Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #34

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Apr 22, 2010
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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

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I am interested in BM’s father and if he is still alive? I’m asking @Ontario Mom and @sillybilly whether this can even be discussed? Also wondering if @Hoosierfan72 is able to share any info DW may have. TIA

also I hope I got the hoosier member’s name correctly and if not please lmk. Again TIA!

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Not sure Hoosierfan has any more to share but you can ask them. If it's off limits, you know we'll hear about it ;)
My biggest take away from LS’ piece is that the CCSO was over budget before the end of August with 4 months left in the year because of overtime pay.

So I’d imagine all OT has been cutoff as of August. I’m sure the Sherriff understands a budget, and I’m betting he transferred the bulk of the case work to the CBI/FBI in August. (If not sooner)

The reason CCSO is so silent is because they are not leading the investigation right now and will not interfere by giving an update on the CBI/FBI work. Heck, the CBI/FBI might not even be updating the CCSO regularly. But the CBI/FBI will let CCSO make the arrest and take credit.

LS is just doing her job with a report like last night.
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Excellent points, @EggSalad .

It does all sort of contradict Sheriff Spezze's interview that @Seattle1 posted, though.

I'm eager to find out what the new interview tonight reveals. Lauren may lose whatever line of communication or rapport she has with BM, depending on the content.
But it shows the level of frustration people on the ground and within Suzanne’s family are feeling shut out too. Her brother said they had gone silent on him. Now that may be because they are worried about leaks since he’s been speaking out but with that being said imagine their level of frustration, anxiety and despair when the LE won’t even speak to you even to pacify you and say, “hey we’re not forgetting Suzanne.” Something, anything.......I find myself becoming more concerned with the LE.

LE is probably worried about leaks since I do think some information was shared and got out that LE probably did not want to get out in the public arena. Like the new information we learned about BM's vehicle location not matching what they were told or something along those lines.

LE has put out some recent updates as recent as 9/3 to assure the public and family that they are actively working on the case. I think they have done better than some other LE in some other cases at letting the public know they are still working the case. We didn't get too much but at least we get a statement from them about the case every now and then, which is more than some other cases once things start to go cold.

This sheriff update came out on 9/3. Some of the statements were similar to past updates they made so not much new but at least they gave the public the assurance they have not forgotten this case. Thats all we can really ask of them if the information needs to be kept quiet to build up a case to prosecute someone.

"The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, CBI, FBI and the 11 th Judicial District continue to devote our resources to this investigation. Not one day has passed since Suzanne was reported missing
that our investigative team has not been focused on Suzanne Morphew.

Our investigative team is committed to releasing information to the public ONLY when it is in the best interest of Suzanne Morphew and this investigation.

If there are new developments in this case or information is going to be released it will be disseminated through an official written press release."

Suzanne Morphew - Chaffee County Sheriff
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That's my hypothesis, too. He realized around that time that all the scenarios he had presented to LE were no-goes; that LE wasn't looking for an abductor, or a bike ride gone wrong, or a mountain lion who defied the laws of the jungle by carrying his prey uphill. That they were searching for a body beyond the parameters of his suggestions and it made him really, really nervous. Because if TD had actually spoken to him that day, he would have had a hard time explaining he was searching outside the parameters he was still spouting at that time. And we know he wasn't going for a swim.
Yeah I am now wondering if he was filling up a cooler with dirt or rock from the job site to help weight it down so he could then drop in a body of water. MOO.
IMO, a good investigative reporter goes where the story goes. We here know better than most people that things aren’t always as they seem. This is a small town where “everybody knows everybody”. So the lack of news coming out of the CCSO *is* news. It’s just not the news we want to hear.

In a high profile case like this one there are typically fairly regular press conferences and press releases to reassure the public that, in spite of the silence, efforts continue to move the case forward. If nothing else, the CCSO does appear to be tone-deaf. How can it be good PR to continually avoid both the media and the victim’s family? In the Kelsey Berreth case LE and the DA’s office were every bit as tight-lipped but still forthcoming and reassuring — even to the point of being present at vigils, etc., iirc.

I also think it’s interesting that the agency is over-budget and I do wonder how that might be impacting progress on this case and others. I expect this will open up further stories about budget woes, staffing and manpower concerns, etc. (Maybe the CCSO needs to do a *** fundraiser? ;))

Bottom line for me’s not what I wanted to see but it’s a fair, timely, and relevant piece that should matter to the population that Fox 21 serves. We here just happen to have a narrower focus...

Looking forward to tomorrow night. If it’s a “bombshell” and includes another employee it seems it almost has to be C or M. Right?

Yes, thank you, I agree with everything you said.

Allow me to take the soapbox for a moment.

I, just like all of us, wish we had more information from LE. But the silence is their choice. Even if we dont understand why, we have to deal with that.

Trying to see LS's view from the outside in: until recently everyone in this case was completely silent for months. Since we last heard from Spezze, Lauren has now spoken to Suzannes husband (big success for her, imo), Suzanne's brother and father, a co-worker, friends, locals, and now we will allegedly hear more tonight. Also, a huge search event related to his case is now being planned and discussed world-wide.

I would absolutely think Spezze would want to at the very least address the search efforts, his participation (or not), and the hundreds of visitors venturing into his jurisdiction - all because of an investigation he is leading.

Honestly, as a complete stranger to this whole situation traveling to CO to help find this missing woman, I would love to hear something from Spezze. Particularly, does he even want my help, and if not - why.

LS has worked diligently from the beginning to obtain a statement from all sides of this situation, even driving nearly 2 hours from Fox 21 to Maysville multiple times. Whether or not she needed to publicly air her failed efforts to speak with LE and Barry is arguable, but I see nothing wrong with wanting to provide the public with answers. (You know, the ones we've all been begging for for nearly 4 months now.) Even if that means, 'hey look, these people dont wish to speak publicly at this time'. Jmho.

Lauren, imo, has done her best to remain neutral throughout this investigation. Whether the info she is able to obtain seems to point at Barry, or the info comes from Barry himself, the only side I see Lauren on is keeping Suzannes story alive across the world.

Hopefully soon we will also hear from the Sheriff, in whatever capacity he chooses to speak. But until then, please dont shoot the messenger. She is clearly going above and beyond and doing the best she can with what she has. Bashing LE is not her agenda, just like bashing Barry is not. She is simply reporting what she has to report, period. Keeping Suzanne's story in the spotlight is the ultimate goal, and regardless if we agree with her tactics or not, its working.

Just my truly honest opinion.
Not in COL, but live in a place where mj is legal and use it medically as does my mum (cancer). It's a safe, effective treatment for pain and associated conditions, is prescribed and monitored by doctors, and is a whole lot easier on the body for many than the strong NSAIDS, biologics and narcotics. There's been an upsurge in its use in cancer treatment and I'd expect that SM would have had expert guidance at her clinic in COL.

Also not in COL, and not in the US either.
As a science librarian, I have conducted a number of literature searches on the efficacy of medicinal marijuana (recreational MJ is not legal in this country). The evidence base exists for the prescription of medicinal marijuana for both cancer and non-cancer pain and demonstrates fewer side effects or dependency/abuse risks than NSAIDs or opiates. Here, the prescription and dispensing of medicinal marijuana is highly controlled, and I suspect that would be the same in COL. In my opinion, there was no reason for Suzanne (or BM!) not to follow the advice f her clinicians.
Rumpole22 will respond (if he chooses) to questions directed to him, but I (chastened) feel obliged to further qualify my statement about court decisions allowing investigators to lie to a suspect during questioning. The underlying factual/legal issue appears to be whether a resulting confession is voluntary or coerced. Courts have allowed a wide range of lies by investigators in this context. Interrogators have assembled a phony linup and told the suspect falsely that an eyewitness identified him. They have told a murder suspect the victim had recovered after surgery and identified him. An investigator has posed as a jail inmate and offered to protect the suspect from violent prisoners in exchange for a confession. Courts looking at these tactics under a broad "totality of the circumstances" standard have found the confessions to be admissible. The defendant can argue to a jury that his confession was coerced, but juries (up to now) have given the benefit of the doubt to police officers in the overwhelming majority of cases.

The tactic is not without controversy. Some of the convictions proven to be based on false confessions have involved such lies by interrogators. And one wonders not only whether police who lie to suspects will be inclined to lie on the witness stand as well, and whether the practice will ultimately undermine public confidence in the police.

There is a limit: prosecutors must disclose to the defense whenever an LE witness in the case has knowingly lied in an official capacity - on a search warrant, in testimony, etc. Cops who earn this status are called "Brady cops" after the successful defendant in the Supreme Court case of that name.

I am one whose knowledge of most subjects - including this one - is very thin indeed. I invite more knowledgeable members to complete this discussion.

I just want to clarify that Brady cops are those who have in fact been dishonest or committed an act of moral turpitude (such as what you mentioned: lying on a search warrant declaration or on the stand), but that does not include lying to a defendant in an investigatory process, as the law is such that cops are allowed to do that.
It’s important to remember LS’s reporting timeline; the footage of her going to the Sheriff’s office for a statement is about a week old. She is only releasing it this week as a lead-in to her exclusive interview with one of BM’s employees.

I believe it was a day after she was at the Sheriff’s office last week, that the Sheriff released the latest statement to suffice her inquiry.

I also believe since that time, though BM said he would be at the vigil in LS’s call, AM stated in an interview that BM would not be part of the search effort he is planning. MOO
I wonder if LE will watch BM and maybe, close allies of his, closely during this search day and NIGHT in case he(BM), should feel that the search is to close to where he put her and he goes out to either check or to move her again.
Wouldn't it be something if he did feel angst about the site and led LE right to her !!
I don’t think Lauren had anything to lose by running that piece. CCSO isn’t responding to her anyway. Is Spezze going to get mad at her and give an exclusive to someone else, like The Daily Mail? The Mountain Mail, behind a paywall? I believe the only reason that the last press release came out is because stuff was being published. We are all trusting that LE is doing a bang up job. Yeah, they are the professionals. But I will never forget the computer expert in the Casey Anthony case, only going through her internet explorer searches and never checking her Firefox where the “fool proof suffication” search was conducted.
In the phone call with Lauren, BM's voice was booming and confident until he was asked if he'd be at the vigil and for the search .... his voice dropped to almost a whisper when he said his yes and absolutely ..... didn't sound like he was being honest or sincere just there, I could be wrong. MOO
I listened to it and thought he decisively answered that he would be at the vigil. I didn't hear anything wonky with his response but that's just MO. What I did find interesting was that he reaffirmed that he left his tools at the hotel. Since that is something easily verifiable by LE, I get the impression that he must have actually left them there, perhaps with one of the other workers. Why lie about that?
I listened to it and thought he decisively answered that he would be at the vigil. I didn't hear anything wonky with his response but that's just MO. What I did find interesting was that he reaffirmed that he left his tools at the hotel. Since that is something easily verifiable by LE, I get the impression that he must have actually left them there, perhaps with one of the other workers. Why lie about that?

In my opinion, the phone call from last night’s report was the same phone call between Lauren & Barry that was used in her previous piece. That part was highlighted last night again, so, in the spirit of how tv works, I am going to say that maybe it means something for the next piece. Maybe tonight’s piece will feature a worker who states that tools were NOT left at the hotel? Maybe a worker who shopped with Barry for bleach or something else? MOO, of course.
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