ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 19

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Oct 5, 2019
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This tragedy seems to be breaking news:

Police said they responded to King Road for a report of an unconscious person. When officers arrived, they “discovered four individuals who were deceased...”

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Media Thread/No Discussion

Press photo album (compilation courtesy of WS member cujenn81)

Moscow ID Police Departement Facebook page

City of Moscow re King Road Homicide

Detectives are looking to develop context for the events and people involved in the four murders at 1122 King Rd in Moscow, Idaho. Anyone who observed notable behavior, has video surveillance, or can provide relevant information about these murders:

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The following Johnny Law youtube was originally posted by Mayboy1998 earlier today but because it was not a podcast host we were familiar with and we did not have time to view it in its entirety, it was removed. Having now had time to view it, it is being approved on a one-time basis because it does seem to provide an excellent analysis of the layout of the house, where individuals may have been sleeping, and it speaks to the location of the red liquid in relation to the overall layout of the house.

Thread is open again.

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Thread 13, post #977 has the pic with obvious berries on the tree right next to the deck.

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Hey everyone,

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Perhaps the 6th person on the lease is a new roommate that would have been joining them next semester. If so, it was probably someone who was already a trusted friend...or was a friend who already graduated or who dropped out or moved in with her boyfriend or...

I don't think anyone should be reading anything into that possibility yet.
Digital Vehicle Forensics
“investigators can gather data such as recent destinations, typical routes, personal data, and favorite locations”
"Do you reckon the delay in arresting Sarah's killer could have been due to his job?"

I think they moved as quickly as possible as she could've been still alive, held captive
Copying this from late in thread 18.

Kaylee was a member of Alpha Phi sorority and Maddie and Xana were members of Pi Beta Phi. Kayleee and Maddie were best friends since 6th grade, why did they pledge different sororities and why did they drop out last semester of the sororities? Just MO0, not sure if it’s related to the case but it could be. Both sororities are on disciplinary probation


Excellent point!

We have been assuming that there were no blood outside the bedrooms where the killings were carried out abd that was puzzling.

But, as you pointed out there might be droplets over the floors left by the killer when he was walking around and was going out.

So, on the morning after murders,the surviving roommates, failing to unlock/open those bedrooms and seeing drops of blood on the floor, assumed that some of their friends woke up, felm down or otherwuse hurt themselves and were unconcous, locked in their respective bedroom. I think this is fairly plausible theory.

That was a party house and similar innocent accidents may have happened before, hence the surviving girls were not too concerned at the beginning and called their friends asking for help, not the police.

Sadly, this time it was not innocent, at all.
@diabeticrockstar - Hey there! I was just responding to you and then the thread closed!

(Post in thread 'ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 18' ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 18)

I found what you wrote interesting… I was wondering if you have a direct link to that article so that I can pull up full resolution images? Regarding your question about the pantry, I wasn’t really able to see the photos that you posted very well, so I can’t say for sure, that’s why I was hoping you had the link to the original article, but I have photo of what the pantry looks like, so I will attach that here and you can compare, too. There are three photos I’m posting actually, they are all different angles of the kitchen… the pantry is not a “closet style”, it’s integrated into the overall kitchen cabinet system, and sits as a large stand alone cabinet to the left of the sliding glass door (to the left, while facing sliding glass door standing INSIDE the home)… it’s on the wall opposite the main cabinetry, sink and appliances. Hopefully my explanation is overkill and you you can easily see what I’m referring to from the photos.

Again, if you have that original link, that would be great. Thanks so much!


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