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"A fitness trainer and mother of three was murdered in a Dallas-area church Monday morning by a man wearing SWAT gear, police said."

"Boot camp-style exercise class participants who showed up at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Tex., around 5 a.m. found their instructor Terri “Missy” Bevers, 45, dead, according to the Midlothian Police Department."

"Fitness trainer Terri (Missy) Bevers, 45, was killed early Monday just before her boot-camp style class, police said. Participants in the Camp Gladiator class found her dead when they arrived to a Midlothian, Tex., church for the workout."

"Police Chief Carl Smith said a man wearing what looked like a tactical helmet, gloves and a heavy vest with "POLICE" written on it could be seen in security camera footage from the E. U.S. Highway 287 church just before Bevers arrived. The department released the 4 a.m. footage Monday afternoon, though Smith said no cameras captured the attack."


LE Update/Presser on April 22, 2016

Link to Midlothian Police Department facebook page
Images (still and video) from the church featuring the perp can be seen here.

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Everyone, please read this post before you post anything else

Dear Websleuths members,

Again we find ourselves trying to moderate based on rules set up for other cases.

Once in a while, our rules do not fit with certain cases and therefore changes need to be made.

We will try and make this as easy as possible.

If you have a question send me a private message, please. Do not post the question on the forum.

For our new members: Welcome to websleuths!

Websleuths is different than any other forum on the internet. If you are used to forums like topix then you are going to find out quickly websleuths is not topix. We don’t allow rumors. We don’t allow comments from facebook or comments from other forums. We work hard to make sure everyone stays on topic. We allow and encourage appropriate sleuthing. Most of all we want you to become involved and enjoy your experience at websleuths. You can review our rules right here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?159-the-rules

*Please no personal chatter back and forth. Welcoming someone back or making jokes at other member’s expense is not going to be allowed. The case is about Missy Bevers. Please do not make the thread about you.

*If Missy’s husband posts pictures and posts on his personal public facebook page it can be discussed and you can speculate.

*if you do speculate please do not make comments on their personal appearance. That’s just rude. You can speculate on their behavior but if you want to post something unkind about their looks please don’t.

*Speculation is allowed if it involves someone who has been named in the mainstream media and you can logically put this person at the scene of the crime or can suggest they were somehow involved. Speculation has to be based on some semblance of fact. In other words, you can’t speculate that the dry cleaning people killed Missy. The police have confirmed they believe Missy was targeted. That’s a good place to start.

*Speculation does not mean you can sleuth any of these people. Their lives have been turned upside down and the last thing they want to see is something personal and embarrassing posted on websleuths for the world to see. No sleuthing aka no digging into their backgrounds and posting what you find.

* Here is a hypothetical for you: Say you were face to face with the person you are getting ready to post about. This person also knows your real name. Would you say what you are getting ready to post to this person’s face? Please think before you post.

*We have an unfair advantage. We are anonymous. Your words are very powerful and they will be on the internet forever. You will own those words when the truth is found out about Missy's murder.

To review:

*yes you can speculate as long as it is logical and done in a mature manner.

*yes you can discuss the pictures Missy's husband posted on his personal and public Facebook page. You cannot discuss any comments unless they are from Missy's husband personally.

*yes you can discuss all pictures/ videos as long as you can source them to a legitimate source . Do not post or discuss the twitter picture that showed the face blown up. This looks like some sort of photo-shopped picture and it can’t be sourced

i am completely responsible for any confusion that has gone on in this thread. Sparky is doing a great job and she was doing what i taught her to do. I want to publicly thank sparky for her hard work and dedication.

Ok newbies and old time Websleuths members, go forth and discuss!

Tricia Griffith
ps. Please forgive spelling and grammatical errors. I am half asleep as i write.

Search Warrants

dry cleaner warrant - redacted
LinkedIn warrant 5-5-16
AT&T Tower warrant 5-5-16
Search warrant
Hi Everyone,

The Missy Bevers thread is now open.

Toward the end of thread #20 it became pretty much an all out war.

We won't tolerate this kind of posting. No more warnings. Time-out or bannings. Whatever fits the situation.


If someone is rude to you do not respond. Please hit the alert button.

In the latest press conference, the police said Missy's family, friends, and co-workers are not considered suspects.

Please do not suggest or hint or even slightly infer that someone in this group could be the killer.

I want you to do what you do best and that's sleuth as much as you can with the information we have.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a PM or email me at websleuthscomments@gmail.com

Thank you,
Please read Tricia's post above.

Please don't bring anything over to WS re: the Facebook groups. They aren't allowed and are against TOS.

Also, unauthorized Twitter accounts, especially with photos of cars, where you "can't" make out the make and model aren't allowed.

There's no need to be snarky or rude to your fellow poster. We are all here for Missy.

Please thank this post.

Thank you!
Is there a transcript for the 4/18 first press conf with Chief Carl Smith? I found Galadrial's transcripts for 4/22 and 5/20 pressers, along with BB's Fox4 interview a few days ago but can't locate a transcript from that first one ....
I'm traveling today and I have been noticing how people walk through the airports. There are a lot of people that walk like SW walks in the video.
And just wanted to add my thanks to Galadriel for taking the time to transcribe those pressers and interview.. I hate sitting through videos and would much rather read them! LOL
Nancy Grace covering again.
Oh boy! I don't think we are gonna be able to discuss a lot I am hearing on NG.
Google Ronald "Jason" Adams. He was a FF/EMS and also served as a Vol FF/EMS. Back in the winter, snow was on the ground and a wife made a 911 call her husb was having a seizure. Jason lived near and went to help. His personal veh was still running and went in to help... Other FF were on way but bad roads caused delay... Man who allegedly having seizure, shot and killed Jason, said he thought he was an intruder... Horrible .. A good friend of mine worked with Jason. Bless you Ktcra and may God keep you and your fellow EMS/FF and LE safe as you keep us safe...
We had a case similar here this past winter. Man called dispatch, changed his voice to say he was a woman who was being abused and said her husband had a gun and was trying to kill her. EMS arrived and were waiting for cops. Cops came and the man came out and starting shooting. He ended up dead. EMS were lucky to be alive.
Oh boy! I don't think we are gonna be able to discuss a lot I am hearing on NG.
Ooooh thanks for the heads up, looks like CNN HLN is one of those channels I can rewind to the beginning! :happydance:
Oh boy! I don't think we are gonna be able to discuss a lot I am hearing on NG.

Oh, now I am curious! I am not somewhere I can watch. Any hints as to what she is talking about? Are they discussing the SP?
Oh boy! I don't think we are gonna be able to discuss a lot I am hearing on NG.

I missed the first 10 minutes but I think she repeated what you are talking about. Can we just say that MB's online accounts were somehow active and contacting her friends after her death? Obviously hacked.
Oh, now I am curious! I am not somewhere I can watch. Any hints as to what she is talking about? Are they discussing the SP?
Discussed the email and the woman that has been reporting from Texas, suggested something regarding one of the family. Mods delete this if need be.
Also police are in Austin retracing MB's steps from he recent trip there.
BatBrat, you did a great job on that graphic of the car in the SWFA driveway. Please bring it to the new thread. And post it in the reference thread if allowed.
Nancy also saying that LE are looking into what she did in Austin and the fact some of those people were the ones who got bogus email. Exactly what we were saying last night.
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