George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin General discussion #3

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IMO, and respectfully asking, what did Trayvon pull, the Skittles or the AZ. Ice Tea?
I am saying that you would have a hard time proving you are in fear enough of your life to take potentially fatal action based on someone walking near you (you can put whatever emotional spin you want on it - stalking, following, but that's all that it amounted to - Zimmerman was walking near Martin).
The State has already said that they have no evidence of who confronted whom. Gilbreath testified to it.

Well IMO... The fact that GZ wasn't back in his car... Speaks volumes to me.

The fact that so far every witness testified to arguing.

Watching GZ on his "walk through" claim TM appeared out of nowhere...and launched an attack. Was laughable.

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I got tired of listening to the defense constantly ask DeeDee about her relationship with Travon. I got tired of listening to why she didn't attend the service, etc.... The value she offers is her phone call with Travon, that to me is a big piece of what happened. Her speech is slow and she is hard to understand, maybe she can only take in so much after that she seems to get frustrated. He kept on pounding her with questions I felt were not important, but then again I'm not a lawyer :rockon: I also believe what she had to say, I think she simply wanted to stay on point and that was her phone call with Travon, not other stuff. :twocents:
He got punched in the nose not shot.
I posed the question to you.

Let me ask again:

Would you have killed Zimmerman if he was following you, as he allegedly did Martin? Would you have shot him after he said "What are you doing around here?"
... that's super creepy and I would be scared for my life.

if i was a teen followed by a man and was "scared for my life", i would've found a safe place to go (plenty of homes nearby!!) and/or called 911...

argument does not hold water for me.
You know, the actress at a Canadian ski resort that had a pretty simple fall and felt and looked fine after... Refused to go to the hospital... Died a few hours later.

What it "looks" like has no impact on severity.

I'm still confused. George isn't dead.
Sometimes it's exactly as it appears. Very minor superficial injuries. Nothing IMO that appears a fight for his life.
Not a mark on his hands... Just the slightest scrape on one of TM fingers.

I just finished watching GZ walk through again... He certainly was treated oddly by LE IMO
Where have I posted that? Quotes were getting mixed up earlier.

There is no evidence to suggest Trayvon went for the gun.

i can find it, it was in GZ original statement to police that while TM was on top of him puching him, beating his head into the sidewalk that TM reached down to his holster and grabbed fr the gun and there was a struggle, but he might have change that because there was a big problem, because where GZ said he was sitting on him, he couldn't reach his holster
In fear of your life, based on what? The fact that they are near you?

Zimmerman may have never been given a chance since it appears he was hit shortly after he asked what Martin was doing there.


Again, even GZ does not say that happened. He said TM asked if he had a problem and he said NO. IMO If he would have made the same statement he made to NEN that he didn't know TM and there had been burglaries in the area all of this may have been avoided.

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I listened carefully to GZ's voice on the 911 call and it did not sound at all boyish or childish. It was definitely semi-deep Adult Male to me.
Well then, link your claim that he was being stalked.

It was testified to today and you heard that already. I posted the link above to what Florida defines stalking to be but here it is again.

It was stalking according to the State of Florida and the perception of the young woman who testified today and described what TM said was happening. The fact TM was a minor only adds to that IMO.
Originally Posted by Nymeria
Never seen anything like her. My jaw was literally dropped.

I felt so bad for TA's parents, you could see their hopes being dashed as they sat watching. *IMO*
And not saying things can not turn around, but to me her attitude with the DT is not going to sit well with the jury.

Really? You've never experienced someone like that before? In my experience, she's rather ordinary.

In normal every day life Linda, yes. Known more than a few people like her.
Testifying in a high profile murder trial....Nooooo!
Do you know if the PA he saw the following day put on a dressing? If the medics had thought he needed stitches they'd have used butterfly bandages.

This is a video of GZ three days after the shooting...
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