussion unless LE has indicated a possible connection or
Tricia gives specific permission to discuss them.

As always, if members wish to discuss privately, they may do so without bringing the info to the public thread.

I remember somewhere on here it was said LE did not want them to talk because it would ruin the investigation. MOO

If link hasn't been found yet, here it is:

“We are as much in the dark as anyone else, because they don’t want information getting out there that might hurt the case. It’s hard to wait and watch and wonder what’s happening,” they said, adding that the situation was “surreal” for Suzanne’s family members.
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